Clogged capillary tube of the refrigerator

A common cause of problems with domestic refrigerators (and not only) is the clogging of the capillary tube of the refrigerator. Immediately arrange the points above the "e" and askDo not confuse the capillary tube with the drainage. If the drainage system serves to drain moisture from the refrigerators with a "crying" type of evaporator, then the capillary system is in the refrigerators of any design and serves to circulate freon.

Tubing of the tube in the capillary system can occur due to the penetration of impurities through the filter drier. Also, blockages after the engine-compressor burnout are not excluded. Another reason for the breakdown is the "artisanal" repair of the refrigerating circuit of the refrigerator by unqualified specialists. Minor moisture particles plying in the system can cause blockages, because the internal The diameter of the tubes varies from fractions to a couple of millimeters (depends on the brand and model of the refrigeration equipment).

In case of a blockage, its immediate elimination is required, otherwise the operation of the refrigerator will be blocked.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where is the capillary and how does it work?
  • 2Why the pipe in the fridge clogged up
  • 3Clog of the refrigerator "Atlant how to eliminate
  • 4"Underwater stones" with self-cleaning

Where is the capillary and how does it work?

In order to understand the nature of the malfunction, you need to understand the equipment of the refrigeration circuit of the equipment. To make it clear how this system is arranged, take a look at the diagram:

The motor (1), working under high pressure, pumps a refrigerant, which at this moment is in a gaseous state due to heating. Freon enters the condenser (large grille on the front outer panel of the refrigerating cabinet) - there it cools (3) and goes into liquid state. From there, Freon condenses into the filter drier (4) and passes into the capillary (5), from where it goes to the evaporator of the freezer compartment (7). In the freezer under the influence of negative pressure Freon boils, so the evaporator cools. After cooling the evaporator of the freezer, the liquid gas goes to the evaporator of the main compartment (6). From there, getting into the return pipeline (8), freon runs to the compressor, being already in a state of cold gas.

Note! Looking at the diagram, you will see that the capillary (5) is soldered into the return line (8). This design provides heat transfer - a warm capillary warms the return pipeline, which is cooled by gas, so frosting is excluded. It is this nuance that makes repairs at home a utopia.

Another reason that prevents domestic intervention in the construction of the refrigerator is the impossibility of soldering copper (tube) to aluminum (an evaporator).

Important! If the master with a smart look advises you to throw out the refrigerator because of the clogging of the capillary, you can safely abandon the services of such a "professional". The competent master with such repairs will cope easily.

Why the pipe in the fridge clogged up

When moisture or small particles of organic origin enter the "cold" circuit, it blocks the way to freon. As a result, the performance of the cold in the chambers is reduced, and the system inevitably awaits overheating, which causes the motor to heat up. The latter because of the clog can lose performance and completely fail. It would seem that the blockage is not a serious problem, but it can lead to capital consequences.

Important! Note that the listed symptoms may indicate not only the clogging of the capillary pipeline, but also other breakdowns not connected with the circuit. So, overheating and cooling capacity decrease happens in case of a breakdown of the evaporator.

Additional symptoms that may accompany tube clogging:

  • slightly freezes the freezer compartment;
  • no cooling in the main chamber;
  • the ice grows, or snow "coat" on the back of the camera and does not thaw;
  • There is no freezing, but there is a lot of moisture on the wall, and the compressor does not turn off.

Clog of the refrigerator "Atlant how to eliminate

The problem of clogging the capillary is relevant for almost all models of refrigerators "Atlant" or "Minsk" of Belarusian production, produced before 2005. The contour is their most vulnerable place. In refrigerators of other brands, such as "Samsung" or "Indesit this breakdown is rare, but it is not excluded, especially when the equipment is used for a long time.

If you are sure that the problem is in the clogging of the capillary tube, it is worth immediately taking repair measures. We can not hide from you the nuances of repair, although it is practically impossible at home, so we will briefly describe the process for the purpose of acquaintance.

Before you begin to clean the circuit yourself, it is worthwhile to equip yourself with the necessary tools, refrigerant and equipment for refueling the circuit with freon. If you do not have the opportunity to find such equipment, you should contact a specialist - he will quickly eliminate the clog and fill the level of the refrigerant in the system.

If you still risk a self-repair, act on one of the possible repair schemes:

  1. Avoid cleaning the capillary tube - cut off that part of the contour in which a blockage has formed. The cut is worth doing in a few centimeters from the place where freon enters the capillary. The method will be useless for those cases where the blockage is much farther from the gas inlet.
  2. Clean the tube by directing a stream of compressed nitrogen into it. To act it is necessary in a direction, opposite to a course freon in the tube. In this case, a blowing press is required.
  3. Cut off the tube from the filter. On the side of the cut end, solder a small piece of copper tube with a diameter of 6 mm. Attach a rubber hose and a pressure gauge to it, then attach all this to the motor's discharge port. Before doing the last action, fill in the hose with about 10 cubes of solvent using a syringe. Firmly put the hose on the tube and start the engine. After the level of 25 atmospheres has been reached, turn off the motor. If the handset is still clogged, repeat the procedure. Sometimes, to get rid of clog, you need to spend up to 20-30 such cycles, so you need patience.
  4. Has the purge failed? Remove the evaporator (if possible in the refrigerator). Heat the part by lowering it into hot water, then blow the system again.

If none of the above methods yielded fruit, and a dense cork with a consistency similar to clay was formed in the contour, only one exit is needed - a replacement of the capillary is required. In this case, the most important thing is to pick up the original tube, which corresponds to the marking of your model. With refrigerators "Atlant" or "Minsk" there will be no problems with the search for the detail, and for the import model it will be necessary to look for the "native" analogue, up to the order of the part from abroad.

"Underwater stones" with self-cleaning

Please note that in 90% of cases when the system is cleaned,replacement of the filter-drier, because the blockage often occurs due to the fault of this part. If you do not dismantle the unworkable item and do not install a new one, even if the cleaning is successful, the problem can resume.

The second point is that when working with a capillary, as with other serious repair work, you needrefuel. To do this, the system must be evacuated to prevent a new blockage.

As mentioned above, if you do not have the necessary experience and the necessary equipment, it is easier to contact the service. And our survey you can use as a "cheat sheet" in case the unscrupulous master decides to "vparit" you non-existent or unnecessary services. Now you know all about the clogging of the capillary, the causes, symptoms of breakage and ways of elimination. Successful repair!

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