How to choose a coffee machine for home

Geyser several types of coffee machines. Readers who do not know about them, it is useful to know the Turks came from the East, tanks for brewing flavored drink. Choice for home coffee makers seem aware, after reading the review.

From the history

Coffee grows in Ethiopia. The ban was officially regard the creation of the dark forces. Secretly tribes ate grain from time immemorial, surviving in the harsh conditions of the African climate. The method used savage transmits Arab. Devil fruit brought to the Arabian Peninsula slaves. Coffee beans were ground, mixed with animal fat, rolled into balls. Used as a means of spurs psyche.

Originally drink obtained by soaking in cold water. Relatively recently, three centuries ago, humanity began to savor the hot aromatic drink called coffee. Talk about the ancient history of the brewing devices is not necessary, we will talk about diversity.

home coffee

Turks - the first coffee machine

It remains mysterious etymology of the term. Brought into the everyday life of Western civilization appliances dishwasher representatives of the Sultanate.

How did the first coffee machine

Why Indian pots called Turks - is understandable. Flavored drink quickly found admirers, cooking method taken from people who were against military action.

India (colony) was used as a plantation for growing coffee. Country-monopoly was forbidden to export from the territory of green beans: in this way safeguard Britain from growing trees in other countries (there is a similar ban on the number of plants growing in the country of Vishnu), destroying the source arrived. However, the secret was stolen: the plantation appeared in Australia, America, in Java, Sumatra, in areas with a suitable climate.

Coffee quickly became popular in the East, in Europe. Needed to create the means for brewing the beverage. The problem was how to catch the maximum grain aromatic substances, without giving alkaloids evaporate. Not an easy task, but by practical attempts a solution is found. Today the Turks, is historically the first coffee makers, connoisseurs give a full bouquet of taste brown grains. Despite the similarity of design, a great number of variations.

The design of the Turks

Turka - a container with a wide bottom, conical, upwardly tapering walls, a neck with a spout, a long handle. The volume is different, is not regulated until now. Experts believe the best model is 100 ml. Newcomers are advised to purchase a product volume of 200-400 ml - for they are easier to follow. In some Turks for a narrow neck of land is expanding upwards, water is poured on a par with the bottleneck.

coffeemakers design

Referring to the coffee machine for home, the Turks are silent - feel wrong.

Brewing coffee in Turku

Coffee is filled into the special long spoon together with an equal amount of sugar, salt few grains. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Spices are added to taste, filled with water, on the basis of the ratio: one cup of coffee on a spoon. The composition is mixed thoroughly. The water should be cold, low stiffness. Suitable artesian water. Mineral water is not suitable.

Turk put on the fire. The process of brewing. Content stirred coffeemakers long spoon until no dense skin will start to be formed - the signal for rapid boil. You can not let that happen. A circle will appear bubbles, foam rise - remove the coffee maker from the heat. Wait, put again. Stir the drink will not be. It is necessary to raise the foam three times - ready to drink, coffee is set aside completely. Add a teaspoon or a piece of ice water - will cause precipitation thick on the bottom.

The mechanics of the review process is simple. Ground coffee powder flavoring oils pays water. The temperature rises - foam is formed, without allowing flowers erode. If you violate the integrity of the kind of traffic jams - the aroma of coffee is lost.

What do Turks

The vessels are made of:

  • copper;
  • German silver;
  • silver;
  • aluminum;
  • bronze;
  • stainless steel;
  • clay;
  • ceramics.

Copper is dangerous to health, the air is oxidised. Turks insides of the metal is further coated with a food tin - copper protecting against contact with water. There are silver-plated products. Turki of pure noble metal look better as souvenirs. Bronze more inert: has spread. Relative to aluminum: lightweight, relatively harmless metal aviators helps lovers of the drink. Aluminum Turks also have gained popularity.


Relatively clay: there is a singularity in ceramics. Once brewed coffee leaves in the pores of the bouquet. You can prepare a variety, without interrupting flavor. The rule must be observed during operation. The clay is endowed with thermal inertia, remove from heat continues to heat up coffee for a while. Take into account, as the drink quickly runs after removing the vessel from the fire.

