Error codes for dishwashers Kaiser

If the Kaiser dishwasher stops operation and displays an error code on the display, remember these symbols and see the meaning in our article. Deciphering faults will help you quickly detect a breakdown, which indicates the system self-diagnosis. What mistakes the dishwasher Kaiser can show, read below.

Malfunction codes of MMC Kaiser

Initially, you need to exclude the system failure and try to reset the error. How to do it:

  • remove the PMM plug from the socket;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • please try restarting.

If after the restart the code lights up again on the screen, you need to look for a breakdown. If disappeared, continue to operate in the usual mode.

Error code Value Causes of appearance How to fix the problem
E1 There is no signal to lock the door.
  • The bunker door is not fully closed.
  • The castle is damaged.
  • The wiring between the board and the lock is broken.
What to do if you see the error 001:
  1. Close the camera door more tightly.
  2. Check the lock for service, install a new one if necessary.
  3. Inspect the wiring for damage. Replace the cable.
E2 The time for taking water is exceeded. Why are the icons on the screen:
  • Insufficient pressure in the water pipe for normal operation of the dishwasher.
  • Breakage of the solenoid valve.
  • Clogged hose, filter.
How to fix the situation:
  1. Turn off the tap and check for water, head. If there is no water, wait for the connection to resume.
  2. Check the shut-off valve: it may be blocked.
  3. Filling valve diagnosis. The electronic part is checked by a multimeter. The working element should show from 2000 to 5000 Ohm.
  4. Disconnect the filler hose from the PMM housing. Look at the blockage. Pull and clean the strainer.
E3 The time for draining the water was exceeded. What happened:
  • Blockage of the drain filter.
  • Blockage of the impeller of the pump.
  • Blockage of drain hose, siphon, sewage.
What to do:
  1. Open the door of the camera, remove the drain filter from the drip tray, clean it under running water.
  2. Remove the pump cover, inspect the impeller for blockage.
  3. Disconnect the drain hose from the housing, inspect and clean from clog. Do the same with the siphon and sewer.
E4 Pressostat signals a water overflow. Causes:
  • The intake valve is defective.
  • Outage the pressure switch.
  • The electronic module burned.
How to fix:
  1. Check the water inlet valve. In case of malfunction, the part can not be repaired, only replacement.
  2. Carry out a fault finding procedure for the level sensor. It is also carried out by a multimeter: attach the probes to the sensor contacts. If the resistance smoothly descends to 0, the element is working. Blow the pressure switch into the tube. If no clicks are heard, the sensor needs a replacement.
  3. Define the breakdown of the module and repair can only master.
E5 The temperature sensor is defective. Perhaps there was a short circuit:
  • heater;
  • temperature sensor;
  • connection circuit.
Need to check:
  1. TEN. Usually it is located at the bottom of the dishwasher, in the assembly of the circulation pump.
  2. Thermistor. In case of breakage, replace the element.
  3. A loop of wiring. If any burnt parts or insulation faults are visible, change the wiring.
E6 The thermistor circuit is broken. All details that control the heating of water are checked: heater, temperature sensor, wiring. Replacement of defective items.
E7 Closed the heating circuit. Closing the temperature sensor circuit. It is better to contact the service center.

Now you know what the symbols mean on the display of the Kaiser dishwasher. The sooner you start searching for a problem, the sooner you will repair the breakdown and restore the workability to the technician.

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