What pressure does the washing machine need?

It seems there is nothing difficult: he bought a stylalki, hooked it up, loaded the laundry. In fact, it turns out that the automatic washing machine requires an optimal water pressure in the water pipe. Well, if the village has water supply, and what should those who do not have?

Content of the material:

  • 1Indications for installation of AGR
  • 2Way out
    • 2.1Pressure boost pump WILO PB-088 EA
    • 2.2Pump GRUNDFOS UPA 15-90
    • 2.3Gilex Jambo 60/35 P-24
    • 2.4Pumping station Marina Cam 80/22
    • 2.5Convenience of a pump that increases water pressure
  • 3Options for connecting a washing machine without running water

Indications for installation of AGR

Manufacturers of machinery are trying to improve their washing machines, make them more economical. In order to shorten the operating time in modes that require water intake, it is necessary to quickly fill it into the tank. Hence - good pressure is needed in the water supply.

What is the pressure of water for a washing machine? Depends on the programming of the electronic module. One styralka may not start at all, highlighting the DTC on the display. Another SM because of the small head, will significantly reduce the quality of washing, since detergents will be washed off with difficulty. In order not to make an unnecessary purchase, we will understand what pressure is necessary for a washing machine-automatic from different manufacturers.

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  • For ElGe, Electrolux, Daewoo, Zanussi and Samsung cars, the preferred pressure is from the Bar. There are also, Bar - it depends on the settings of the main module.
  • Models of SMA Indesit, Virpul, Beko, AEG, Ariston and Candy require a minimum, Bar. In practice, many of these machines will work with less pressure.
  • Automatic Bosch and Miele stilalki will function normally if the minimum pressure is, Bar. Although the exact readings depend on the particular model.
  • The Atlant washing machine requires a minimum of pressure in the bar, and a record figure for Kuppersbush - the whole, Bar. Depending on the model, the indicator can be reduced to, Bar.

For villagers or the private sector, where there are problems with water supply, the water pressure barely reaches, Bar. That is, it does not even reach the minimum level of water pressure for the washing machine.

Way out

If you have a reduced water pressure, this does not mean that you can not use the equipment. There are two options for you:

  1. Install the pressure boosting pump to pump water into the washing machine.
  2. If there is no plumbing at all - buy a styalka that does not require connection to the central water supply.

Let's consider both options in more detail. Having installed the pump, you will raise the pressure to the desired mark, you will no longer be bothered by problems with pressure.

Pressure boost pump WILO PB-088 EA

The surface pump for the automatic machine is connected to the 220-230 V network. Allows you to get a maximum head of 9 meters. Can be installed horizontally and vertically. When recruiting more than two liters per minute, the device automatically turns on. If you need smaller indicators, select them manually. Working power 70 W, withstands a liquid temperature from 2 ° C to 60 ° C.


The cast iron pump has a so-called "wet" rotor. There is a switch that regulates the modes. Equipped with a flow sensor, so it will not run idle. At a capacity of, m³ / h, the pump pumps up to 8 meters. Creates a pressure of 6 bar, works with a temperature of up to + 60 ° C.

Gilex Jambo 60/35 P-24

Pump station for washing machine. It will help to supply water from the well, well, open reservoir. Also contributes to increasing pressure in the mains networks. The device with a capacity, m³ / h and head up to 35 meters. The pressure switch allows you to switch between automatic and manual mode. Built-in ejector allows a suction depth of 9 meters.

Pumping station Marina Cam 80/22

Provides water supply with a head of 40 m. Promotes increased pressure in the water supply system to 6 bar. With power, kW, its capacity is 60 liters per minute. The shaft and pump housing are made of stainless steel. It operates at a temperature of + 35 ° C.You can choose the device to your taste, taking into account the characteristics. How to connect the pressure boost pump to the water supply, shown in the picture:

Convenience of a pump that increases water pressure

After connecting the pump there is another question: how do you know when it's time to pour water into the styralka? In normal mode, the module gives a signal to the input valve, it opens and floods the water. But if you turn on the pump when the valve is closed, it will lead to an emergency. In order to supply water to the washing machine it became more convenient, there is such a method:

  • It is necessary to get to the intake valve. To do this, unscrew the two screws at the back, remove the top cover.
  • At the top of the wall is a valve.
  • To each valve lead on two wires to which terminals are connected. Then, two wires are connected to the terminals, which must be output outside the enclosure.

  • These two wires (A and B) are connected to the current source according to the following scheme:

  • At the output, a relay is installed, the contacts of which are connected to the pump. It turns out a kind of automatic water pressure for the pump.

Now the valves and the pump are connected: when the styralka signals the water, the relay will go off and the pump will turn on. Without supplying voltage to the valve, water injection stops. You can create a similar bundle yourself. Then do not have to watch for hours at the machine, controlling the water intake.

Options for connecting a washing machine without running water

If there is no running water, then neither the pump nor the high-pressure hose for the washing machine will help. The output is the purchase of a car with a tank. Produces such models TM Gorenje.

Such machines do not require connection to the water supply. A special tank of different volume is connected to their hull. It is manually poured water, after which the washing is performed as in a conventional machine-automaton.

Stand-alone models have a built-in pressure pump. Thanks to it, the water pressure effectively removes detergents in the cuvette, so the quality of washing is high. Depending on the chosen volume of the water tank, there is enough for 2-6 washings. The range of such washing machines is not too wide, but you can choose interesting and ergonomic options. Of course, the price category of such SMA is slightly higher than that of conventional ones - this must be taken into account.

Attention! The owners of such machines complain about a significant drawback: because of the narrow neck, the tank is uncomfortable to wash. But this is completely compensated by the fact that without a water pipe you can completely clean things up.

The purchase of an autonomous machine is an excellent way out. Now you know how to create water pressure in the stylalk, so you can safely go for a purchase.

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