Why choose the Turk as a coffee machine for home

Think about choosing a coffee maker! Gourmet say, other models can not be compared with the Turks. Only simple tools will provide a full bouquet of coffee beans. Traditionally, three times brought coffee to a temperature of 96 degrees when the foam begins to rise, three times removed from the fire. We get high-quality, strong drink. Served hot, drink immediately, until weathered bouquet.

Grinding must be carried out before brewing - get real coffee. Milled grain in the powder when it is impossible to use immediately stored in a freezer. Whole - in a dry, cool, dark place, tightly packed, protected from access of air. Coffee gains of environmental odors with the consequences.

Turks - the best coffee maker for the house in terms of gourmet!

geyser coffee makers

Geyser coffee makers resemble the shape of the Turks: wall above the neck extended. It formed the outline of an hourglass. Along the axis - hollow metal tube, hovering above the floor, on top wearing a cup with a number of regular microscopic holes. The simplest design that does not require electricity to work.

drip coffee maker

Inside filled with water, the tube is installed in the cup is filled with coffee. When boiling:

  1. Water rises through the capillary.
  2. Poured into a bowl of coffee powder.
  3. Percolates down.

The geyser used the coffeemaker recycling. Water repeatedly circulates through the milled grain. Talk about the superhuman efficiency of the device is not necessary, some of the flavor is lost. Coffee does not run away, the outlet is not necessary - at least hassle.

In some models, the middle tube is broken filter with coffee powder. Water passes through a capillary once, remains at the top of the container. This design allows the unit to heat coil. At the bottom is not coffee - pure water - it became possible to create an electric geyser coffee makers. They are not very efficient - easy to use. Coffee machine for home geyser allow to brew tea, herbs.

drip coffeemakers

Drip coffee machine for home are based on the geyser. Hourglass shape of two separate containers. The coffee is collected in the bottom of the filter with the powder located at the top. Side of the charge capacity of the third - fueled water. Special pump feeds water on TAN, poured from above into a powder. The beverage flows down.

Collecting container is transparent, the handle is removed to pour coffee into a glass. It allows to monitor the level of fluid at any time to enjoy a drink. Most models are equipped with drip coffee makers feature a drop-stop, which prevents the spreading of the product on the table, when the team capacity set aside.

espresso makers

Espresso makers for the home are different from the trickling filter, embedded into a special horn with a handle, easy to remove, for the replacement of fresh powder - handy. Coffee really gets quickly: hence came the name of the instrument. Espresso considered choice of the wealthy. Standing device is not cheap, but it saves time. In the preparation of the speed to contend capsule coffee makers: plastic containers sold with the milled grain. At a cost of copies ahead of other models - did not gain popularity.

We hope that explain how to choose a coffee machine for the home.

Geyser coffee makers Bialetti

You look at some of the sites of manufacturers of household appliances, think - great! Failover is struck - no information available. Are similar geyser coffee makers, there is no information, the characteristics are not indicated. Buying a good coffee maker for home, you need to understand the characteristics of how to use the unit.

The company, to stay afloat hundred years, a matter of respect. Among the products "Bialetti" no drip, carob coffee machines, espresso machines, other sophisticated equipment. There is, by what people go round. We see hundreds of videos on the coffee machine Saeco: carob, drip. It began with the pots. It was born geyser coffee makers. Release immediately became famous for "Bialetti".

Tea geyser type of Bialetti

Tea geyser type Bialetti

Since 1918, the company produces a geyser coffee makers, received popularity. I would like to try out the product, cover the whole world, but there is no performance.

Prior information on electric models - a brief introduction of the gas. The site exhibited standard geyser coffee makers unremarkable form. Let's try to guess - the marketing policy of keeping quiet. The alloy does not rust easily washed coating of the scum. In the lower compartment of the raw water initially and then all boils. It remains much salt after a while.

