The refrigerator compartment of a two-compartment refrigerator does not work

It happens that the refrigerator in the two-chamber refrigerator does not work. Having discovered such a malfunction, you must immediately try to eliminate it. After all, when the upper chamber does not work, the lower one takes on all the load, so the parts wear out quickly. The reasons can be many, in more detail each problem we will consider in the article.

In detail, we will analyze the characteristic breakdowns for individual brands of refrigerators.

Content of the material:

  • 1Malfunctions of the two-compartment refrigerator "Stinol"
  • 2Malfunctions of a two-compartment refrigerator "Bosch"
    • 2.1Problems with the door
    • 2.2Cooling in the compartment
    • 2.3Motor Compressor
  • 3Malfunctions of a two-compartment refrigerator "Nord"
    • 3.1Weak cold in the compartment, the motor is constantly running
    • 3.2In the compartment, a strong frost, the motor does not turn off
  • 4Malfunctions of a two-compartment refrigerator "Minsk"
    • 4.1Noisy work
    • 4.2Cooling problems
    • 4.3The light bulb does not work
  • 5Malfunctions of the two-chamber refrigerator "Indesit"

Malfunctions of the two-compartment refrigerator "Stinol"

Two-compartment refrigerators "Stinol" are often equipped with two motors, each of them is responsible for the operation of one of the cameras. Often, users complain that the freezer or refrigerator compartment is not working.

If you experience such a problem, you need to check the No Frost system, starting relay and other details. To find out the reason diagnostics will help. Incorrectly selected parts during replacement can lead to knockout of the shield - at best. In the worst - to the combustion of the motor-compressor. Therefore, if you have not previously been doing repairs, it is better to call a master.

Found that the freezer does not freeze? There may be two reasons:

  1. Closing of the compressor windings. It's easy to detect: touch one and the other motor with your hand. If both are hot, then it's a short circuit. You will need to check the winding with a multimeter and replace the damaged parts.
  2. When it turned out that only one engine is hot, it's automatic. The probable cause of the breakdown is the "No Frost" system. To fix it yourself is difficult, contact the master.

Watch the video on the topic:


Malfunctions of a two-compartment refrigerator "Bosch"

It happens that when a new or old refrigerator is working, a light is blinking. At the same time, a beep can be heard. Why is this happening?

Modern refrigerators are equipped with electronic control, which monitors their operation and regulates the temperature. In case of any malfunction, a red light starts to flash or light up on the panel, and a beep sounds. Check:

  • The door is not closed properly. Probably, the sound signal notifies about a loose closing of the camera. Press the door denser, remove objects that interfere. Check the rubber seal: if it is worn or heavily soiled, replace it.
  • A refrigerant leakage has occurred. As a result of mechanical damage to the wall of the chamber, a leak of gas-freon occurred. We need to find a problem, eliminate it, fill the system with freon.

  • The walls of the freezer were covered with a layer of snow and ice. Defrost the refrigerator for at least 10 hours.
  • There was a malfunction in the operation of the electronic board. It is advisable to call a specialist for diagnosis and repair.
  • Elevated temperature in the compartment. You need to check and replace the thermostat.

If you do not understand the icons and flashing indicators on the display, look in the instruction. Manufacturers indicate all the transcripts that will help determine the malfunction.

Let's consider in detail each breakdown and list what you can do when it appears.

Problems with the door

As we wrote above, with a damaged seal, you need to perform a replacement.

Another reason for the flashing of the indicator is the door contact. When closing, the button does not click or the wiring is broken. The system does not recognize that the door is trying to close, so it gives out signals.

Cooling in the compartment

Refrigerators with a cooling system No Frost less likely to defrost, but if you notice the snow on the walls, the system squeals, - check the thermostat. When the temperature is set to maximum, it is possible to freeze. Adjust the reading.

The refrigerator did not turn off the signal? So, it's broken. A complete diagnosis of the cooling system is required.

Motor Compressor

Flashing the light bulb also notifies about the unstable operation of the motor: it can often be started or run without stopping. Also, a leak of refrigerant is likely, so a full inspection of the equipment is conducted to find a crack or puncture.

