Error codes for Ardo dishwashers

The Italian technique "Ardo" allows you to carefully take care of even the instruments of crystal and porcelain. But over time, the dishwasher may experience malfunctions. The self-diagnosis system identifies each breakdown with the appropriate code. Therefore, the errors of the Ardo dishwasher can be deciphered.

Want to quickly diagnose a breakdown? Start reading the article.

How Ardo DTCs are Transcribed

Did you turn on the Ardo dishwasher and notice the malfunction code on the scoreboard? Try rebooting the machine. To do this, unplug the device for 15-20 minutes, then turn it on. If the error is displayed again, start searching for a breakdown.

DTC Indication What does Causes of appearance Repair by own hands
E1 . Violated access to water in PMM. With this code, the dishwasher stops.

1. There is no water access.

2. The filler hose is clogged or clogged.

3. Filter strainer is clogged.

4. Problem with the fill valve.

5. Problems in the system "Aquastop".

1. Check if there is water in the tap. Turn the shut-off valve.

2. Inspect the inlet hose. Arrange it evenly, without kinks.

3. Unscrew the filler hose, remove and check the strainer.

4. Check the fill valve and its wiring. If there are burnt parts, replace. The electronics of the valve are checked by a multimeter. If the valve fails, the valve is replaced.

5. Refer to the master.

E2 . Problems with water heating. The thermistor is defective. Need to diagnose and replace the thermistor. He is responsible for controlling the water temperature in the PMM.
E3 The code means that the water does not get warm. Why this happens: the thermistor informs the module about insufficient heating of water. Perhaps the heater went out of order. How to fix the situation:

1. Check the heater of the dishwasher. With a strong scum TEN need cleaning.

2. Call the TEN contacts with a multimeter. In case of malfunction, install a new part.

3. Also the triac of the module that controls the heater is tested.

E4 . Code value: little water in the dishwasher. Exceeded waiting time. The code arises after washing dishes in "Ardo".

1. Problems with the priming valve.

2. Malfunction of the pressure switch.

What can be done:

1. Check the intake valve.

2. Inspect and replace the pressure switch. It can not be repaired. The level sensor can be checked by using a multimeter or by blowing it into the pressure switch.

E5 . There were problems with draining the water. 1. The drain pump has become clogged or broken.

2. The drain filter clogged up.

3. The pressure sensor does not work.

1. Inspect the drain pump. She could puddle with food or glass. Clean it from blockage. If a fault occurs, install a new one.
2. Check and clean the filter from blockage. It is located in the bottom of the bunker dishwasher. Carry out a pressure sensor check.
E6 Incomplete discharge of water. The washing cycle does not stop. What is the reason:

the wrong arrangement of dishes in the chamber of the dishwasher "Ardo".

Check the location of the dishes in the hopper. Perhaps some plate has turned over and accumulates water.
E7 . Operation mode "Machine with a water meter". Automatic mode activation. Turn on the test mode and turn off the option.

Having studied the table, you will be able to understand the reason why the dishwasher's work got up. How to reset the technique, we described above. Before performing a site check, disconnect the dishwasher from the mains and the utility lines.

Do not forget to clean the dishes of food leftovers to avoid blockages.

Repair of the dishwasher "Ardo" can be done independently. To do this, you must understand the design of the machine, know where the nodes and parts are. Do not try to repair the equipment as an experiment - better contact the service center.

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