Air conditioner out of the refrigerator with their own hands

It seems that once the evaporator temperature is well below freezing, and the air conditioner out of the refrigerator will excellent. In practice, even the structure of the different instruments. The main difficulty - the condenser temperature. We discuss the theoretical foundations. It should open the doors of the compartments and place inside the fan to turn the unit into the air conditioner. Not the best way, but fast. Consider the theory, how to make air conditioning out of the refrigerator.

Redesigning their own hands

Redesigning their own hands

Features of refrigerators and air conditioners

Make their own out of the refrigerator air conditioning is unlikely to succeed, but to use the unit for cooling the air really. Especially important are the thermal modes. In the air conditioner and refrigerator different tasks.

Freon pressure deviation from the norm (and the increase and decrease of the refrigerant mass) - it's bad. In the former case, the evaporation temperature increases, there is a chance that not all the mass freon goes from the liquid phase to the gaseous, thereby break the compressor. At low pressure drops efficiency. Wherein the compressor is not an advantageous mode of operation, the unit passing partially cooled Freon.

The key difference from the air conditioner cooler in thermal evaporator and condenser modes:

  1. In the refrigerator the evaporator temperature is negative. It is required to comply with in order to maintain a predetermined mode chambers. The condenser is similarly not so hot. By SNP indoor temperature is placed in the range 18 - 22 degrees Celsius. Condenser heat effective recoil heated at 10 - 15 degrees higher. Based on these considerations, the length and area are calculated, the heatsink dimensions of the thin steel reinforcement.
    Refrigerator and its features

    Refrigerator and coil

  2. The air conditioner evaporator temperature does not become negative, that is not within freezes frost. As a result, then the unit will stop, broken heat. The principle of operation is made different: the air passes through the evaporator for efficient heat emission. The NoFrost refrigerators invented special defrosting cycles. Hoarfrost on the evaporator increases, but NoFrost closed chamber with a small amount of moisture. Air conditioning is available, with many busy premises. Rime harm and the device, and others. Doctors say that the relative humidity should not fall below 40%. Otherwise, the human immune system is significantly reduced. From the indoor unit will flow sea of ​​muddy water. The differences do not end. Hot summer outside temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius. To heat the recoil in such conditions condenser need a high temperature site of the coil - up to 70 degrees Celsius.

Internally the devices are similar but replace the other one will not work. The boiling point depends on the refrigerant pressure and the refrigerant inside the mark, so sometimes it is impossible to switch to a new substance. Changing modes, which is unacceptable.

We consider the dependence of the boiling point pressure. She moves up to the height of the fall: in the mountains water boils at 70 degrees Celsius, so it is impossible to cook the meat. Inside the air-conditioners and refrigerators is similar. Consequently, for the same type of refrigerant pressure in the first above. The temperature rises and the condenser and evaporator. Reduce pressure and turn the air conditioning in the refrigerator can not be: the regime change, the conditions violated.

Having resemblance, fridge and air conditioning are different:

  • In the conditioners of no capillary tube to create a vacuum. One copper pipe return thinner. counted cross-section of the channel in such a way as to ensure the correct mode. This applies to operation of the air conditioner and compressor.
  • The refrigerator put filter drier, air conditioners in the accessory does not require, their temperature does not drop below zero. Consequently, water does not turn into ice and does not disturb the operation of the system, scoring moves Freon.
    Old refrigerator

    Old refrigerator

  • The air conditioner operates on the heat. These models are equipped with four-way valve that changes the direction of the current CFC reversed.

How to make refrigerator become conditioned

Judging by the temperature of the condenser, make a clear conclusion: in the refrigerator to use a converter just will not work. To return the heat needed freon phase surrounding colder environment. How to do it, if the condensing temperature in the system of specially selected, for example, 35 degrees Celsius? Buy a refrigerator for southern latitudes? Acceptable option, but you can simply place the condenser in a place where the appliance gives off heat well.

Not a bad option - cold riser in the bathroom. In the summer it is covered with perspiration, and thus, the condenser cools down there to climate change. Can I do this from the point of view of the law? In justification, we note that the higher the position of the temperature of the thermometer is unlikely to rise.

Attempts to change the refrigerator

Attempts to change the refrigerator

The heat capacity of liters of water will cover cubic meter of air, it will be possible to give energy when there are movements in the riser. If the riser is not an option, consider the establishment of the storage tank (boiler), where the water attains a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. It's a cool stream, but not icy. People prefer to wash this water instead of the riser. Inserting the coil in the boiler circuit, create actual device transmitting air heat water.

In rural areas, a good option - to bury the condenser into the ground in the cellar where it is cold and too much heat goes into the soil. Of course, such decisions will have to upgrade the refrigerator condenser, for example to remove a steel grille, and a capillary tube unwound to its full length. Put the vaporizer at a great distance from the condenser does not work. According to the norms in the bathroom unacceptable electrical appliances AC voltage of 220 V. Be sure to ground the design and adopt security measures.

We deal with the thermostat. We believe not work sensor, refrigerator modes are below 5 degrees Celsius, so the fridge will operate non-stop. As a result, responsibility for climate control rests with the owner. You can buy a separate thermostat or build it yourself.

The working chamber is supplied to increase the cooling fans recoil. It is not necessary to put in a home-made air-conditioning parts such as blades of plant products, it makes more sense to use the CPU cooler. Replace the door fanerku, cut holes for the fixing bolts. Power supply 12 borrow from any suitable apparatus. There is an option - under the blade to establish an induction motor at 220 V, and then look for the power supply is not necessary. The collector will not go for reasons of too much noise.

Portal VashTehnik showed that out of the fridge to make your own air conditioner is theoretically feasible. It will work better condenser, put up the window. Readers can themselves come up with methods of heat recovery. You should not just replace the freon other means. The obvious advantage of the technical solution is the ability to show off to guests, as the air conditioner made from the refrigerator. The quality of the unit will depend entirely on the efficiency of manipulations.

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