At boiling salts react with the metal. Scale is delayed, it begins to react with the base - know readers articles on the struggle with scale in electric kettles, washing machines, dishwashers. Discussing the nature of chemical reactions, explained the role of softening salt. Hand rub will not go. The coffee add garlic, salt: put the need in the upper compartment geyser coffee makers. It will be a normal process.

The geyser coffee makers "Bialetti" all great, especially the material. The second point - the end of cooking. For understanding that the present geyser coffee, look through the lid of the glass: in the upper compartment whips drink need to stop the eruption on the decay process.

Coffee foam pass through the bottleneck - the waist - pots are removed from the sand. As the foam? In the "Bialetti" know that the most delicious - it. But the foam will not be here.

Regarding the dosage of ground coffee. The process of filling strainer fascinating. Ordinary people have to contemplate only after purchase. In accompanying the geyser coffee machine instructions are given guidance on teaspoons, milliliters. Measures different dishes can not be a rigid standardization of kitchen scales climb laziness. Surely there is a label inside for proper dosing. Finally: how many survive geyser coffee on the stove, not withdraw in time? What will happen at the same time with the lower cabinet, a long time to wash the container has melted? The answer, unfortunately, is not.

coffee maker

coffee maker

Electric geyser coffee makers Bialetti

Electric geyser coffee machine "Bialetti" reasonableness shine. Electric embodiment is Geyser traditional coffee maker, electric kettle delivered onto the platform. First question:

  • Can an electric geyser Bialetti coffee maker turns itself off.

The argument that the true connoisseurs of coffee hot drink should follow through the cover - is not accepted. Second question:

  • Able to do electrical geyser coffee makers brew drink, keep it hot. How long?

Relatively automatic shutdown. The kettle inside the bimetallic plate is set on the temperature of the dense vapor. Last fells after boiling intense light pushes from bursting bubbles complete the deal. Planck is bent under the button disables. We hasten to drink tea.

Having bought carob coffee maker for home brew their own mess. The drink will freeze - terrible forgetfulness happen. Buy a coffee maker Saeco profitable. We assume the system is used such as iron mechanism. It should relay of bimetallic plate, trapping superheat lower section - cuts off power of 230 W.

Electric coffee geyser

Electric coffee geyser

Navigate timer for the duration of geyser coffee can. The water of different temperatures - power at the device constant. The cycle time varies. We believe in a relay protection in the bimetallic plate, in the worst case - thermal fuse, burning, saving device. Replacing the thermal fuse is not included in the terms of a warranty repair. Third question:

  • Unclear conditions warranty for an electric geyser coffee makers.

The fine print is a long text: lists the accidents are not covered under the warranty. List the information in the product card is impossible. Not specified warranty period for electric Geyser coffee machine "Bialetti".

It grows misunderstanding mountain. We need to wait for boiling or possibly absent himself, which pour in, what service? Only a meager line of the body of aluminum should be within the food tin. Is there the desired metal, it said. Many questions.

Krups coffee maker

Krups coffee maker

How to choose a coffee maker

Raised burning questions: modes of operation, automation. Paying the money, we want to know why. As we lose - so, automation should be.

Take a coffee maker Krups: prepare capsules of the best coffee. If you get the bags with cream - will enjoy a cappuccino, a latte. The "Bialetti" there is such a thing? Unknown.

Most want to buy a coffee machine for home requires a minimum of difficulty, maximum automation. In the case of capsules - enough to insert into the subject. If coffee carob - have natolkat powder horn. To fill the drip filter. Hot Spring coffee - the most trouble, at least automation. Great quality at geyser coffee makers, but forgotten in the confusion.

The housing is made of aluminum - so you can forget about Induction cooker. Does that put on the cooking surface of the pan under the coffee machine. Write: buy our dishes - handy! "Bialetti" - a well-known manufacturer of kitchen utensils.

Before buying, make sure the ability to procure parts for the coffee maker. Recommend reading a couple of reviews about our devices the brewing device so as not to look for the coffee machine pump-action... It is better to try the espresso or carob.

