Error codes for the Liebherr refrigerator: table

Errors of the refrigerator Liebher can be deciphered in the instructions or in our article. This knowledge will help you to detect a breakdown.

The Liebher refrigerating equipment is known for its modern design and interesting technologies. High cost does not stop connoisseurs of quality before buying. The electronic system is equipped with self-diagnostics. If one of the nodes fails, the system displays a fault code.

Error codes for Liebherr refrigerators

Techniques can break down for various reasons. If you follow the operating instructions and installation rules, then it will last for many years. And if the display shows an error, do not worry - we will indicate their values ​​in the table below.

Before you start looking for a breakdown, you need to make sure that this is not a crash in the system. To do this, unplug the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. After that, look at the display. If the values ​​are again displayed, start troubleshooting.

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Error code What does How to fix the breakdown yourself
F0 In the zone "Biofresh" the sensor does not work. Inspected wiring and contacts. The sensor itself is checked for operability. If there is a malfunction, a replacement is made.
F1 The sensor, which is responsible for measuring the temperature in the refrigerator compartment, does not work. At the same time, the temperature in the chamber may increase or decrease unregulated. Inspect the parts and replace.
F2 / F4 The evaporator of the freezer compartment is not functioning correctly. The control board receives incorrect signals. Therefore, the freezer can freeze or, conversely, not freeze. Need to diagnose and install a serviceable part.
F3 The air sensor in the freezer compartment is out of order. Check the tightness of the connection, tighten the contacts. Burned elements are replaced.
F5 The electronic module does not work correctly or does not work at all. The module is pinged by the multimeter. Performing repairs - it is better to invite a specialist.
F6 Compressor connection circuit is broken. Inspection of the chain, the identification of a broken link, repair.
F7 The refrigerator is in the test mode. Nothing terrible happened. The test mode is started to test the operation of the equipment.

If you notice a trouble code on the display or an unusual operation of the refrigerator, contact the service center. What should alert:

  • Elevated temperature in the chamber.
  • Ice and snow on the walls.
  • Non-stop operation of the compressor.

It is better to turn off and defrost the equipment, and then to diagnose the problem.

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