Strong vibration of the refrigerator

Have not you had time to enjoy the new refrigerator, how did the impression caused by the noise and vibration that was generated? Let us consider the possible causes and solutions to this problem.

Of course, there is absolutely no noiseless technique. Declared indications on the label at home can significantly change. The fact is that testing of equipment is carried out in special factory conditions. But if the vibration of the refrigerator becomes too noticeable, you need to check and find out the cause of the problem.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of vibration of the refrigerator
    • 1.1Incorrect installation
    • 1.2Problems with the motor-compressor
  • 2Stands under the refrigerator from vibration

Causes of vibration of the refrigerator

It should be understood that any refrigerator will make sounds when working. The question is, what kind of sounds and how strong they are. Normally, the noise of the equipment should not exceed 55 dB. Hubble, murmur of water, a small rumble is a normal sound of the refrigerator. But if a strong vibration of the body begins, it's time to be alert.

Humming and vibration can not only interfere with household chores, but also harm refrigerating equipment. What is the reason for this "behavior" of technology?

Incorrect installation

Perhaps the refrigerator is installed on an uneven surface, or its body comes into contact with furniture. To correct the situation, follow the basic installation rules:

  1. Distance of the refrigerator from the wall and furniture should be from 5-7 cm. This is necessary for normal ventilation and the absence of extraneous sounds - when in contact with other objects the technician can rattling and buzzing.
  2. Installation is strictly level. Otherwise, skewing will provoke extraneous noises and vibrations during operation.
  3. The body should slightly deflect backward (1-2 degrees). So the camera door will close well.

Check the location of the dishes in the chamber. If the plates and pans touch, the refrigerator may hum and rattling. Incorrect placement of the content leads to resonance, so do not put everything on one side, the shelves should be evenly filled.

Problems with the motor-compressor

A strong vibration of the compressor compressor "Atlant" or other brands will be audible with the wear of its parts. Perhaps the pistons or their rings have been erased. Since the compressor is the main part, it is necessary to completely replace the unit.

There may also be such reasons:

  • The transportation bolts of the compressor are not removed. They attach the part during transport so that the engine is not damaged. If the bolts are not removed in time, they will provoke the wear of the refrigerator parts.
  • The compressor casing hanger vibrates. What to do? Place a piece of rubber and tighten the bolts. Rubber will absorb vibration, reduce noise.
  • The fastening of the shock absorbers of the motor is loose. Since now the dampers are poorly fixed, the compressor hums and vibrates even more. You can hear a knock if the motor beats against the body. It is necessary to tighten the fasteners to restore normal operation.

The tubes on the rear wall of the refrigerator can also vibrate. You can not move them, but you can put a seal to reduce the noise level.

Watch the video on the topic:

Stands under the refrigerator from vibration

How does vibration affect the refrigerator? It leads to rapid wear of components and parts. Therefore, if all the tricks do not help to install the refrigerator exactly on the surface, you will benefit from anti-vibration pads.

Special form and stiffeners allow to reduce the load on the floor. In addition, the stand compensates for any uneven surface.

The gap between the stiffeners in the stands allows you to absorb vibrations during the operation of the equipment. A small elevation above the floor contributes to normal air circulation and ventilation. All you need is to adjust the position of the case, put four stands. So you not only provide silence in the room, but also keep the floors from bending under high pressure.

Polyster stands can be ordered from the online store.

As you can see, the causes of the vibrations of the refrigerator can be different. This is not necessarily a failure - most often there are problems with the installation. Use our recommendations to resume normal operation of the equipment.

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