Dolce Gusto capsule coffee makers

At the heart of the decision to give the coffee machine for the office is selected capsule. Consumables buy workers. Capsule coffee worth inexpensive, well-known brands. "Dolce Gusto" - a good coffee, perfectly makes coffee, latte, macchiato, cappuccino, tea.

In a world of multiple systems brewing from capsules. First in evolutionary terms - "Nespresso" company "Nestle". Techniques confused: judges do not understand what they drink. "Dolce Gusto" car makes at Krups, which is part of Groupe SEB. Group "SEB" belong "Moulinex", "Roventa", "Tefal".

Dolce Gusto coffee maker small

Dolce Gusto coffee maker small

Knowledge of the roots of the production gives the power to decide the quality of the product. "Dolce Gusto" territorially represents a series of coffee machines, based on the system of the company "Nestle".

The first series of "Dolce Gusto" was published in 2006 - it turns out, the company in the past. One is struck by the simplicity of the official site. Not every movie that explains the operation of coffee makers, visual. After watching the video completely set, created the idea of ​​"Dolce Gusto" devices:

  1. The front panel has two eyes, buttons for water supply. Left blue cold faucet opens, right - hot.
  2. Spout shows the quantity of beverage: each capsule reduced image, helping to make coffee.
  3. Finally, between the eyes stood thermostat. Information provided.

The company is full of original ideas. The model number of Mini Me drink coasters regulated by the height of a cup. The lower - the greater the volume. We do not know whether for espresso, lungo use different packaging, but the idea of ​​the original. The temperature is controlled lever: left povernesh - colder, right - hot.

The use of a simple system becomes possible to write a quick start guides, devoid of explanatory texts. Entirely drawings, anyone knows a way to prepare a beverage varieties.

Brand "Krups", "Nestle" is worth 5000 rubles. But purification system is described in detail. The procedure is performed once every six months, after 400 brewing cycles. "Dolce Gusto" offers to buy the original cleaning agent for 500 rubles. Acceptable use of citric acid, acetic acid.

Tablespoon of purchased funds at "Dolce Gusto" is a half-liter of boiled water. The mixture is poured into the tank - begins buzz around the coffee machine. When container filled with a cleaning agent into place:

  1. You need 5 seconds to hold the power button until the flashing green.
  2. It was time to put the dispenser for a maximum flow of water: maximum drop stand for cups.
  3. Click on the coffee machine the hot water button (do not put the capsule).
  4. After a fixed time will end the process. Toward the end of the power button will blink yourself. It lasts about 2 minutes. Cleaning is completed.
Tea with a compartment for milk

Tea with a compartment for milk

Withdrawing from the coffee machine capacity with the remnants of the detergent, empty. The tank should be washed, fill with clean water, repeat without detergents. We get relatively clean coffee maker ready to work perfectly for a long time.

Dolce Gusto capsule system

Coffeemakers "Dolce Gusto" only look simple! The device creates a pressure of 15 bar. Indirectly hints: inside the boiler. Capsules "Dolce Gusto" able to independently adjust the pressure. According to the manufacturer:

  1. The upper membrane side (note that during the collection of reusable capsules from two used) is pierced by the needle hole.
  2. Hole small syringe easily done inside an injection: the pressure starts to rise.
  3. Meanwhile brewed coffee with steam when the voltage reaches a threshold, the lower valve is activated and penetrates the bedplate.
    Capsular coffee and capsules

    Capsular coffee and capsules

  4. Ready coffee flows through the hole in the glass. The dose is determined by the position of the stand.

Relatively cooking cappuccino-like beverages. According to the instructions, you must first stand priopustit: poured into 200 grams of milk foam. Changing the capsule coffee with milk in, lift stand, adding a further 40 ml. It turns cappuccino.

A simple method is not called. Tea addition vzobet foam. I do not like it - it is recommended to take a straw to blow. Hilarious fun for the office. Looks decent device with two control levers. On a set of images even unknown drinks can be prepared. Recipes are divided into groups with respect to temperature. At the beginning of each series indicated tuning knob between the eyes.

