How to install a washing machine under the sink

Most owners of small bathrooms and kitchens want not only to save space, but also to increase the functionality of the room. Therefore, they go to such a step as installing the sink over the washer. If done correctly, there will be no discomfort. Therefore, the question of how to install the sink over a washing machine, you need to study as it should.

material Contents:

  • 1 Varieties stiralok
  • 2 installation Features
    • 2.1 Pros and cons of installing
  • 3 Select sink
  • 4 machine installation method under the sink
  • 5 Browse compact models
    • 5.1 Candy Aquamatic 1D835-07
    • 5.2 Zanussi FCS1020C
    • 5.3 Electrolux EWC 1350
    • 5.4 Eurosoba 1100 sprint

Varieties of styralok

Installing the sink over the washing machine will be the best option that allows you to use appliances and save space. There are two types of machines that are suitable for installation under the sink:

  • compact washing machines;
  • ordinary models with a sink included.

Before you go shopping, you need to think carefully about what size a machine and sink is needed.

Features of the

installation When choosing a washer for the sink, you need to consider the following parameters:

  • the height of the washing machine should not exceed 70 cm;
  • machine width should be the same as the size of the sink - 50-60 cm;
  • with a depth of 45-50 cm is better to give preference to a model designed for a capacity of 3-5 kg ​​of linen;
  • must always choose a frontal washing machine, as the laundry is loaded through the top into the “vertical”.

In function, a low washing machine is not inferior to a full-sized model. It also provides for 10 or more programs, including washing delicate and synthetic fabrics. Buying a washer with a sink, you are guaranteed to get a good result, since the ratio of sizes is identical. The ready set is already preliminary calculated on protection of the panel of the machine against moisture. In addition, the purchase of the kit will be much cheaper than separately.

Recommendation! The choice of machines with a height of 70 cm is limited, because in a specialty store there are much more styralok with standard parameters. If you fail to find a suitable model in the home appliance store, you can always increase your chances by looking at models in online stores.

Pros and cons of installing

For installation, you need to purchase a special siphon and a “Water Lily” type sink so that a small machine can easily fit in the bathroom.

Choosing a sink

Experts recommend buying a sink earlier than a washing machine. The most popular is the "Water Lily" sink. Specialized shells have several features:

  • almost all models are equipped with overflow with a decorative cap;
  • sink type "Waterlily" usually have a drain down, which is very convenient for installation;
  • have the opportunity to choose the sink, suitable for the depth.

If you like a certain mounted sink, you can buy it, and only then determine the size of the future car.

The method of installing the machine under the sink

The question of how to install a washing machine under the sink is exciting for owners of small apartments. For proper installation, you must follow the instructions:

  • Install the washer on a perfectly flat surface. If there is a noticeable bias, use a rubber mat - it will help level the surface.
  • To prevent moisture ingress, be sure to select a sink that will completely block the machine.
  • The washbasin width should be at least 58 cm if there is a sewer pipe. If it is not available, select a washbasin with a width of at least 50 cm.
  • Place the drain pipes at a maximum distance from the machine, because the technician vibrates and staggers during washing, which can lead to destruction of the drain system.

We offer you to watch a useful video, which tells about this installation method:

If you do everything correctly, then you will not have any problems not only during installation, but also with further use of the machine and the washstand.

Review of compact models

Finding a suitable model for a washer with certain dimensions is troublesome. We offer you a brief overview of the machines that can be built under the sink.

Candy Aquamatic 1D835-07

Narrow Italian washing machine brand. The depth of the Russian assembly model is 46 cm, height - 70 cm. You can easily install a washbasin on such a washer. The capacity of the model is 3.5 kg with spinning at 800 rpm. The manufacturer has provided 16 modes of washing, so the technique is designed for washing things from different fabrics. The most budget model.

Zanussi FCS1020C

The machine, the photo of which is attached below, is assembled in Italy.3 kg of dry linen is placed in the drum. The maximum spin speed reaches 1000 rpm. The depth of the model is 52 cm, height - 57 cm. The dimensions of the car are small, and the cost is twice the price of the previous model.

Electrolux EWC 1350

Model height 57 cm, depth 52 cm. The machine holds 3 kg of linen. The maximum spin speed is 1300 rpm. The CMA Polish assembly provides 15 washing programs, so you can qualitatively wash off contamination from any fabric. Intellectual management is the main feature of this model of the average price category.

Eurosoba 1100 sprint

The most expensive compact machine of the Swiss assembly. The maximum spin speed reaches 1100 rpm. The laundry capacity is 3 kg. Leakproof protection is provided, which guarantees a long service life. But the high cost of a car is something to think about.

Important! Small washing machines are more expensive compared to full-size models.

Built-in washing machines in the bathroom look not only attractive, but also save space. If you follow all the recommendations, seriously approach the choice of sink and washer, you will optimally equip the room. Beautiful and comfortable design is what you need in a small bathroom. Good luck.

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