Error E15 of the Bosch dishwasher

Manufacturers of "Bosch" equip their equipment with a self-diagnostic system. As soon as a problem occurs, a DTC displays the DTC. Faced such a problem? Has your Bosch dishwasher highlighted error E15? Look at the operating instructions - there is a decoding of the codes of malfunctions. Typically, error E15 means that a water leak has occurred. How to solve the problem yourself will be discussed in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1For what reasons does the dishwasher "Bosch" give an error
  • 2How to fix the situation
    • 2.1We remove the clog
    • 2.2Change the sprinkler

For what reasons does the dishwasher "Bosch" give an error

How does the problem appear? The machine stops working, the E 15 code lights up on the scoreboard or the "crane" icon lights up. This means that protection against water leakage or "Aquastop" has worked. To understand the cause of the problem, we will understand the features of the protection operation.

In PMM, the bottom is located under a slight slope. In the lower part is a foam float. When water hits the float floats up and presses on the sensor. As a result, the protection is activated, the drain pump starts to pump out water, and an error is displayed on the display panel.

In some cases, the pump does not turn off and it works continuously, even if you turn off the dishwasher. Therefore, it is better to "chop off" the equipment from the network, otherwise the pump or switch may burn.

What could have caused the leakage of water:

  1. Incorrect operation of leakage sensor.
  2. Litter in the drain path (filter, pump, hose, pipe).
  3. Bad tightness of the branch pipe.
  4. Problems with the water sprayer (rocker).

Important! The formation of a large amount of foam can also lead to the activation of the float sensor. Use detergent dosed, strictly according to the instructions.

How to fix the situation

All "Bosch" dishwashers are equipped with the "Aquastop" protection, including Bosch Silence Plus models. First of all, you need to exclude a crash in the system. This happens if the control module gives the wrong command and the display shows error E15.

You must reset the settings. To do this, proceed consistently:

  • unplug the machine from the mains;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • reconnect it.

If the code could not be reset and it appeared again on the display, then we proceed to other measures.

It is necessary to exclude sticking of the float sensor and to remove water from the pallet. To do this, shake the equipment a little, so that the float returns to its previous position. Then unplug the machine from the mains, tilt it at an angle of 45 degrees. Drain excess water in a container that has been filled. You can dry the PMM by leaving the door open for the night.

What if your manipulations did not work? I'll have to deal with the dismantling of the dishwasher. Following our instructions, you will cope with a simple repair yourself.

We remove the clog

As we wrote above, the car can show the code E15 due to the clogged tract. Eliminate the problem easily with your own hands. Most often, a drain filter clogs up, which suffers from food particles, glass shards, debris.

Important! Before starting work, disconnect the PMM from the mains, shut off the water supply. Wear gloves when cleaning the filter. There may be shards of broken utensils.

Get Started:

  1. Open the door.
  2. Remove all baskets from the bunker.
  3. The filter is located on the bottom of the Bosch dishwasher.
  4. Remove it, remove impurities and rinse with running water.

To check the drain hose and pump, you have to turn the MMP to the "back opening access to the bottom:

  1. Unscrew the screws around the perimeter that hold the bottom cover.
  2. Do not remove it completely, because on the other side a float sensor is attached.
  3. After opening the lid, unscrew the screw holding the sensor (you can replace it with a breakdown).
  4. Remove the lid to the side.
  5. You have access to the "insides" of technology.
  6. Disconnect the hose from the pump using the combination pliers.
  7. Check for blockage and damage. Clean under running water or install a new part.
  8. To remove the pump and check for blockage, disconnect the connectors leading to it.
  9. Remove the screw from the side.
  10. Turn the pump, remove.
  11. Inspect the impeller, check the gasket for damage and wear.

If the pump is damaged, it can not be repaired. It is immediately replaced with the original part.

Installation is in the reverse order.

Change the sprinkler

Over time, some components of the dishwasher "Bosch" can come into disrepair. Replace sprinklers easily - one of them is under the ceiling of the bunker, the other from below.

  • remove the basket for the dishes;
  • unscrew lower sprinkler;

  • to replace the mount, take it in the grip and unscrew it from the bottom;
  • tighten the new fastener and install a new sprinkler.

To replace the upper rocker arm:

  • Press the restraints and remove the upper basket;
  • to the bottom part of the rocker is fixed;
  • pull the part and remove from the seat;

A common problem with sprinklers is a worn seal, resulting in leakage.

  • install a new rocker.

We have described the main reasons for the failure of the Bosch PMM, under which error E 15 appears. But that is not all. The appearance of the DTC can be affected by:

  1. Worn nipples and oil seals that allow leakage with time.
  2. Damaged door seals, hoses, gaskets, clamps.
  3. Breakdowns in the hull, bunker.

If the dishwasher stops working, but does not give an error code, then test. This will help to establish the cause of the breakdown.

How to proceed:

  1. Take instruction to the technique.
  2. Read what combination of keys leads to the start of the self-test.
  3. After activation, the self-diagnosis system detects the problem and displays the code on the scoreboard.
  4. Find the decryption and start troubleshooting.

Having access to the internal parts of the machine, check all the connections, clamps, nipples. Most often, the problem can be eliminated with your own hands, without resorting to the help of service centers. We recommend you follow the instructions while using the equipment, do not exceed the rate of detergents. Then PMM will work long and stably.

Watch the video on the topic:

Read in a separate article how to fix other errors dishwasher "Bosch".

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