How to connect the dishwasher to water, sewerage, network

In the article, we will tell you how to connect the dishwasher yourself, what tools will be needed for work. After all, before you pull the shining dishes out of the bunker, you need to properly install the equipment.

Content of the material:

  • 1Self-organization of work
    • 1.1Tools and components
    • 1.2Organization of plums
    • 1.3Working with the water supply system
    • 1.4Network connection

Self-organization of work

Dishwashers can be compact (desktop), recessed and detached. All the stand-alone models (compact and full-size) are connected in the same way. In built-in PMM, the only difference is the way of installation. The machine is placed in a cabinet or niche, additionally attached to the walls.

The technician was only taken to the house? Lightly shake the package to find out the safety of the machine. There should not be anything cliche, creak, roll.

When connecting dishwashers "Siemens "Hansa" (Hansa), "Indesit" first of all look in the instruction. Think of a place to install in the kitchen. If you previously did not provide a cabinet for technology in the headset, then choose a location near the sink.

Specialists do not recommend extending the filling and drain hose. This creates a load on the pump and increases the likelihood of leakage.

You can start preparing tools and details.

Tools and components

What is needed to connect to water and sewage:

  1. The brass tee is considered to be the most reliable. It is desirable that a shut-off valve is attached to it. You can buy a crane separately.
  2. Siphon with two leads to simultaneously connect the washing machine and dishwasher.
  3. Fum-tape for sealing joints.
  4. Clamps for strengthening the connected hoses.
  5. Gaskets.

Of the tools:

  • slotted and cross screwdrivers;
  • wrench;
  • nippers;
  • level.

For electricity supply:

  • moisture resistant socket;
  • Voltage regulator;
  • Differential machine.

To install the fasteners you will need a drill and bolts.

Also, you need to consider some features of individual brands:

  1. The "Bosch" has a sensitive intake valve, so be sure to connect the flow filter.
  2. Dishwashers "Siemens" are demanding of fastenings.
  3. "Electrolux" can not tolerate a slope to the side, even a few degrees.

How to connect the PMM correctly? It is important to follow the sequence:

  • first the connection is made to the drain;
  • then to the water supply;
  • to the mains.

After that, a trial run is carried out. Then the built-in technology is put in place.

Organization of plums

Start by installing the siphon. To connect the dishwasher and styralka together, connect a siphon with two leads. Once everything is ready, connect the end of the hose and the nozzle of the siphon. Secure the connection with a yoke.

Do not forget:

  • Create an inflection at the junction with the union. This will help to avoid the return of waste water back to the bunker.
  • Create a knee from below that will help to avoid unpleasant odors.

Important! The length of the drain hose should not exceed -2 ​​meters.

Working with the water supply system

Decide which water pipe your machine model is connected to. It can only be cold or hot and cold water.

Sequence of work:

  • Shut off the water supply.
  • Disconnect the mixer hose from the water supply.
  • Install a brass or bronze tee.
  • Connect a mixer to one terminal.
  • On the other end, install a flow filter and then a dishwasher hose.
  • Seal the joints "fumka winding the tape 10-15 times on the thread.

Some users want to save electricity by connecting the PMM to hot water. But it can be dangerous. In addition, the hot stream is fed with rust and small debris.

Models that are specially equipped for working with hot water supply have a special hose. It is resistant to high temperatures.

Network connection

In old houses, wiring and sockets are not prepared for the use of powerful equipment. Do you want to extend the life of the dishwasher? Then arrange the correct wiring. It's difficult to cope with such works. It is better to contact a professional electrician.

What works need to be done:

  • to cut a notch in the wall;
  • lay a three-core copper wire;
  • to organize a moisture-proof socket of European type with earthing;
  • make a connection through a Difa Automaton.

Very carefully, you need to act when connecting the dishwasher plate and oven. Some build in dishwashers under the hob.


  1. Connect the equipment via tees, carriers, extension cords.
  2. Place the outlet above 45 cm from the floor.
  3. Plug the PMM plug into a single socket with a stove.

It remains to run the test sink, and you can load the dishes. This video will help you to connect the PMM:

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