Error codes for Bosch dishwashers

In modern dishwashers Bosch a full-fledged intelligent self-diagnostic system is built. It is triggered when faults occur, which the user will recognize by means of the error code displayed on the display.

To understand why the dishwasher broke, you need to know what the codes mean. Next, you'll find the decoding of combinations and get a quick guide to the action.

Content of the material:

  • 1How to decode the trouble codes "Bosch"
    • 1.1Problems with heating
    • 1.2Problems with draining and water filling in the dishwasher "Bosch"
    • 1.3Problems due to obstructions
    • 1.4Failures in the operation of Bosch sensors
    • 1.5Electrics

How to decode the trouble codes "Bosch"

Errors of Bosch dishwashers will be more understandable if they are classified by type of fault. For your convenience, we combined them into tables.

Problems with heating

Code Explanation
E01 (or F01) The heater contacts are out of order, or the heating element has burnt out. If this is confirmed as a result of the test, the heater should be changed.

Along with the heater check the temperature sensor.

E2 (or F2) The error can be interleaved with the previous one.

E2 means a temperature sensor failure. Failure causes the heater to malfunction, because the thermistor does not report the temperature of the water.

To confirm the failure, check the thermosensor contacts for the tester. If the resistance is about 50 kOhm - the element is defective, with deviations - it needs to be replaced.

E09 (or F09) Fault codes E09 or F09 report problems with a flow heater. Code E09 appears in those PMM, in which the heater is located in the circulation pump.

To eliminate the breakdown, replace the heater. Before making repairs, check the part with a tester.

E11 (or F11) What is the E11 code? He reports that the temperature sensor of the dishwasher is devoid of power. Second value: the circuit between the electronic board and the temperature sensor is broken.

An error can be caused by a "wagon" of factors, therefore, the following needs to be checked: the contacts of the temperature sensor, the wiring between the sensor and the board.

E12 (or F12) The code is characteristic for dishwashers "Bosch in which the heater is clogged with hard water.

If you reboot the machine, and after the code E12 E09 is lit up - it's a matter of scale. Sometimes you can do without replacing parts - you need to remove and clean the heater.

Problems with draining and water filling in the dishwasher "Bosch"

There are a few breakdowns in this group, much more than the codes themselves. Let's consider them in the table.

Error Explanation
E3, F3 With code E3, the dishwasher stops working, because the selected program did not accumulate enough water in the given time. At Ф3, the water is automatically drained from the system.

If your dishwasher is more than 7-10 years old, its behavior may differ: the machine will give an error and wait until the water reaches the required volume.

Need to check:

· Is there water in the tap?

· Whether there is any blockage in the filter on the intake hose and at its entrance to the machine;

· Does the water fill valve work?

· The status of the level sensor;

· Whether the drain pump works.

E5, F5 The fault codes indicate that the Bosch PMM tank is completely full. This occurs if the machine is gaining water with a surplus, and the level sensor can not monitor and stop the process.

The reason is in the sensor. You need to check:

· Its tubes for blockage;

· Contacts and item posting;

· The priming valve (maybe it does not close completely, because of what the water goes into the system without stopping);

· Management system (a rare case, which is better to be checked by a master).

E8, F8 By the nature of the failure, the error is similar to E3 or F3, because the dishwasher does not gain the required volume of water. Actions for troubleshooting and troubleshooting are the same as for E3.
E16, F16 These codes are displayed when the dishwasher does not block the access of water to the tank - it starts to flow in an uncontrolled amount. The fault is caused by the intake valve clogging.

Looking for:

· Check and clean the valve;

· Check the level sensor;

· Check if there is excessive foam from the detergent (in case the error occurs during the operation of the machine).

E17, F17 Combinations E17 or F17 are displayed on the dishwasher display when there is a problem with water filling. A very "narrow" error - means that the valve closes with difficulty or its overlap is completely blocked.

If a hydraulic shock is to blame for failure, the reboot will help. And if in a waterpipe constantly raised pressure, partial overlapping of water in a riser is required. At the same time, check the level sensor.

E21, F21 These codes indicate problems with the drain pump, when the pump does not pump out the water. Actually, if there is no interruption in the power circuit, and the pump interacts with all the sensors and the board, but does not work.

Causes of the problem:

· The impeller of the pump is jammed due to clog or wrapped debris;

· The rotor coalesces with the wall of the sleeve - in this case, in addition to E21, the code E22 is likely;

· The pump has broken due to wear and tear, requires replacement.

Problems due to obstructions

Such mistakes are the most frequent "guests" in dishwashers of "Bosch" brand. Systems become clogged because users forget to clean the dishes before loading it into the PMM. Typical errors confirming the presence of blockages are indicated in the table.

Code Value
E07 or F07 The cause of the failure can be a mechanical restriction of access to the hole when the dishes are placed in the machine incorrectly. Also, the hole may be clogged with debris.
E22 or F22 The code indicates the contamination of one of the filters or indicates a malfunction in the operation of the discharge pump (the impeller vanes rotate hardly).
E24 or F24 Occurs when the water drain hose is bent or clogged, if the sewerage is blocked and the siphon drain drain is blocked.
E25 or F25 In most cases, the cause of the error is in the obstruction of the drainage pump branch pipe (near the base). The pump can not push water into the drain, the sensors report this to the board, and it blocks the machine and gives out the code E25.

The cleaning of the branch pipe and the water drain hose will help, check the impeller.

Failures in the operation of Bosch sensors

In a modern dishwasher, a mass of sensors that control dozens of processes and programs. If the sensors fail, the diagnostic system immediately responds to this with the appropriate code.

Code Notation
E4, F4 Occurs when a flow sensor or a blockage occurs. It is possible that the hard water created a blockage in the sprinkler nozzles, because of which water comes in badly and the code E04 appears.
E6, F6 Water purity sensor (turbidity) failed. It is located next to the TEN. If the sensor itself is OK, check the electrician, but usually you have to change the element.
E14, F14 The E14 code confirms a malfunction in the sensor responsible for the volume of water entering the dishwasher.
E15, F15 The error is typical for modern models with the AquaStop system, appears when a leak occurs. To eliminate the code, inspect the drip tray and hoses, make sure that there is a leak.

If you do not find any traces, inspect other elements of the system.


All parts and sensors are wired to the control unit. If one wire from all this mass burns out or peretreetsya, one of the codes may appear.

Code Value
E01, F01 The E01 code indicates problems with the electrical or electronic component of the device. Before you restart the machine, make sure that E01 is lit on the board, and not another code.

Did the repeated reboot help? Turn off the machine and contact the service.

E27, F27 When you connect the equipment to the mains, you can directly get the code E27 on the scoreboard. It occurs when voltage drops occur. To protect the car from complete damage, connect it using a stabilizer.

Now you know how to fix some mistakes of dishwashers "Bosch" with your own hands. Remember that the codes help you to find a failure in time and not to allow total breakdown.

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