Dimensions Integrated dishwasher

Embedding is intended to provide an aesthetic appearance of the kitchen. Hidden door cabinet dishwasher hardly noticeable, 100% functional. Installation usually manages supplier of furniture (sold with appliances), the dealer's shoulders aggravates the observance of the subtleties of installation. Really say, other services are happy to impose their own, partners. Dimensions Integrated dishwasher vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, between the models. For rapid assessment using electronic catalogs Yandex-market.

Normative acts

Adopted by the USSR GOST 27454 Standard, which regulates the size of washing machines. The document establishes the division of the instrument classes, defined flow ratios. Today, the figures would have seemed fantastic. Group A dishwasher would need 42 liters of fluid per cycle.

Dimensions of products according to the law strictly normalized. The following parameters are given for built-in models:

  1. height of 815 mm;
  2. width 500 mm;
  3. depth of not more than 600 mm.

Restrictions were placed firmly. The lower side of the tolerance was 5 mm. Made specifically to the manufacture of furniture housed the equipment without any problems. Fact allows producers enough to think about product compatibility.

Ergonomic dishwasher


In addition to the dimensions Documentation dishwashers asked:

  • The lengths of the filler, the drain hose is not less, respectively, 1.5 m and 1.3 m. Due to the presence of the minimum bending radius.
  • Nozzles water supply system had a size of ¾ inch. Remarkable figure. SI system of units, adopted by the country, involves the use of meters, derived units. Designed dishwashers standard of perestroika initially focused on international cooperation. Such steps often found in shipbuilding. World uses to measure inches away, the sailors - sorry loose interpretation - must take into account the fact. Similar to the case of dishwashers. The developers have taken into account the factor of international relations warming, hoping to get hold of close cooperation.
  • Tip drain the dishwasher had to make in order to cling to the edge of the sink, bathtub. The element could be connected directly with the system waste effluents. We can not say that the decision surprised today users of automatic washing machines, the Soviet population seemed curious novelty.
  • The power cord is not less than 2 meters. Requirement applies to embedded dishwashers, explains the relatively simple. Often unable to choose their place of installation of the device, is not easy to stretch an extension cord, do not spoil the look of the kitchen. Dishwasher is equipped with a relatively long power cord (or supply voltage is provided via a cord purchased separately). Other equipment is often equipped with a terminal connecting cable of suitable length. Dishwashers Samsung come with a cord plug. Experts say: the product of arbitrary length of the wire are rare.
  • Regulated by the gap between the wall, the rear wall of the dishwasher. Subject to ensure proper ventilation. The gap is not less than 50 mm. Take into account the indisputable fact installers, manufacturers of furniture, equipment guaranteed to fit into the intended compartment. The condition is maintained over the entire height of the dishwasher.
  • Separately stipulated: equipment, concealed beneath the sink include a recess under the outlet pipe in the bottom of the rear wall height, depth of not less than 15 cm.

Integrated dishwasher

Officially, the validity of the dishwasher standard restricts the 1st January 1994. Extended text was not, give a complete picture, which let in size embedded dishwashers. Current models are not much different.

Current state

Today, manufacturers offer a range of sizes dishwashers. If I said GOST 27454 proposed a single set of dimensions, modern embedded products varied dimensions.

Height, depth of the dishwasher kept constant - 82 and 55 cm, respectively. Dimensions embedded dishwashers vary in width:

  • 45 cm;
  • 60 cm.

Moreover, the denomination is maintained is not strictly accurate. Each manufacturer takes on the magnitude of millimeters, allowing the device are guaranteed to take the mounting portion, a niche.

Time had come to make a reservation: produce two kinds of built-in dishwashers:

  • mounted inside the compartment (shelves) of the door;
  • imitating the appearance nightstand headset.

Both solutions are characterized by the advantages, disadvantages. Obviously, manual installation does not portend simple solutions, but the dishwasher turns truly embedded. Locked door, invisible to the eye. It should be mentioned: for some models provides removal of controls on the frontal plane. While most use upper edge of the door. The touch pad is integrated, available, if slightly open closet, dishwasher busy.

Installation method has a number of problems:

  1. power supply complicated.
  2. Sometimes you have to drill holes in the walls of the furniture.
  3. It is necessary to accurately maintain the recommendation positioning the dishwasher, ensuring proper heat dissipation working machinery.

Installed dishwasher

Experts say: each model is supplied with detailed installation instructions. Paper is not - try the consultant, search the Internet for a substitution.

As for dishwashers, imitating the cabinet section, the equipment simply slides into a special niche. Some are equipped with wheels to facilitate the installation process. Remember the installation of pipes and drain water intake, power wires. Obviously, the components need to be flexible, provided with an adequate margin sizes, ensuring the mobility of the dishwasher.

Selection of Integrated dishwasher

When it comes to buying a headset as a whole, it is not necessary to choose more often to make the installation of the contractor (seller). In this case, clearly control the quality of work performed and in any case not to sign the act of reception and transmission of goods, if found flaws.

The most common question is how to choose the size of the built-in dishwasher arises when you want to enter new equipment into the existing environment. About a centimeter there is no need to talk, here should be guided by more than common sense. Above stipulated the well-known fact: any model of dishwasher is accompanied by a detailed sketch, which regulates the installation. It is necessary to record the size of the proposed location for the installation, carefully check the product is placed wherever you want to install.

Modern narrow dishwasher

Most models of the same height, the depth, it is necessary to look for, we will find the chance to find non-standard products. The issue with the lack of space is sometimes solved disassembling the rear cabinet wall. Slightly pushing the furniture away from the wall, you can free up space hoses, electrical wiring. Advantageously, when there is no desire to drill large holes communications. Some kitchen furniture is the plinth. If you set the old, buy a dishwasher want, does not fit in height - at the bottom of the cover is sawed rectangular hole under the product. Received an additional 10 cm is enough installation.

Told not exhausted everyday tricks. Some cabinets are equipped with drawers, they can work, removing the bottom, slightly increases the overhead clearance compartment. Together tricks will help set the dishwasher, which initially refused to get around the equipment.

Quick-witted reader understand: Revised list of modest furniture are not limited to, cut the side walls. The volume of the cabinet or bedside tables larger than the size of the dishwasher - there are no problems. Excluding solid effort for revision.

Thus, the space for installation of metering, dishwasher sizes correlate with mounting tolerances. It makes sense when changing wall laziness. Otherwise, the above mentioned problems are borne by the seller.

An additional difficulty: the majority of dishwashers are equipped with a plug, the cord of a fixed size. What are the considerations it is to guess difficult. Maybe it's in isolation. Since the work is with moisture... No wonder appliances power cords so strong. We'll have to separately hold a socket or put the device close to a power strip.

Dishwasher built has a standard size except for a few millimeters. Therefore, measure furniture, do not purchase. Much more important is to see the installation instructions. The herd of white sheep. unusual among crows fly dishwashers. The exception to the rule originally formulated confirms the axiom.

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