How to disassemble a washing machine

To eliminate the vast majority of faults with your own hands, you should know how to disassemble the washing machine Indesit.

If after 5-7 years of operation, repairs were required, this is quite normal. The only question is, who is to entrust SM repair: to a good master, or to try to repair everything yourself? In this article, we'll look at how to remove the top and rear cover of the Indesit washing machine, explain the sequence of the case disassembly.

Content of the material:

  • 1Required Tools
  • 2Where to start disassembly of the washing machine Indesit
    • 2.1How to access the tank
    • 2.2Further disassembly
  • 3Disassembling the tank in the car

Required Tools

Stiralka Indesit differs little from the similar brand Ariston. But there are differences in the process of disassembly and repair, while the tool will need almost the same. So, arm yourself with such adaptations:

  • Carob keys 8-18 millimeters.
  • Set of heads and collar.
  • Combination pliers and ticks.
  • Screwdrivers - spline and cross. Probably, it will be more convenient to use one screwdriver (conventional or electric) with a set of nozzles.
  • A small set of socket wrench.
  • With a multimeter.
  • A hammer.
  • Saw-hacksaw (for metal).
  • Markers.
  • Shilom.

If you are not going to repair the electrical component of the machine, the multimeter may not be needed. Take an ordinary tester - it can come in handy.

Now that you have all the necessary tools, you only need a clear disassembly diagram.

Where to start disassembly of the washing machine Indesit

Equip the workplace. If the machine is in a miniature bathroom 1x, m, then decompose the entire instrument and there will be no turning around. It's great if you have a garage or a workshop. But if there is nothing like this, then transfer the machine to the kitchen or at least to the hallway. You will need at least 2 m2 of free space.

In general, the preparation of the place for dismantling the Indesit machine is as follows:

  1. Placing newspapers or rags in the workplace.
  2. Disconnect the machine from the communications and carefully move it to the disassembly place.
  3. Remove the powder receiver and set it aside - you will not need it.
  4. Unscrew the drain filter from below to drain the remaining water from the last wash in the tank.
  5. Set the filter aside.

Now, when everything is ready, you can try to disassemble the washing machine Indesit with your own hands.

The first thing to do is to remove the lid. It is fixed by two bolts from the rear panel. Pick up a suitable screwdriver and unscrew the fasteners, then pull the cover slightly towards yourself and lift it up - all, the panel is dismantled.

The second stage is to remove the cover from the back side. Service hatch is fixed on six bolts - unscrew them with a suitable screwdriver.

How to access the tank

By removing the interfering panels - back and top, you will see a part of the "entrails" of the washing machine in front of you. Using them, you can access the tank.

Proceed in such a way as to remove the drive belt:

  • With one hand, grab the pulley.
  • Hold the belt with your other hand.
  • Scroll the pulley.

If everything is right, the belt will slip easily.

Inspect the rear wall that is behind the pulley. If you notice oil stains or rusty stains, the bearings are no longer suitable, and you need to disassemble the Indesit washing machine to replace it.

Do this:

  • Find the TEN (its shank is visible under the tank). Remove all wiring from the heater terminals. Unscrew the nut located in the center of the shank between the contacts. Loosen the element, remove it from the groove.

Important! TEN many leave in the tank, examining the styralku. But this requires caution - in the process of disassembly, you can damage or break the contacts, and then the heater will have to be changed.

Here's a good video on how to remove the heater from an Indesit washing machine:

  • Remove wiring and chips from the electric motor. Take the wrench and the head by 10 mm to unscrew the 2 bolts that hold the engine. Remove the engine and set it aside.

  • Switch to the top: above the top wall you will see a large stone - manufacturers called it a counterweight (it protects the machine from loosening). It is fixed, as a rule, on 3 bolts. Remove them with a socket wrench. After removing the counterweight, postpone it.

Important! Counterweight is very heavy - be careful not to drop it and do not cripple.