What is good for the office coffee capsule

Coffee Capsule inexpensive - advantage. Go to the Yandex-market: in a segment of up to 5,000 rubles, about three dozen espresso coffee machines. For each call you need to grind coffee in the office - the level of acoustic noise presented - comes the process of compaction. The powder is scattered, dust, sweep brushes, placed in a small horn.

Office coffee machine

Office coffee machine

Drop model is even more difficult. Filters are used. cleaning device should be washed after use or throw away. As an option for the office of the second good if it is not necessary to grind the coffee. Especially useful knowledge when choosing an alternative coffee maker not Dolce Gusto. Models allow to pour into instant coffee - more complex products - coffee machines (more expensive).

You find a special option on Yandex-market - otseit desired options. coffee machines price starts from 10,000 rubles, the other option is not to see. In this case, the soluble coffee powder is poured into a special podatochny custard piston device is pressed against the walls of the chamber. It starts brewing. This is called coffee.

Coffee machine "Nescafe Dolce Gusto" take half the price. Instant coffee a drink from the glass tumbler. To brew is allowed to use the water, boiled a kettle: simple, convenient. The main thing is there is no cost and waste. a technique often used in the office clerks.

On the "Dolce Gusto" 16 capsules at a price of 300 rubles. The day allowed to drink, according to the advice of doctors, one cup. In the month of 21 working days: one and a half packs quite enough. It turns out 450 rubles for 30 days with a margin.

In an experiment, it was interesting to buy a coffee machine "Dolce Gusto". Maybe the employees decide to buy a strainer for coffee makers carob type: houses to form a tablet.

Coffee makers on the electronic market of Russia

Choosing a coffee machine, it is important to see the price. "Dolce Gusto" product immediately put in the official store, and "Mitsubishi", for example, for air conditioners have between Technical characteristics of the recommended sales price in local currency, rubles - this is not commercialism, a tribute to the country, population. Common international practice means: people have a right to know the price recommended by the manufacturer for the sale of products. Let us illustrate this on the living examples of coffee makers.

Electronic geyser coffee

Electronic geyser coffee

Geyser want Italian coffee maker - Keep an eye to the "Bialetti". "Dolce Gusto" coffee machine not in vain mentioned. By accessing "Bialetti" website, you know at once: the product is available from 1919. Prices of geyser coffee makers indicated, but no information on the product, instructions. The buyer rather go to a competitor - the "Dolce Gusto" just right with the information support.

Go to the "Moulinex", we find the best site seller of home appliances in Russia. Excellent - we take only Download for more information on functionality. It turns out, to obtain the required documentation asks the moderator to indicate the reference of the coffee maker. We, the readers of this deeply interesting. The technical staff have worked on the picture show: the reference of read on the back of the coffee maker. But even the coffee maker did not buy!

There are no errors. On other versions of the site "Moulinex" for other languages ​​specified reference. If you take an international version in English - must press the button with the detailed technical specifications. Downstairs contains the reference to the coffee maker. Let's go on an international website, where we take the reference of!

Not so easy. coffee machine code is unique to each country. There will be repeated, but not for Russia. There is no way to know the reference of the coffee maker on the official website of the "Moulinex". Instructions try to download "El Dorado". The inhabitants of the earthly paradise is always a special tab spread the electronic version of the manual. With rare exceptions, objections manufacturer or merchandisers are not transferred to pdf format. Not a fact that will be the reference of shops "Eldorado" before do not care.

Adequately proved itself "Dolce Gusto", the brainchild of "Nestle" and "Krups" - the same host that the "Moulinex". Instructions from the "Dolce Gusto" are laid out in the same section. No need to click on the pictures provided Coffee, inscriptions. Near each model there is a small square in the lower part of the figure - an inconspicuous place tick. At the bottom of the page, a link to the desired document.

