Resale of used furniture

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Resale of furniture is a pretty lucrative business. Many people earn pretty decent sums on this monthly. However, if you are engaged in resale on a regular basis, then you will need to arrange everything accordingly at the legislative level. But if you just decided to try yourself in this business, then of course you shouldn't go right away and formalize your activity, because nothing bad will happen if you resell 1 wall or sofa.

Resale of used furniture - profit calculation

Where can you buy old furniture

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  • Where can you buy old furniture
  • How much money will you need to invest
  • How and where to sell
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The first question that arises is where to get the furniture? Moreover, it is cheap, so that you can make money on its repeated sale. And here thrift stores, flea markets, private ads will come to the rescue. But there is another loophole with which you can "buy" furniture for free. Yes, you read that right, for nothing.

On the Internet, there are many ads from individuals who will give away furniture for free. Often people who move and do not have time to engage in placing ads for sale give furniture for free, they just need to give the furniture as soon as possible. But there are other cases - furniture is so poorly maintained that it is simply given away for nothing. Of course, in this case, a little restorer's skills are required, and if you have them, then you can not give up such furniture.

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How much money will you need to invest

Well, it depends on where you will buy, as well as whether there will be any restoration work. By the way, the latter can significantly increase the selling price. Although you will need to invest additional funds, for example, on varnishes, fabrics (if we are talking about stretching the sofa), all the same, all these funds will pay off at the exit.

Do not forget that you will need to think over the moment of transportation of goods after purchase. It is very rare to find an ad where furniture will be delivered to the specified address.

Initially, a few thousand rubles will be enough. Consider the example of buying a cabinet, as well as reselling it with or without partial restoration.

Buying a wardrobe will cost from 0 (if found for nothing) to 1000 rubles. You will also need to translate the goods, this service will cost an average of 500 rubles. If there is no place to store and restore purchased items, then you will need to initially solve this problem, since the purchased furniture must be stored somewhere. Of course, with several purchases, it makes no sense to rent a separate room for rent.

Suppose the wardrobe needs to be varnished or painted so that its appearance is more or less advantageous. If the cabinet is varnished or painted, then you still need to add 300 rubles.

Initial costs in the range of 500 - 1800 rubles.

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Attention! Prices are approximate. Depending on the region of Russia, the cost of certain types of services may differ significantly. If you decide to engage in such an activity, then you will need to take prices that correspond specifically to your region.

How and where to sell

You can sell furniture in the same place where you bought it. Of course, if you put up a private ad, then you can sell it faster than giving it to a thrift store. In addition, commission shops make an additional markup, that is, the price is set higher than the person who handed over the furniture indicates. And this difference (the amount of the sale minus the amount indicated by the owner of the furniture) is the profit of the thrift store.

If you have a page or even pages on social networks, then you can also actively use them.

You can also submit your ad to your local newspaper. It makes no sense to submit advertisements to newspapers in other regions, as there will be few responses.

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Well, now the most interesting thing, how much income can the resale of furniture bring? It all depends on the original purchase price. If you resell furniture that was taken for free, then of course the profit, one might say, out of the blue. If you restore it, then you can sell it, respectively, several times more expensive, thereby recouping the costs of restoration and transportation.

The wardrobe can be sold for 2500-5000 rubles. The net profit will amount to 700–4500 rubles.

An example is considered for the resale of one cabinet, and if you buy several, then, accordingly, the profit will be significantly higher. You can also open your own thrift store, in which case you will need to draw up a business plan and take into account possible risks, taxes and competition.

You can also be engaged in the resale of other things, interior details. Thanks to the development of Internet technologies, it has become very easy and simple to engage in such activities.

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