How to wash conversions in a washing machine

The history of Converse sneakers dates back to 1908, people from all over the world know and love this brand. These sneakers have become a real legend and symbol of America, and their particular difference is convenience, quality and inimitable design. To preserve their appeal, it is necessary to wash these shoes periodically. Those who have an automatic washing machine at home will probably want to return the original look to the converse by sending shoes to the drum of equipment. If you are going to wash the conversions in a washing machine, this is a great alternative to hand washing. Machine wash quickly clean your favorite shoes, the main thing - to comply with the technology.

Material content:

  • 1 Choosing a method of washing
  • 2 Preparatory procedures
  • 3 Hand washing
  • 4 Washing in a machine
  • 5 Additional recommendations

Choosing a method of washing

Not all shoes can be sent to the drum - it can be damaged. But sneakers-conversions can be washed in a typewriter. In addition to the automatic washing, there are two more options used to remove dirt:

  • Manual cleaning with a cloth and a brush.
  • Handwash.

It is recommended to clean shoes only if it is not very dirty. To do this, use a cloth moistened with a solution of ammonia or detergent for dishes. Heavy contamination from a Converse shoe requires hand or machine washing. The owners of fashionable shoes argue on the forums, how best to wash them. There are several arguments in favor of washing in the AGR:

  1. Sneakers will last longer if you erase them correctly.
  2. Save time.
  3. High-quality removal of dirt and stains.

Machine washable is better than manual mode only if all rules are followed. At the same time you need to clearly know how to properly wash shoes. Before washing, you must prepare shoes, pick up a high-quality laundry detergent, choose the appropriate mode.

Preparatory procedures

Preparation of Сonverse sneakers for washing is reduced to the following steps:

  1. Be sure to clean the sole if it has dirt and dust, grass tufts. If this is not done, the sneakers will not be washed away, and dirt may put the machine out of action by clogging the drain filter.
  2. Remove the laces. If left, they will be painted and will be unsuitable for wearing. Wash it separately during the next wash or by hand.
  3. Buy a special case. Erase conversions in it, otherwise ruin your shoes. Also, washing without pouch can damage the drum. An old pillow case can act as a bag if you don’t have one.


Not sure how to wash conversions by hand? Take time and patience. In order not to wash over the sneakers and not to throw them out after the first unsuccessful attempt, follow the instructions:

  1. Take out the insoles and laces.
  2. Clean the sole with a brush, removing pieces of dirt and pebbles.
  3. Shake out the dust.
  4. To get rid of large pieces of dirt, wash them with running cold water.
  5. Fill the basin with warm 40-degree water, add detergent.
  6. Dip your shoes completely and leave for an hour and a half. If the water darkens quickly, replace it.
  7. With a long soak you can get a good effect, but use a brush to fix the result.
  8. Scrub the sole and shoe fabric thoroughly.
  9. Rinse your shoes until the soap solution is washed off.
  10. Leave the sneakers in the pelvis, wait until all the water has drained. Do not wring or blow dry.

Important! Dry Converse sneakers only in a ventilated area. Prohibited additional means of heating. For quick absorption of moisture inside put a crumpled white paper.

Washing in a typewriter

Washing conversions in a typewriter is allowed only if the shoes are really quality. Cheap fakes can be unstuck.

Important! Do not wash in SMA sneakers with metal decorations! During the wash they can fall off and scratch the drum.


  1. Remove the insoles and laces.
  2. Remove dirt from the sole.
  3. Leave the sneakers in cool water for a few minutes.
  4. Scrub the sole with a brush.
  5. Use a cover for washing.
  6. Do not forget about the powder or washing gel.
  7. Set the mode for delicate washing, if the machine does not have a special program for shoes.
  8. Temperature - maximum 40 degrees. Spin speed - 600 rpm.
  9. Dry only in a room with excellent ventilation. Do not use heaters.

Additional Recommendations

In order for white converters to become like new, use the tips:

  • Do not use soap or chlorine substances. Bleach - only for emergency cases. It is best to wash the conversions with high quality washing powder.
  • If there are spots on the shoes, try removing them with vinegar and baking soda in an equal proportion. Take a toothbrush and put it gruel, rub it into spots.
  • Whiteness, toothpaste, lemon, alcohol or petroleum jelly will help make the sole of the snow-white. Use these tools separately, so as not to spoil the fabric.

Important! Men often face the problem of unpleasant smell from shoes. The "aroma" of sweat can be removed using deodorants for shoes or feet. A simpler option is ordinary soda: put it in sneakers for the night, and in the morning your shoes will smell much better.

Now you know how to wash conversions in a washing machine and with your hands. Save the article in the bookmarks, because you may need our instructions more than once. The washing process should not cause you any difficulty. We found the best videos from well-known bloggers, which clearly showed how to wash conversions in all available ways. Enjoy:

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