From the tank you are now separated only a couple of details - for example, the control panel. To remove it, follow our recommendations:

  • Unscrew the fasteners (they are located at the niche of the dispenser for the powder).
  • Remove another mount that is hid in the left front corner of the SM casing.
  • To release the unit from its retaining latches, pull it upward.

Important! Do not make sudden movements, otherwise you will end the wiring.

  • Disconnect the wires that connect the panel to the inlet valve.
  • Postpone the part so that you do not interfere (hang on the service hook, if you have it).

In the video, you will find additional information about disassembling the front panel and removing the control panel:


Further disassembly

Now you need to access the tank in front. To do this, work with the cuff:

  • Look for the clamp that holds the rubber band.
  • Pick it up with a very thin screwdriver.
  • Slide the screwdriver in a circle until you rest against the fastener.
  • Unscrew the mount.
  • Remove the clamp.
  • Fill the rubber band inside the drum.

We disassemble washing washing machine Indesit further:

  1. Go around the machine.
  2. Unscrew the fastener near the water inlet hose.
  3. Now you can pull out just two parts: the intake valve and niche of the detergent receptacle.

Be careful! Disconnect the receptacle of the powder receptacle before you reach the niche. To do this, you need to unfasten the yoke.

  1. Remove the wiring from the pressure switch.
  2. Remove the pressure switch from the retaining fixture.

Important! The mount is made of plastic, so remove the sensor carefully so as not to break it.

  1. Put the stiralk on its side.
  2. Since there is usually no bottom for this brand, you will immediately see a branch pipe of the plum and the rack. With these parts, the tank will not be removed.

How to remove the branch pipe and struts:

  • Loosen and remove the clamps holding the pipe.

  • Take off the branch pipe.
  • Take the end key by 10, unscrew the fasteners on which the racks are held.
  • Remove the racks.
  • Pick up the machine and put it in its original position.

The longest stage of disassembly is completed, you can safely move to the tank.

Disassembling the tank in the car

The trouble is that the manufacturer has not provided a collapsible tank, so it must be cut. To remove the tank, it is pulled from the springs and lifted up.

Important! When taking out the tank, act carefully so as not to tear the wires or damage the cuff.

Then proceed as follows:

  1. Give the tank an upright position, turning upwards, with the factory seam to itself.
  2. As you can see, it is soldered, so you need to cut this seam.
  3. After cutting a tank with a hacksaw, remove the front part of it and remove it.
  4. The rear part remains on the shaft of the drum. There are also bearings.
  5. To access the bearings, you need to remove the back of the tank.

If you still have any questions about cutting the tank, look at the video, which clearly shows and dismantling the machine, and sawing the tank, and replacing the bearings:


To remove the rear half of the tank, follow the instructions:

  • Unscrew the nut on which the pulley of the drum is held.
  • Remove the pulley.
  • Screw a suitable bolt into the thread (not from the machine).
  • Leave a bar of wood on the bolt.
  • Hit the bar with a hammer.
  • A heavy blow should move half the tank.

When the remaining half of the tank is knocked down, you will have a drum, behind which a shaft sticks out, and oil seals and bearings are installed on it. Now you can remove them in one of the ways:

  1. Find a special car puller.
  2. Take the drum to the car repair shop and ask the locksmith to remove the bearings. Usually they do it easily and quickly for a nominal fee.

With the bearings removed, you can easily install new ones, and then reassemble everything. The assembly will be the same as disassembly, except for the tank.

"Saw" the tank back is impossible, but a good sealant perfectly glues both halves. But this is not enough - you need to fix the tank with bolts.

If you understand how to disassemble the Indesit washing machine, you can collect both the tank and the entire machine back.

If you need to know how to disassemble a washing machine with top loading, look at this useful video. It clearly shows how to disassemble the vertical washing machine Indesit, to avoid mistakes and return the machine to work:

Also, you can not interfere with the video on how to remove the hinges from the hinges:

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