Calculation of power blender

Do not expect the review formula. The bare figures do not determine the functionality of the device. All the matter in design, materials, technical solutions, manufacturers. Will submersible powerful (600 watts) without the blender bowl with sickle knives to overpower the ice that a chopper 300W erase in a powder for a minute? No! Add for completeness: work more than 1 min. the device can not be. Grind a little, rest 15 minutes. This is the typical mode of operation, otherwise the instrument is simply burned. Calculation of power blender does not make sense to produce. We choose a model suitable requests.

powerful blenders

Vitamix blender for 3 seconds converted kilogram ice Solid packed snow. Does this mean that the Vitamix - the most powerful blender? Rather, the point structure. Price Vitamix blenders bites. Even household model can cost 35 000 rubles, not to mention the professional equipment worth more than 70 thousand. In this case, the owners of the bars do not complain. The official index - 1300-1500 watts. Let's see, what to pay.

Blender for fruit and berry cocktails

Vitamix engineers wonder they eat bread. Try a crush kilogram of ice in a typical 200-watt shaker (low-powered cheap stationary blender). Will not work. Simple chopper 300W joking cope with the task, but not so fast. The shape of the shaker is not very different from the powerful Vitamix blender. But if you want to crush ice, why pay 35,000 rubles when the chopper is worth 1000 rubles?

Power does not play a decisive role. Flowing not prepare a cocktail, but with ice and carrot cope. Shaker not cope with solid foods, but jokingly vzobet puree. Both units in the amount of cost less powerful Vitamix blender. Pay for what? For high yield, functionality and brand. Powerful Vitamix blender is capable of performing sophisticated culinary challenges. Brand thing might show off in front of guests. Buying expensive, but justified. The presence of a powerful Vitamix blender says plenty.

For grinding meat need power 300 watts. Ordinary landline and immersion blenders will not cope. It needs a shredder or device with a set of tools and a large container, more like a food processor. Price - 1 000-5 000.

Let us consider both devices will the immersion blender with a set of nozzles replace a food processor.

A powerful blender for meat

Flowing or immersion blender

Flowing considered kind blender and represents a light transmissive container into a cylinder, extends along the axis of the plastic shaft with two crescent-shaped knives, arranged at the bottom. The motor is placed on top. 300W enough for conversion into minced meat. Professionals claim that the blender is not able to make the standard stuffing, like coming out of the grinder. Taste and texture are different. It is better to buy for the manufacture of cutlets electric grinder.

The task of cooking shredder performs. Gimmick is not able to grind nuts and make cocktails, because the designers have proposed to make a multifunctional device based on hand blender fitted with a cylindrical handle with a motor inside. Continuation of the handle is a leg a little thinner body. Crowned by a miniature device with protruding hemisphere in the center of the removable knife. Supplied with the instrument and the other nozzle, for example a mixer. Compliment option exhibiting moderate speed for particular recipes. Power blender of this species is close to 700 watts.

The main thing - no attachments! Complete with an immersion blender is a container that turns little thing in a food processor. With the help of a blender device can not only do cocktails (for this fit shaker). Includes two devices are able to all. Recall:

  • power 200 W shaker, the unit responsible for mashed and cocktails;
  • Power hand blender with attachments 700 watts, the device prepares other meals, including mashed potatoes.

Options blender with attachments

Clarify the power of the blender. Readers may have guessed that the powerful Vitamix blender will not replace these two cheap appliances: can not chop and grate vegetables on salad. But branded item provides the full functionality: it is enough to lay the ingredients, push a button, ready in half a minute. Benefits of professional models - the speed and ease of operations. At the same time, as a rule, available to the various programs. Typical powerful Vitamix blender and endowed with a number of advantages:

  1. Strong carboxylic bowl 1.4 liters specially shaped to form a vortex. This ensures non-stop circulation of the mass to be mixed, giving a gain in time compared to competing models.
  2. Stainless steel knife with four levels of tilting blades sharpened refined profile, which accelerates the process. Configured as a vortex-type blade clamping ingredients and swirl in a spiral.
  3. Finally, professional models are equipped with noise-absorbing casing, shock-proof glass.

The expensive blenders available digital speed and variable speed, flexibility greatly simplifies instrument setup for the task.

Blender for raw foodists

Today in vogue green smoothies. With ordinary grass Shaker not cope. For the preparation of green cocktail to elect two ways:

  • auger juicer;
  • powerful Vitamix blender.

Choosing small. A powerful blender for cocktails green indicates the only way to receive guests. The juice bar is recommended to use twin-screw juicer. Judge for yourself on the pros and cons:

  1. Blender does the job quickly and with a guarantee.
  2. Twin-screw juicer retains the most nutrients and the juice does not need filtering.

Insatiable rotating blade blender kilowatt destroy part of enzymes and vitamins, but if a lot of guests, no time to wait. The juice bar are both instruments. Twin screw juicer to buy, if the family is not raw foodists, it is pointless to spend 40 000-70 000 rubles for twin screw juicer is not necessary.

Blender for green cocktails

Budget options blenders

Koreans have a blender L'Equip local South Korean manufacturer and compared with the products of Vitamix. First, in the course I went to the ice. One kilogram converted in 3 seconds into the snow, this device is caught voiced brand. Then testers decided to catch up and overtake America. From culinary delights eastern testers moved on to the bricks!

They were taken normal shards of fired clay. They were placed in a blender, closed the top cover by pressing the button. There was a terrible roar, blender gritted through time on the table rolled out a few eggs. Shards rounded run-up, leaving the dust cup. Surprisingly, the device is not damaged, although the knives are hardly able to stay fit after this. What power should be a blender for a product born of such products?

To top it all oriental brothers decided to test what would happen if you put inside an ordinary cell phone. Nothing good came: blender everything crumbled. The result with inclusions of silicon dust, plastic and glass. Quite stunning. Poor thing: not demonstrated the possibility of the device in terms of culinary possibilities. I would like to see, blender could squeeze the juice of greens. It is not practical for many devices, there is clearly Koreans missed a chance to show the world the capabilities of their blenders large contingent of consumers, raw foodists and bar owners. It should be something much cheaper L'Equip Vitamix.

For this reason alone, we do not advise to help Korean blender for juicing green plants and produce useful cocktails rich in enzymes. But it is clear that the concept of optimum power blender does not exist. There is a set of requirements and criteria for selecting the best option.

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