Overview coffee machines manufacturers

Choice should be conducted out of the price-quality ratio. This also applies to the selection of the company coffee machines. The main thing - understanding the composition and performance. We will understand that the reader gave a report, a coffee machine which company is better to buy.

The concept of quality coffee machines

Quality coffee machines for the majority is derived from two other components:

  1. Manufacturer.
  2. Product features.

Each coffee machine is the quality factor can be divided further.

producers of coffee machines

The first option - the manufacturer - defines the concept of tradition, guarantee long-term operation, assembly, service. Communicate with the firm ephemeral when it comes to expensive coffee machine, will not everyone. You need to thoroughly check out the brand. Knowing the popularity of Western brands, dealers speculating Chinese technique under the sonorous name, is nothing soundly. Hiding or fakes falsified history of enterprise development, to invent fictional facts.

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Coffee from the coffee machine

Coffee from the coffee machine

If you take the "Bosch" - the whole world knows about the quality of company products, coffee machines. The manufacturer is synonymous with good reason the money spent - a reliable manufacturer of coffee machines. But the assembly is different. The "Bosch" Turkish conveyors play a role, do not get hot with the public recognition. The same is said about China, although well-known brands are sponsoring their shops.

It is important to find out the background to the purchase of the manufacturer of coffee machines. The forums wrote: I do not want to pay money for a pig in a poke. Relatively safe to buy a coffee machine Saeco, a trademark owned by Philips. Called the German manufacturer, the quality of questions immediately disappeared. Thus, the coffee machine which company is better to buy:

Known manufacturer will not hide information. At BSH, Philips, Merloni no secrets from customers. But the internal structuring different. At the Merloni family split: on the outside it looks a unified group structure.

In the coffee machine brand stands - search Yandex will tell the truth. You can for example try Saeco. Want to buy Nivona - quickly becomes clear: coffee machines manufactured by the Swiss concern Eugster / Frismag. Flag on the official Russian website, red with a white cross, is justified. Plants spread in Europe, some parts imported from China. Not always standing on the counter Nivona coffee is collected in the west. You can check by looking at the label: inscribed the words «made in».

Said the issue of assembling coffee machines. Swiss "Jura" and "Roger Federer" known globe. Relatively easy to allocate money for the purchase of coffee machines Jura. Traditions of the enterprise for 80 years.

Different variants of coffee

Different variants of coffee

Not always a long history of the manufacturer of coffee machines includes sales market giant. Brand Krups counted on the shoulder straps one hundred and fifty years. But not grown to a big union. In 2001, the company absorbed the Concern Group SEB - owner of brands:

  • "Moulinex";
  • "Tefal";
  • "Roventa".

If Krups absorbed in 2001 (in 1991, the "Moulinex" swallowed Krups, in 2001. The SEB Group acquired a controlling stake in "Moulinex" shares) - does not mean the loss of firm coffee machines. "BSH" bought shares of "Zelmer" a couple of years ago, overpaid for every 30% of the stock value. 97% of the shareholders could not resist the temptation to sell securities. Relatively Group SEB: producing coffee machines are not allowed known countries (Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Chile). Europe, US, China, marked by the presence of union divisions (it comes to manufacturing plants). Buying Krups, people freed from doubt about the brand.

Krups coffee machine with a capacity for milk

Krups coffee machine with a container for milk

Let say, buy a Krups coffee machine manufacturer is dangerous closing. But in order not to lose face, do not reduce the popularity of other brands, Group SEB will continue to support the population. Relative to the assembly place: it is not Mongolia, Kazakhstan, or Chile. There are also samples of Chinese: before buying a Krups coffee machine is recommended to visit the forums for comments. At the time of absorption "Moulinex" company had a number of factories, mainly in Germany and Ireland.

You see: it is enough to drive a brand name into a search engine, poshtudirovat Wikipedia (and sometimes other languages) to produce a clear opinion about the brand of coffee machines. In the video, you hear: a few brands on the market. Let's look on Yandex-market concepts for the erroneous statement. Coffee machines are complicated to manufacture equipment: the release busy well-known companies, corporations. Emphasize: to pay solid money find out what to pay for going.

the possibility of coffee machines

Usually coffee machines prepare drinks in automatic mode. The exception is complicated recipes. Traditional espresso, americano cause problems should not be. For realization of a coffee machine as part of a millstone with adjustable grind size. Experts say: grinding significantly influences the taste, ranging from sour to bitter. Decreasing particle size of the powder, changing the amount of coffee grounds.

work coffee machines

work coffee machines

Inside the device is embedded object resembling connecting rod-piston mechanism. Tunnels are located by the letter V. In one piston gaining powder from the grindstone coffee machine, in the other - is pressed tightly against the chamber ceiling is brewing. Steam under pressure passes through impaction powder tablet follows dropwise into the beaker. After using waste bagasse automatically resets the urn.

Coffee machine offers the following amenities:

  • Regulation of the fortress, the amount of the finished product. In accordance with the tastes, cup size, select the desired options. Regulatory limits are broad. Coffee machine fills large or small cup. The parameter is set discretely.
  • Useful is the ability to work with beans, ground coffee. No matter what sleep inside. Pay attention to the capacity of the loading compartment. Typical figures - 250 grams.
  • Seeing the slowness of preparing a beverage, coffee machines manufacturers supplying products the ability to fill two cups at once. Convenient for a long queue of 100 people. At home, most people do not use the chip.
  • Not a bad solution - buy a coffee machine "Jura" with a self-cleaning function. The buildup of scale is largely blocked. One disadvantage: before each use, after preparation - spit out dozens of grams of water. The latter is necessary to clean the path from the salt deposits. The coffee machines without this feature, use only purified water. Otherwise, the device will have to be repaired in a short time.
  • Some coffee makers are used as input raw capsules - system developed recently. Fans of this approach is recommended to buy a coffee machine Nespresso. The name refers to the capsule system. The inventor - an employee of Nestle Eric Favre.

Recall: green beans useful. It contains a number of substances that accelerate fat burning. Brewing caffeine keeps intact - hence the reason for cheerfulness from the accepted beverage.

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