Repair of Saeco coffee machines with their own hands

Repair of Saeco coffee machines with their own hands so complex that the body can not be disassembled. Top cover is removed, a bunch of master unscrews screws... heavy machine innards pulled up. dreary procedure experienced repairmen screwdriver help authors - just put on the form: action difficult. Overview will first consider the principle of operation, especially coffee machines Saeco Vienna, then the procedure for disassembling units, on top of a couple of words to say about the interior design. After reading the first two chapters, the third is not required, devoid of the complexities of mechanical, electrical part.

The principle of operation of coffee machines Saeco Vienna

Saeco will always help you identify problems with error codes. Few electronic components that can not be replaced. rewind motor windings, the magnetic roller is rarely broken. Clean the boiler can a typical housewife.

Considered the coffee machine Saeco Vienna are able to:

  • Grind coffee.
  • Brew ground coffee.
  • Making milk froth, prepared by a variety of drinks.

The principle of operation of coffee machines

coffee dispensing device (Brew), grinder

Saeco Vienna espresso machine can brew a powder, instant coffee. Absolutely. Sypte powder bean container, however, the beverage strength can be slightly different from the usual. Coffee dosing amounts produce grains / water to pour into the powder is not obtained with high probability, incorrect beverage. The result will differ from the conventional. dosing process is ignored instructions. YouTube video posted instructive: repairman lurid detail the functioning of the automatic coffee dispensing group Saeco, saying the following:

Coffee machine "says" the coffee group: time to brew, the motor drives the mechanism that transforms the cup in position on the cylinder, pushing upwards, reaching the stop.

Specialist goes on to say: inside is placed 8 grams of ground coffee. Videos describing the Vienna Plus, allows us to understand: customization, shipment portions conducted by mechanical methods. Means plus sign: model change the dose, is a special pen, by rotating the rod with an external nut gear grinder. Ta balanced spring tension regulator varies. Vienna uses a similar scheme mechanical adjustment. Inside cast instant coffee - will pass through the millstones, settles in the cup. The process continues, to reach a critical mass, "coffee machine said coffee dispensing group: brew time to."

By purchasing model Vienna Plus, we get the opportunity to taste dosing concentration change. The coffee machine is not strictly necessary works with roasted grains. Avoid putting into green coffee, the reason is simple: the beneficial properties are lost, destroyed by heating, the operation is meaningless. Will the coffee machine Saeco Vienna Plus work. Of course, yes, still millstones that grind, brew, though walnuts. Saeco coffee feeding device has full automation:

  1. Ground coffee is poured onto a flat bowl, walking inside the cylinder.
  2. After the end of the grinding mechanical alarm is triggered, a trigger actuator.
  3. The piston and cylinder dumped on one side, start to move toward the runners stop, where it will go brewing.
  4. After the procedure the piston, cylinder begin to move back, triggered inclined cover, becoming perpendicular to the plane of motion, takes the tablet dropping into the waste receptacle material.

Coffee maker Saeco Vienna

Many prevents sleep at night Question: Can I use a favorite way Russians spent brewing pills again. Coffee maker Saeco Vienna will master the technology! Actions avoid. Engines grinder, coffee separate feeder. First just a hammer in one direction, the other in the reverse is able to rotate the shaft.

water tank, pump, boiler

Tract of water movement is relatively simple - consider mastered a couple of reviews of the portal VashTehnik on water heaters. From the tank water is taken fanfare. According to the manufacturer, the pump is able to create a fantastic pressure of 15-20 atm, the plastic compressor casing as the tube. Instills doubt about the incredible performance, the technical justification of structural strength exceeds the scope of the review.

The boiler is formed by two halves, bolted, reaching the perimeter. Viewed from the PETN - tank coffee machines Saeco Vienna resembles an iron. As for the spiral privaltsovannoy to one half. Similarity completes bimetal plate serving as a temperature sensor, a tightness varies special pen. For a couple needs to see the presence of 127 ° C, 95 ° C brewing missing. Boiling water in the latter case, should not be. It related to the quality of the resulting beverage. Take note, when you use instant coffee, kettle with temperature control (see. Vitek).

Work the coffee machine Saeco Vienna

boiler entrance guarded by a check valve that blocks the reverse flow of water. Yield guards bypass valve, the bleed water for brewing, steam. What process will take place, the controller determines the position of the water / steam. Just handle switches the output of the bypass valve, supplying the right direction. Device coffee machines Saeco Vienna primitive:

  • Water is pumped by a boiler;
  • the temperature reaches the desired value;
  • activated bimetallic plate, the disconnecting contacts of PETN and combustible bulb button;
  • Press the key to get a coffee, make foam.

Dismantling the coffee machine Saeco Vienna

Repair of Saeco coffee machines with their own hands begin disassembly. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The front cover.
  2. Removed capacity of waste feeder coffee.
  3. Then stretched Mugmats pallet.
  4. Is removed from behind the water tank, the cover is removed the grain compartment.
  5. The grain compartment unscrew the screws, the node is removed.
  6. Under the water tank gets out one screw that on the curb. Dismantling of the coffee machine
  7. Then open the front cover, if you look below, you will see a couple of screws - unscrewed.
  8. For regular grain compartment screw secures the border of the rear wall, the recessed downward. If there is unscrewed.
  9. Remove the top cover coffee machines Saeco Vienna. Water hose is attached, undock.
  10. Remove, helping a screw-driver, the front door.
  11. Now extract the insides of the deep bottoms of coffee machines Saeco Vienna. Not an easy task, be careful.

The right to warranty repairs Saeco coffee machines from this point is lost. Do not expose the instrument to the current free service life.

The power supply maker Saeco Vienna

From the above it is clear: in coffee machines Saeco Vienna two-three engine, which is necessary to obtain power. Why did you decide to make a fuss motors. And inside there is nothing more demanding delights: TEN operates on 230 volts, the LEDs also, bimetallic strip does not need any power supply. The rest of the mechanics. Recall key does not touch the coffee machine Saeco Vienna, therefore, where to put the generated current.

The power supply is reminiscent of the appearance of a pulse. Not too important repairman, simply discuss which is part of. Power transformer provides power transistor controlling the high frequency pulse generator (conventional miniature chip). Login chosen multiple filters formed capacitances, resistors, inductors. The generator is powered by the rectified, stabilized diode voltage through a smoothing filter. Fuses are not on the main transformer circuit powered varistors if overheating occurs circuit. Protective element often performs low-resistance resistor when burning excess ampacity. Simultaneously element limits the amperage circuit elements. Radioelement protects the primary winding circuit of the transformer, to varistors not relevant.

Voltage high-frequency generator supplies the power transistor base. High frequency pulses are formed extending transformer, filtered and rectified if necessary Schottky diodes. of radioactive elements is selected, due to minimal drop in direct connection of p-n-junction.

Having the description, perform repair coffee machines Saeco Vienna, avoiding complications. Also, with some degree of certainty you will understand the reason of breakage, without opening the case. The pump operates, there is no water - broken valve, rather bypass. Problems relating to electrical parts, motors, power supply. The mechanics are relatively reliable, it is necessary to adjust the dispenser. We believe readers will repair the coffee machine Saeco Vienna with their own hands.

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