How to disinfect a washing machine

Automatic machine needs regular maintenance, which is important for efficient and smooth operation. To prevent mold or fungus from appearing in the washer, there would be no unpleasant odors, it is necessary to constantly clean all the details. In this article you will learn how to disinfect an automatic washing machine.

content of the worlddisinfection of the washing machine

The machine is constantly in contact with various detergents, so a large layer of scale forms on the heating element. This is fraught with unpleasant smell, besides a fungus can appear. Disinfecting a washing machine is a great way to prevent infection, to eliminate the germs and bacteria that most often inhabit the powder receptacle, rubber seal, filter and drum. If you neglect to clean the typewriter, microbes penetrate the laundry loaded into the drum. This leads to the fact that the skin appears irritated even from the washed laundry. Consider some recommendations on how to sanitize a washing machine:

  1. Wash and remove dirt from the exterior of the CMA on a regular basis.
  2. Flush filter.
  3. Disinfect the washer using special tools.
  4. Wipe the outer parts with a dry cloth after each wash.
  5. Remove mold and odors immediately after they have been detected.

Important! Having listened to the recommendations, you will notice that the washing machine will work properly and efficiently. This guarantees an extended service life of several years.

How to properly apply cleaning products

It is much easier to care for the machine outside. To properly remove contamination, follow these instructions:

  1. Add a few drops of dish detergent to the water. Moisten a soft, soft cloth in the solution.
  2. Wipe the machine body from all accessible sides. Also carefully wipe the hatch door.
  3. Walk around wet places again with a dry cloth.

Recommendation! Do not use bleach, dry powders and abrasives when caring for the machine! This can cause damage and damage the appearance of the equipment.

Are you interested in how to disinfect the washing machine? Rinse the powder receptacle thoroughly, since it is often on which mold forms and bacteria appear. What to do:

  1. Remove the container. Light pollution will remove soda ash. Also, some housewives use "Domestos", previously diluted with water. Soak a very dirty tray for several hours in warm water with an anti-bacterial agent. When the dirt is dampened, rub the tray with a toothbrush.
  2. Regularly thoroughly rinse the drain filter - this will prevent unpleasant odor. Do this at least once a month. A good tool for washing the washing machine - the same "Domestos".

Citric acid for cleaning the washing machine

Want to know what else you can disinfect the washer? The answer is simple - citric acid. This method is used by many machine owners. But there are opponents of this method, claiming that the "lemon" can damage plastic and rubber parts. In fact, not everything is so scary, just do not need to clean too often. Citric acid helps to get rid of scale and a large layer of mold that has settled on the heating element. So, how to properly sanitize CM:

  1. Pour 200 g of acid into the powder collector.
  2. Turn on the machine "idle" on the longest mode with high temperature.
  3. Watch what happens: large pieces of scale can get into the drain filter and clog it. If you hear a knock on the inside of the drum, stop the washer and remove it.
  4. Turn on the machine to continue the program.
  5. When finished, open the door and wipe the rubber seal with a damp cloth.

Disinfecting washer with vinegar

They can kill germs as well as citric acid and get rid of scale and mildew, just like with citric acid. How to use:

  1. Pour 2 glasses of vinegar into the drum of the machine.
  2. Turn on long high temperature mode.
  3. The solution will work in a couple of minutes.
  4. Stop mode, and let the machine stand for an hour. It will be quite enough for influence on a scum, bacteria and an unpleasant smell.
  5. Run the washer by turning on the shortest mode.
  6. When the program is over, wipe the inside of the door and the rubber seals.

Important! Vinegar leaves a sharp smell. To erode it, use the air conditioning. Pour it into the drum and turn on the long rinse.

Such a disinfection of a washing machine at home will benefit your equipment and extend its service life.

High-quality disinfection of the

typewriter You do not need to spend a lot of time on cleaning the inside of the typewriter, and it is also irregular. You need to clean only a few sectors. We will tell you how to wash a washing machine. To clean the internal parts during operation, you must add an antibacterial agent for washing machines - bleach.

  1. Mix 150 ml of bleach and 250 ml of liquid powder.
  2. Select a wash mode with a temperature setting of 60 degrees.
  3. After the end of the program, wipe the inside of the machine with a dry cloth.

Your machine will always be clean, and it will not be threatened by germs and fungi, leading to the formation of mold. If you are thinking about how to disinfect a washer during the washing process, you should know that it is possible to use not only chemical means. Many microorganisms die at a temperature of 60 degrees and above. Therefore, choose a program with such a temperature regime, and let the machine work for 15-20 minutes. Suitable use of the steam function, if provided for in the model of the machine.

A brief summary: how to properly disinfect an

machine. For complete disinfection of a washer, it is necessary to disinfect both inside and outside. If you regularly take care of the washing machine, it will not be afraid of lime deposits, odors, microbes and fungi. It will last a long time, while it will efficiently and effectively remove pollution from things.

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