If there are problems with the control module, see the video:


Malfunctions of a two-compartment refrigerator "Nord"

The technique works and does not turn off for a long time? Such a problem happens in the refrigerators "Nord". Find the reason will help check:

  1. Close the denser chamber door if it is ajar.
  2. Set the thermostat to a lower value. When the room is hot, the system compensates for the rise in temperature by constant work.
  3. With mechanical control, look for the "Super Frost" mode to be disabled.
  4. The refrigerator should not stand near heating appliances, stoves, heaters.

To determine the breakdown, pay attention to its signs.

Weak cold in the compartment, the motor is constantly running

Maybe, the freezer does not freeze at all: as a result of poor-quality assembly, the camera door is fixed incorrectly. Adjust the mounts for a normal installation.

Also, the seal could wear out - it's easy to replace the rubber with your own hands. If the cause in the compressor, without the intervention of a specialist is indispensable.

In the compartment, a strong frost, the motor does not turn off

Possible problems:

  • A thermal sensor that measures the temperature in the chamber has failed. If it is completely broken, it does not send a signal to the board or does it incorrectly. In any case, the sensor needs a replacement.
  • There is a leak of freon through the steel case. In the area of ​​the freezer chamber, rust appears - due to corrosion, the integrity of the circuit is broken, which leads to the escape of the refrigerant.
  • Capillary tube obstruction. This happens when improper operation or untimely defrosting of equipment.

Such breakdowns occur when the refrigerator is operated improperly. Rare defrost leads to the growth of ice and snow on the walls. The installation with the slope of the housing forward allows the opening of the door of the department.

Malfunctions of a two-compartment refrigerator "Minsk"

You have already read above that in case of a freelance situation a red light on the refrigerator panel lights up and a beep sounds. The refrigerator Minsk or Atlant is no exception. Consider common problems with this brand.

Noisy work

Over time, the technique begins to buzz and rustle more and more. What is the reason:

  • We loosened the motor-compressor. Shock absorbers serve to absorb vibrations during engine operation. When their mounts loosen, the motor will be very buzzing during operation, it can beat against the body. If the refrigerator is near the battery, the sounds will be even louder.

  • Noise fan blades (with the system "Know Frost"). When the blades are covered with ice, their rotation is accompanied by gnashing, loud sounds. Defrost the refrigerator within 24 hours.

Cooling problems

Does the system freeze or, conversely, freeze cold? Adjust the temperature regulator if the mechanical control is in the refrigerator. If a snow cover is visible in the evaporator area, the refrigerant may have leaked out. Then you need to urgently find and eliminate the leak, after which the master will refuel the system.

Be sure to check the condition of the door and its seal - how tightly it adjoins the casing. Pay attention to the hinges and fastenings: maybe they sagged, so they need adjustment.

The light bulb does not work

When the refrigerator opens the light does not light up? Then replace the light bulb. You can do it yourself:

  • disconnect the equipment from power;
  • remove the plafond, if there are fixtures - unscrew them;
  • remove the burnt out lamp and install a new one;
  • put the plafond in place.

That's all. Watch the video on the topic:


Malfunctions of the two-chamber refrigerator "Indesit"

Get the sour milk from the camera? If its shelf life is ok, check if there is cold in the compartment. If the refrigerator does not work, first check that the door is closed. See if the fan that is driving the cold air is running.

Typical problems:

  1. The fan motor does not work, the part is replaced.
  2. The compressor starts up for a few seconds and then switches off again, and oily liquid flows. Hence, the motor is broken and needs to be replaced.
  3. There was a leak of freon in the interior of the refrigerator or in a steel circuit or with mechanical damage.
  4. The starting relay broke. Such a breakdown can occur without external signs. Define it will help diagnosis.
  5. The temperature sensor or the temperature controller is defective.

If the temperature sensor or compressor fails, the freezer does not work normally. You can notice:

  • The compressor works, but the products do not freeze, the temperature is higher than the set temperature;
  • The refrigerator is connected to the network, but does not work or is switched on for a short time;
  • on the walls a snow coat and ice grows.

It also happens that the body of equipment beats current when touching. Unplug the refrigerator immediately. Inspect the plug and the power cord for damage. Call the wiring, replace the burnt elements.

Proper installation of the refrigerator is important for your safety. Connect it only to grounded sockets, install a fuse to protect against voltage surges. So you will ensure the reliability of the equipment for many years.

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