Error F06 in the washing machine Indesit

If error code F 06 appears on the Indesit electronic washing machine, you can try to figure out the problem yourself. This error means that there is a problem in the control, and the machine does not respond to commands.

Electromechanical model of SMA Indesit gives error F6 by flashing indicators "Additional Rinse" and "Soak". Also, the light bulbs "Quick wash" - "Super Wash "Ironing" - "Dirty linen" can burn. The user may notice that the "Lock" indicator is flashing.

What to do, and how to restore the machine?

Content of the material:

  • 1Explanation of error F06
  • 2What to do to troubleshoot the problem
    • 2.1The machine does not respond to the activation
    • 2.2Indiscriminate flashing of indicators
    • 2.3The washing machine switches on but does not start washing

Explanation of error F06

Fault code F 06 on the display indicates a malfunction of the command device. This means that there is no response to pressing the buttons, the machine does not work, does not start the washing process.

What to do to troubleshoot the problem

Solve the problem and fix the F6 error in several successive steps. At once it is necessary to decide what happened to the washing machine Indesit.

The machine does not respond to the activation

  1. Check the presence of electricity in the room, serviceability of the plugs.
  2. Check the power outlet and power cord with a multimeter. If external damage is obvious, replace the wire.
  3. If the machine is connected via an extension cord, inspect it for defects.
  4. Check the serviceability of the buttons and the control module. If you see any violations, then without the help of a professional master you can not do. You may need to replace the Start button or triac.

Video about the replacement of the control module will help you to understand the intricacies:


Indiscriminate flashing of indicators

To remove F06 error, disconnect the Stiralk from the mains, make a reboot for 15-20 minutes. If the error is not reset after the switch-on, and the code is displayed again, then check the wiring. In some Indesit models, the wires come into contact with internal parts, which leads to their malfunction.

What to do in this case, how to fix everything? Check the cable by the tester yourself for damage. If necessary - replace.

Check the capacitors as shown in the video, perhaps the problem lies in them:


The washing machine switches on but does not start washing

How to fix the problem and return the machine to work?

  1. Check the loading hatch. If it is not closed tightly, the protective mechanisms will not allow the water to run.
  2. Make sure the door is live.
  3. The current arrives normally, but the hatch is not blocked? It is necessary to replace the interlocking device.
  4. Watch how the water enters the tank. Are there any strange sounds, or is there complete silence? So, water comes with difficulty, and there is nothing to wash.

When the Indesit washing machine displays F06 on the display, the main thing is to pay close attention to the repair. As practice shows, troubleshooting can be done by yourself.

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