Small washing machines

Size - one of the main parameters by which to choose a washing machine. Compact dimensions are often very important, especially for cramped, small rooms. This is understandable, because the placement of even a standard-sized stylalka in an apartment forces you to show sharpness for rational installation.

Let's take a look at together, what are the advantages of small washing machines and how profitable is their purchase.

Content of the material:

  • 1Which SM are considered small
  • 2Advantages and disadvantages
  • 3What to look for
  • 4Browse popular models
    • 4.1Candy Aquamatic 1000 DF
    • 4.2Hansa AWN510DH
    • 4.3Zanussi ZWS 3121
    • 4.4Electrolux EWC 1350
    • 4.5Bosch WLX 24463
    • 4.6Siemens WS 10X47 AOE
    • 4.7Eurosoba 1100 sprint

Which SM are considered small

Be careful when choosing small machines: some manufacturers (or sellers) can cheat, calling the model small, considering only one parameter. For example, the user can confuse it with a narrow styaralka.

What is the difference? Small-size washing machines are designed for installation under the sink. Their parameters are completely different from the standard for height, depth and width. And the differences should be quite significant.

The parameters of the standard model are 85x60x58 cm (height - width - depth).

Parameters of the small-sized model: 67х50х40 (70х50х44) centimeters.

Compact models can be of various types: front and vertical loading, activator and drum, automatic and semi-automatic. The article will deal with automatic machines.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you appreciate every centimeter of the area, then a compact, small-sized washing machine with front loading is an ideal option for you.

This model is convenient to place under the sink, built into the locker in the bathroom or kitchen set. Looks like this installation is aesthetically pleasing, saves a lot of space.

Small size does not affect the quality of washing at all. Compact machines are equipped with the same functionality as standard ones, but they save water and electricity more.

What are the disadvantages of this choice:

  • Due to a closer placement inside the parts wear out more quickly.
  • The ease and absence of counterweights in CM contribute to increased vibration. Such stiralki can work more noisily than their counterparts.
  • Small capacity. If in an ordinary car you can wash up to 7-8 kilograms of laundry (standard), then in a compact machine - a maximum of 5 kilograms.
  • Overstated cost. Due to the compact dimensions, the manufacturer can increase the cost of AGR.

What to look for

When choosing a small washing machine, pay attention to such factors:

  1. Type of download. Before you make a purchase, determine where the machine will be installed. Depending on this, stop the selection on the front or vertical loading.
  2. Loading capacity. For a family, choose a maximum of 5 kilograms. Pay attention to the spinning power. The maximum for such models is 400-1000 revolutions.
  3. Material of the tank. It is recommended to purchase a stylalka with a stainless steel tank, since it is the most reliable and durable.

Take care of the correct connection. Installation is no different from a full-sized machine. But if you plan to place a CM under the sink, you need to take care of the cranes, which must come out of the wall.

Browse popular models

Since small-sized SMs are not so common, not all manufacturers produce them. Consider the best washing machines from the presented.

Candy Aquamatic 1000 DF

Despite the small dimensions (51h70h44 cm), the washing machine Kandy has a wide range of programs, among them delicate and quick washing. The control panel is equipped with an LCD display, which allows you to know the time until the end of the cycle.

The manufacturer has provided the possibility of spin regulation from 400 to 1000 revolutions. The capacity of the drum allows you to wash up to, kilograms of laundry at a time. The energy consumption class A - is practically the most economical among washing machines.

Hansa AWN510DH

The Hans model AWN510DH is distinguished by its quality Polish assembly, its stability during spinning. The dimensions of the washing machine are 68x80x40 cm. The maximum load of laundry reaches 5 kilograms per approach.

Intelligent control and a backlit display make it easy to set the washing mode. Provides protection against leaks, and the energy-saving class A + will allow you to save on energy consumption.

Zanussi ZWS 3121

SMA Zanussi is compactly placed in the room due to the modest dimensions of 60x85x39 cm. The machine can hold up to 5 kg of laundry.

The display informs you about the wash time, and the choice of programs is quite wide. You can wash wool, silk, delicate fabrics, and also prevent the crumpling of the laundry.

The model is characterized by ease of use, protection from foaming and unbalance. She is assigned a class A to save energy.

Electrolux EWC 1350

Model EWC 1350 has dimensions of 4, x5, x67 cm, so it perfectly fits under the sink. Maximum load provides up to three kilograms of laundry.

Clear mechanical control, the maximum speed when spinning reaches 1300 rpm.

Bosch WLX 24463

With dimensions of 60x85x40 cm, Boska's washing machine can hold 5 kg of laundry. The delay function for washing is designed for 24 hours. In it you can wash any type of fabric with pre-soaking and super-rinsing.

The machine is excellent for washing things, while it works almost silently. Spin reaches 1200 rpm, energy consumption class A.

The presence of touch controls is not always convenient, which for some users may be a minus.

Siemens WS 10X47 AOE

A huge advantage of this model is a drum made of stainless steel. Compact dimensions are 60x85x40 cm. Loading capacity - 5 kg.

The machine works quietly even in the spin mode, which reaches 1000 rpm. The system is equipped with protection against leaks "Akvastop". In addition to a wide selection of modes, 3D-AQUATRONIC is provided - the function of uniform wetting of the laundry.

Eurosoba 1100 sprint

The dimensions are 46х46х68 centimeters. One of the most ergonomic and expensive models.

Holds 3 kilograms of laundry for washing at a time. Equipped with protection against leaks on the body. Additional functionality is provided: control of foaming and unbalance.

What kind of washing machine to choose - small-sized or full-sized - is up to you. Compact sizes can in some cases cost more than standard sizes. Take into account the features of the room and rationally approach the choice.

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