The refrigerator is shocked

Have you ever felt how the refrigerator is shocked? At the slightest touch to the metal body there is a tingle. Hence, a small charge passes through it. Do not let things go by themselves, because this "behavior" of the technology speaks about the malfunction of the refrigerator units or that the insulation of the network cable is broken.

You need to take precautions so that neither you nor your family are harmed.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why the refrigerator beats current
  • 2What to do to restore the work of technology

Why the refrigerator beats current

The cause of the failure and breakdown of the current to the housing could be the motor-compressor of the refrigerator. Unpleasant sensations arise when touching the case, especially in such cases:

  1. You touched the surface with wet hands.
  2. With one hand you touched the heating battery, the other to the refrigerator.

The risk of electric shock is increased if the floor is cemented and there is no insulation. At the first signs of a breakdown on the refrigerator body, immediately disconnect it from the power supply.

Main causes of failure:

  1. Breakdown of refrigeration equipment. Malfunction of knots and details.
  2. No grounding. Usually in old Soviet-built houses there was no grounding on the sockets.

To fix the situation, we need to find the cause of the breakdown. You can immediately call the wizard, who himself will deal with the problem. You can also check for grounding yourself.

Before conducting the diagnosis, follow the recommendations:

  • Be sure to unplug the refrigerator from the mains to avoid electric shock.
  • Inspect the mains cable. If the insulation of the wire is broken, do not repair it. It is better to completely replace the cable.
  • If you understand the refrigeration technology, you can clean the contacts on the compressor.

It is necessary to consistently check all the components and parts of the refrigerator for serviceability.

What to do to restore the work of technology

Each electrical appliance is connected to an outlet, and for safety reasons they must be grounded. But in reality this is not always the case. How to check the room:

  • Perform a visual inspection. If the outlet is an old sample with a simple panel, holes without protection, then there is no ground.
  • You can remove the outer panel and check the wires. The grounded products have three wires, and the usual two.

Check the meter more accurately and reliably. This device allows you to measure the voltage. The method is suitable for modern outlets that are equipped with a grounding contact. What to do:

  • Attach one meter gauge to this contact.
  • Insert the other probe first into the first, then into the second socket outlet. Indications should be 220 - 0 V. If nothing is displayed on the screen or the indication jumps, then the grounding is broken and does not work.

Further, if the readings are positive, switch the multimeter to the resistance measurement mode. Important! Remember in which hole the multimeter showed 0 V, it will come in handy for the following check:

  1. Apply one probe to the ground terminal, the other to the 0V phase.
  2. A resistance of 4 to 10 ohms is considered normal.

If the outlet does not pass the checks, there may be a reason for the lack of grounding between the outlet and the plug.

To make a grounding in a house or apartment, buy a special outlet. Then you need to conduct a three-wire wire to it. What is it for:

  • To prevent damage by current when touching the refrigerator body;
  • ensure stable operation;
  • reduce the interference in the electrical network, which can cause a short circuit.

In any case, if the technician beats current, you need to contact the master to diagnose it, exclude the possibility of breakage. Otherwise, such a malfunction can lead to a fire.

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