How to buy a powerful blender

To purchase a powerful blender, by all means visit the relevant Yandex Market section and set the consumption to more than 1 kW in the parameters. Weak models can not be called. The way is simple. Now find out the best type of device. Blenders are available submersible and stationary, there are combined models of devices. There are both undeniable advantages and disadvantages, limitations in functionality. Varies and price. Let's talk about buying a powerful blender.

Immersion Blender

Immersion and Combined

Authors who independently executed their own instructions given above caught sight of three immersion blenders. Readers will certainly see a different alignment, but this technique will certainly help to carry out the search.

Redmond, Polaris and Scarlett brands are well known, the last company of the twentieth supplies the market with consumer electronics. According to objective information, it is reasonable to assume that there is a connection between the producers of these three brands and Russia. It is interesting to look at the difference models. At the price of goods lined up logically, according to the nationwide fame of brands. Starting with the most expensive combined blender:

  1. Scarlett.
  2. Redmond.
  3. Polaris.

Accordingly, prices for the choice of a powerful blender for 1.2 kW, 1.2 kW and 1 kW were:

  • 4800;
  • 3500;
  • 2250.

Of course, the cost is in rubles. Redmond has just been given turns - 20 thousand per minute, while others have indicated that the speed of rotation of the knives varies. The authors are pleasantly surprised by the relatively democratic cost of Polaris, we will begin with it the consideration of hand-held powerful blenders.

Combined blender

Hand Blender Polaris PHB 1024AL

The consumption of the device is 1 kW.Actually the maximum power of this type of blenders is demonstrated. First advice: work carefully, girls are afraid of a strong beast. The manufacturer hid the instructions, but managed to find excerpts cited by disgruntled users. Powerful hand blender requires rest more often fellow.30 seconds of work - a two-minute break. Calculated - beating eggs on sponge cake takes 10 minutes. On the cake - 20 plus 2-minute rest. Add work. Baking takes at least an hour.

When beating eggs, power is not important. The main role is played by time. And after 30 seconds of operation, the hand blender needs to catch its breath.

A second comment was made by a woman trying to use a grinder to get baby food from apples. As a result, at launch, plastic parts were literally shattered, and, according to the customer, there were no violations of the instructions. As a result, the shop and the manufacturer refused warranty service, the reason was mechanical damage.

Blender Polaris PHB 1024AL

It turns out - we throw out 2.25 thousand rubles, we are tormented by a group of technical support for the brand, and the product comes from Eastern Europe. Add a couple of details to the description:

  1. Speed ​​in a Polaris blender - 9. The lower bar is not indicated, and the upper, apparently, rode up to 18 thousand revolutions.
  2. The abundance of nozzles allows us to conclude that the functionality of the unit is excellent, but we do not observe any sophisticated specialization, as in Bamix( previous reviews).

The result - a disgusting cycle of work, the engine burned under warranty will not change.

Hand Blender Redmond RFP-3903

Let's try to find out whether it is worth to pay extra 1300 rubles for the increase in energy costs. By picking a hand blender gets Pyaterochka. The mill, the chopper, the shredder and slicing bowl, the submersible part of the metal - do not have to fear high temperatures, soiling vegetables and fruits.

Blender REDMOND RFP-3903

There is a manual for this device. Continuing familiarization with the unit:

  • number of revolutions - 14-20 thousand per minute;
  • included capacity for mixing the diameter of the whisk hand blender;
  • in the section on the use of a shredder is a table of time spent on the mass of products depending on the type of vegetables, fruits, the same is done for the mill;
  • time of continuous work under load for no longer than 1 min., It is silent about rest time, which means that inside - reusable protection against overheating of the device;
  • should begin work at the lowest speed, gradually increasing momentum.

Delicately played up the moment of limited duty cycle. Apparently, there is protection against overheating inside. The hand blender will stop, then start. Engine used hardy. This is indicated by twice the work time.

Blender of this manufacturer can be bought for baby food. I would like to see specialized knives, a catalog of nozzles for a blender. In the world market, this product is still no competition.

Scarlett IS-HB44K01 Hand Blender

On the Yandex market, the blender turned out to be the most expensive. Power 1200 W, speed smoothly adjustable. The warranty period of the manufacturer is only one year.

Prohibition of working with ingredients hotter than 70 degrees Celsius. So, fried liver for a paste should be cooled. Duty cycle - 1 min.inclusions against two-minute rest.

Buying a blender with a glass bowl Scarlett - an average choice. The feeling that the designs are bruised, small differences result in large-scale consequences. It's about working cycles, what determines the convenience of cooking. Bad for the hostess, when the hand blender buzzes a minute, and then for two stops. With a small volume, the alignment of events does not threaten anything, and if you need to beat a biscuit? Allow me to sit for half an hour and wait until the hand blender cools down. .. Better put on a household drill and quietly do all the work.

Modes are not profitable - the engines are too hot. This product does not look as attractive as it could be in the case of a rationally constructed working cycle.

Draw conclusions. Power is not important. More important is the convenience, indirectly dependent on this parameter. It is more profitable to look at the models where the turn-on time is at least four minutes. For home recipes, these characteristics are sufficient. But the cooking process using a hand blender will not be so ergonomic. Wishing to evaluate and select the authors showed how it is done.

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