How to clean nubuck: 2 easy methods and 8 rules for care


  • 1 Nubuck shoe
  • 2 Cleaning products
    • 2.1 Nubuck brush
  • 3 Features and methods of purification
    • 3.1 Surface preparation
    • 3.2 Dry cleaning: express method
    • 3.3 Wet cleaning: method with heavy dirt
  • 4 Conclusion
Popular material - nubuck needs frequent delicate cleaning.Popular material - nubuck needs frequent delicate cleaning.

Products from finely fleeced skin require constant care and thorough cleaning. At the same time, the removal of pollution should be delicate and careful. About all the nuances of how to clean nubuck, I will tell.

Nubuck shoe

You can only clean dry nubuck shoes.You can only clean dry nubuck shoes.

Rules for the care of fine skin:

Picture Instruction
table_pic_att15040357072 Rule 1

Shoe nubuck shoes begins only after the surface dries. Otherwise, the dirt is deeply absorbed, and it will be extremely difficult to remove it.

table_pic_att15040357093 Rule 2

It is impossible to wash off the dirt with running water, as the wet skin will dry up after drying.

table_pic_att15040357094 Rule 3

Do not use products for smooth skin - they contain fatty components, from which the villi stick together.

Use special, with the indication "for suede and nubuck."

table_pic_att15040357105 Rule 4

Dry brush removes most of the dirt. Treat your nubuck boots with special shampoos and stain removers after thorough brushing.

table_pic_att15040357126 Rule 5

Dry at room temperature, not on radiators. From the heat the skin is deformed.

table_pic_att15040357127 Rule 6

Apply cleaning products on the sponge, it absorbs the excess. Then wipe with a sponge your own hands without pressing nubuck material.

table_pic_att15040357158 Rule 7

After drying, scrub to raise the villi.

table_pic_att15040357179 Rule 8

In the end, treat the skin with water-repellent impregnation. So save the product and facilitate the process of the next cleaning.

Cleaning products

Special tools and brushes to cope with any contaminationSpecial tools and brushes to cope with any contamination

Conventional detergents (soaps, powders) leave white stains on the surface. Therefore, purchase special products designed specifically for nubuck.

Image means Categories by nature of action
table_pic_att150403572111 Remedy 1: shampoo (foam cleaner) for suede and nubuck.

Can be used periodically, only with significant contamination, saline stains, stains.


  • abundantly apply to the surface;
  • brush off the foam without waiting for moisture to absorb.
table_pic_att150403572412 Remedy 2: paint spray.

Refreshes and restores color, paints over problem areas. Softens the skin.


  • evenly distribute over a clean surface;
  • make sure that the layer was thin - immediately remove the excess.

If the color of the sole is different from nubuck, seal it on the edge with adhesive tape. So resistant paint is not absorbed into the sole.

table_pic_att150403572713 Remedy 3: nubuck sponge.

For daily cleaning and care. Softens the surface, refreshes color, protects against moisture.

Application: Sponge over the entire dry surface.

width = "700" Means 4: protective impregnation.

It protects against bad weather and moisture penetration.


  • spray on the surface;
  • wipe your shoes with a dry brush.

You can purchase a nubuck kit. Each tool from it quickly does its job.

The package bundle (the price is about 1700 rubles) allows you to have on hand all the necessary tools.The package bundle (the price is about 1700 rubles) allows you to have on hand all the necessary tools.

Nubuck brush

In the photo - a functional triangular brush.In the photo - a functional triangular brush.

Using a universal combined instrument:

  • a nubuck brush with regular villus sweep away dust before cleaning;
  • wipe dry dirt with a rubber pile;
  • treat the shiny areas with a selected edge with short thick setae.
A great helper for cleaning dirt - the eraser.A great helper for cleaning dirt - the eraser.

For best results from shoe shine, purchase a special double-sided eraser.

With it, you can significantly improve the appearance of the product:

  • clean out nubuck material;
  • smooth the pile;
  • remove shiny places.

Features and methods of purification

The whole process of purification is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Product preparation (drying).
  2. Removal of dust, dirt.
  3. Applying a protective layer.

Surface preparation

Nubuck drying precedes the cleaning action:

Drying methods Description
table_pic_att150403573517 At room temperature.

This is a long, but the most careful way.

Pack your shoes with paper. It will speed up the process, as it absorbs moisture. This preserves the shape of the product.

table_pic_att150403573618 Electric dryers.

They create optimal temperature conditions and uniform drying.

table_pic_att150403574019 Not recommended: drying on radiators.

The skin will lose its shape, harden, and the shallow pile will loosen.

Dry cleaning: express method

Cleaning dry material is the quickest and most delicate way.

Picture Description
table_pic_att150403574220 Stage 1.
  • Remove dirt from the sole without wetting the skin.
  • Walk the brush on the surface.
table_pic_att150403574421 Stage 2.

Treat nubuck boots with a special sponge.

Wet cleaning: method with heavy dirt

You can clean your nubuck shoes at home using the wet method. So get rid of saline stains and dirt.

Image means Instruction
table_pic_att150403574822 Method 1: use steam.

Stages of how to effectively clean nubuk from salt streaks:

  • Pack your shoes with paper.
  • Boil the water.
  • Keep your shoes over the steam for about a minute.
  • Take a brush.
table_pic_att150403575123 Method 2: Treatment with 10% ammonia.

Stages on how to clean nubuck shoes at home from difficult stains:

  • Dilute the alcohol in water (1: 4).
  • Treat problem areas.
  • Wipe with a damp sponge, removing the alcohol solution.

Only bright nubuck can be cleaned by this method, since alcohol brightens the surface.

table_pic_att150403575324 Method 3: universal.

It is convenient to clean nubuck footwear with shampoo and sponge:

  • Spread the shampoo evenly over the surface.
  • Rub dirty areas with a sponge.
  • Take a dry napkin.


Now, knowing how to clean shoes from nubuck, you will save its presentable appearance for a long time and extend the service life. Check out the video in this article for clear and helpful recommendations. And your ideas and questions describe in the comments.

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