Why the dishwasher does not close

Do not close the dishwasher? You loaded the dishes, put the detergent, started closing the door, but it does not fit tightly? Another situation: the lock is not locked and washing does not begin. This means that there was a problem.

We will tell you how to find the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it yourself.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of malfunction of PMM
  • 2How to repair yourself
    • 2.1Lock installation
    • 2.2Seal replacement

Causes of malfunction of PMM

Before you understand the breakdown, disconnect the equipment from the network.

To find out why the door broke, you need to open it and carefully inspect it. Here are the most common reasons:

  • A tight seal is prevented by a rubber band, which is located around the perimeter. Perhaps she was deformed or jumped off the ground.
  • The container for the dishes is not installed correctly, or a large object prevents the closure. Check and install the items correctly.

  • The dishwasher is installed on an uneven surface, which causes the door to skew and does not fit into the fixtures. The installation is checked according to the instructions.
  • The mechanical lock is faulty, the wiring from the lock to the module is broken.

IfThe dishwasher does not lock the doorin the clear, the cause can be in the working mechanism: a spring, a cable, a blocker.

How to repair yourself

If you can not close a new Bosch, Hotpoint Ariston or another machine, contact the service center right away. But if the technique has been in operation for a long time, then start by checking the lock.

Lock installation

Before taking the water, the dishwasher fixes the door not only on the mechanical, but also on the electronic level. A characteristic click indicates that the lock has tripped. The control module blocks the closing, giving the impulse to the lock. Therefore, it is not possible to open the camera during the washing cycle.

The exception is the PMM model with the loading function. When you press the key, the water flow stops and the hopper opens. After loading the appliances, the door is locked again.

Sequence of work:

  • If you notice that the lock is deformed, open the door.
  • Loosen the screws around the perimeter of the front panel.

  • While holding, remove the lid. Behind it you will find a lock and wires leading to it.

  • Memorize or photograph the location of the wiring.
  • Disconnect the wire counters.
  • Remove the two screws at the top that secure the lock.
  • For replacement, you will need a repair kit that you can buy from the store.
  • Replace the new element and attach the wiring.
  • Replace the cover, secure the fasteners.

When the fastening "barbels" of the lock are damaged, they can be repaired by hand.

The file sharpen the sharp edges, which split. Take a plate of tin thickness, mm, width 4 mm. Bend it around the edges and make holes for fastening (as in the photo):

On the sides of the lock, also prepare holes. They must coincide with those on the plate. Attach the plate to the lock with screws. Assemble the mechanism.

Seal replacement

Sealing rubber is replaced simply. The main thing is to choose the right replacement for your PMM model. Let's consider how to do the work on the example of the dishwasher "Ariston

  • Open the hopper door.
  • Remove the seal around the perimeter.
  • Insert a new element in the seat, make sure that it is firmly seated.

  • If the elastic band is too long, cut it with scissors.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the lower seal:

  • Loosen the side screws on the inner panel.
  • Lift the door up to remove the front panel.
  • Pull the bottom basket out of the camera.
  • Use the tweezers to pull out the bottom seal.
  • Install the seal so that its end is in line with the edge of the body.
  • Reassemble the door in reverse order.

There are also problems when the dishwasher door does not open. Look in the instructions for the time for which the lock is unlocked after washing. Perhaps you are too hasty with the opening. After the end of the program, the lock is not unlocked until the water has completely merged from the tank.

If it's been a long time, but the door does not open - it's a malfunction. Maybe the water is not completely removed from the bunker. Sometimes the system displays an error code on the scoreboard that helps the user find the problem faster.

Water remains due to the clogging of the drainage system, the breakdown of the pump.

When the door is not locked in the open position, tighten the adjusting bolts. In different models of machines, they can be on top and side, at the end. So you can adjust the tension of the spring at your discretion.

Check the installation of the dishwasher, follow the instructions and the problems will bypass you. How to properly install a dishwasher, read here. And also watch the video:

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