White retro kitchen with patinated solid wood fronts

When we were choosing a suite, we were faced with the fact that there are many white kitchens. They represent the majority of the total, but our furniture turned out to be special.

Made in the company  Sura Elite,
G. Saransk

White classic solid ash kitchen

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The light surfaces of natural wood are beautiful with that exceptional noble beauty that cannot be confused with anything. Warm light tones gave the decor a soft feel.

Solid ash facades with silver patina

The interior is almost entirely monochrome: a white apron with hog tiles, light tiles on the floor with small patterns. But thanks to the wood, it is memorable and makes an impression. And this solid restraint looks much more presentable than modern flashy accents.

Direct headset

With a black stone countertop, the straight set looks original and impressive. The contrasting table top gave the space depth and dynamism to the interior.

Retro lining on household appliances

The body is made of laminated chipboard Uvadrev cream in color, practically indistinguishable from the shade of furniture. Solid ash facades, painted according to Ral 9010, silver patina on top. The paneled surfaces are vintage, with a clearly visible wood grain.

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Radius facades

Lattice facades and a glass showcase in the top row, which diversified the continuous paneled row, became a real decoration of the set. The contents of the shelves are not visible behind the grate, but there is air access, which is necessary for a stainless steel dish dryer inside.

Granite countertop

The left end of the furniture row is made with a radius curvature. Radius facadesOn the right side there is a massive cabinet with built-in oven and microwave oven. All household appliances come with vintage overlays, so that modern furniture does not stand out from the general background (as is usually the case).

Household appliances cabinet

A natural granite countertop with a non-uniform texture shimmers when the lighting changes. The surface is strong and durable, easy to clean. The contrast of textures (stone and wood) and colors (white and black) looks interesting and elegant. The matte worktop is very harmonious against the backdrop of painted wood fronts. Stone sink, matching the color of the furniture.

Granite countertop

Long handles-rails in dark bronze have become a real decoration of matte surfaces. Exactly the same handles on household appliances (oven and microwave).

Solid ash facades with silver patina

The kitchen is fitted with Blum fittings. And although the outside is a classic retro headset, inside it there are high-tech fittings, thanks to which all work processes are organized as simply and conveniently as possible.

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