Why was it invented at all - the strangest and most impractical furniture: glass tables, an armchair bed

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When creating an interior in a house or apartment, people strive to make it cozy, comfortable, stylish, and functional. But many are fond of looking for unusual design solutions, and the atmosphere in the apartment becomes tasteless. In addition, some things that look stylish and beautiful on the pages of design magazines become irrelevant in real life.

To create a harmonious, cozy interior, you should abandon the use of certain pieces of furniture.Strange bed.

Glass tables

The content of the article

  • Glass tables
  • White sofa
  • Budget kitchen sets with wooden facades
  • Giant "walls"
  • Children's furniture
  • Sofa bed
  • Armchair-bed
  • The Art of Symbiosis by Hugh Hayden

Glass top coffee tables are out of fashion for a long time. But many still keep them. Of course, such products give lightness to the interior of the living space. On the other hand, glass tables have a number of disadvantages:

  1. They are dangerous. The glass is easily shattered and can cause injury.
  2. Impractical. Hand prints, scratches from mechanical stress, and dirt spots remain on the surface of the table.Glass table.
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Reference! To give the interior lightness, you can use metal mirrors and accessories. A great alternative to a glass table would be furniture made from natural wood or modern materials.

White sofa

The white sofa is not suitable for families with children and pets. It gets dirty easily, and scratches will remain on the leather surface. If it is impossible to do without such a sofa, you need to follow several recommendations:

  1. Upholstery. You need to choose a sofa from materials resistant to pollution: Teflon, microfiber, impregnated chenille, eco-leather.
  2. Case. It is desirable that the product has a removable cover that you can clean yourself.White sofa.

Reference! Scratch marks can be disguised using special leather furniture care products.

Budget kitchen sets with wooden facades

There are situations when, after the completion of the repair, there is only enough money for an inexpensive kitchen set. Trying to compensate for the cost of the frame, many people choose products with heavy, expensive facades. Since furniture in the kitchen is often used, the facade can quickly lose its attractive appearance - its parts can simply be torn out.Kitchen set.

Reference! The optimal solution is to purchase an inexpensive kitchen set with lightweight facades. Or buy a high-quality expensive frame and purchase the facades later.

Giant "walls"

Such furniture takes up a lot of space. In addition, over time, a huge number of unnecessary things accumulate in it.Giant furniture walls.

Instead of a "wall", it is better to install a TV stand, chest of drawers or place a TV receiver on the wall.

Children's furniture

Furniture for children, made in the form of cars or other themed items, looks appropriate when the child is small. But he will grow up, and such furniture will no longer suit him. In addition, when choosing cribs and other interior elements, parents are guided by their own taste. And the grown-up kid may not like the furniture.Machine bed.

Therefore, it is advisable to purchase practical universal furniture for the nursery.

Sofa bed

The folding sofa is very popular with small apartment owners.

Collecting it every day will give few people pleasure. Sleeping on it is uncomfortable, and guests rarely stay overnight. Therefore, even in a small room, it is advisable to allocate space for a standard bed.Sofa bed.


Most often, such furniture is purchased for children. The chair does not take up much space, it has sections for storing things. But such products have a number of disadvantages:

  • since the chair consists of two folding parts, folds often form between them, which cause discomfort and have a negative effect on the spine;
  • It will be difficult for the baby to lay out the chair on his own, therefore, constant help from the parents is needed;
  • high-quality furniture is quite expensive, so inexpensive options are more popular, but for they are made using cheap materials, so the product will quickly fail, and will appear on the upholstery spools.Chair-bed.

Therefore, it is advisable to allocate space and purchase a bed of suitable size for the baby with a good mattress.

The Art of Symbiosis by Hugh Hayden

Nowadays you will hardly surprise anyone with unusual design things. For example, interior items that cannot be used, but are worth seeing, are created by Hugh Hayden.

All furniture is made of solid wood, including knots and remnants of branches that stick out of the trunk.Hugh Hayden's wooden furniture

The sculptor interprets his artistic solution as follows: it is a kind of camouflage, which is necessary for the unity of furniture and nature. Unpredictability and discipline are intertwined in the work of the designer.Hugh Hayden's table and bench.

Despite the fact that such furniture looks rather unusual, it is appropriate only in the exhibition halls of art galleries.

To create a stylish, harmonious and cozy interior, certain furniture should be avoided. All things used must be practical and consistent with the overall design of the room.

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