Put a check mark. Link to the coffee machine does not need any more - remove the label. At the bottom of the page there is a few instructions. I would like to praise the "Dolce Gusto" - Quick Start Guide for coffee machines are made entirely of pictures. Take, print, hang on the wall. So, we see two difficulties, choosing a good coffee machine:

  1. There is no indication the recommended price.
  2. There is no complete information about the product.

The "Moulinex" is quite voluntary rollers. Colorful, with musical accompaniment. Without semantic load. The "Bosch" laid out instructions: in finding important to enter the correct name. For some goods to eject gotovenkoe remain button is pressed.

Tea by Bosh

Tea Bosh

Relatively Coffee - concern bothered to put a price. The "Bosch" is a chain store coffee machines, not including value-added resellers. "Bosch" proposes to examine the nameplate, samples are available on site. For example, searchers simply moved to the right place, hammered TAS5542EE. Once found a list of instructions for the coffee makers in foreign languages. Choose - RU. Find a way to service the search instructions on the coffee machine is not so simple:

  1. The item card find the Tools menu.
  2. We pass on the sub-instructions.
  3. We seek to label instructions Download page.

A window will appear, hammered the name of the coffee machine, for example, TAS5542EE (capsule model). Download instructions for a number of coffee makers to compare - notice the mistake. Page close, follow the above route again. Normal and 5% of people will face when trying to download instructions for the coffee machine.

What to look for when choosing a coffee maker

In addition to the instructions useful information can be found in the sources:

Bosch Tassimo Coffee

Bosch Tassimo Coffee

  • Advertising maxim dealer placed on the site. It seems useful videos, descriptions, pictures. featured key features coffee makers is difficult to extract from the instruction among the mountains of information. The ability to learn about the "Bosch Tassimo" read bar codes with capsules. Suppose preparing cappuccino. The "Dolce Gusto" you need to take a capsule, read the serving size, the parameters (temperature, pressure). Customize the coffee machine manually. When erroneous parameters beverage considered spoiled. T-drive coffee machine "Bosch" is applicable to the scanner - a device tuned independently. It remains to put the capsule into the bay, wait until the drink is ready. Buy a coffee for the coffee maker, individually, using reusable containers for brewing. Typical capsule expensive.
  • Card catalog of third-party online stores. If you're lucky to find a site for sales of coffee makers, where the moderator even slightly versed in writing - the source becomes a fount of information. Complexity, in fact, in the following sites: the figures are distorted - the authors have not dealt with the minutiae.
  • It means a lot brand. It is necessary to dig a history of the company formation. What kind of coffee, which is produced, who created, as demonstrated on the world market. About the "DSU" heard. The fact that the "Dolce Gusto" is the brainchild of "Nestle" and "Krups", many have learned from the review. Named the firm at the hearing: the coffee machine manufacturers to take relatively safe. Deception with the service is not. I want to take a coffee maker Zelmer, you know - it's too BSH.
Tea for 2 cups of Zelmer

Tea for 2 cups of Zelmer

Note clear classification of "Bosch". As for all pedantry. The heater will not be called water heater, and vice versa. "Bosch shares":

  1. Automatic espresso coffee machines - coffee makers carob. Inside stands a boiler to generate pressure. In terms of Yandex Market called pump-action.
  2. Drip coffee makers use filters: the powder does not flow into the glass.
  3. "Tassimo" are a separate line as a hot beverage machine. "Bosch" emphasizes that you can drink the milk, hot chocolate. "Tassimo" - capsule coffee machine in conventional terms.

We see three clearly defined groups. Names time to time, different from the dominant in Russia. However, other "Bosch" products. The division carried out on key features exactly what not to say about the majority of electronic catalogs.

You need to immediately look for the presence of stores of accessories, spare parts. Conceived to buy a cup for coffee makers - but it was impossible, not for sale. Service Centers - a separate conversation. Result fixes determined by the ability of the master. Find out about the quality of work in advance. Turn in to repair an electric kettle, if you can find an excuse. Valuable way to assess the quality. The result impresses - take technique, repaired here.

How to use the coffee maker

How to use the coffee makerCoffee Makers

The type of coffee maker greatly changes the content of the instruction manual. Therefore, first of all, let us see how to distinguish. We will give recommendations on how to use the coffee maker...

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