Review of the Italian extracts

Talk about a manufacturer of kitchen range hoods.

Manufacturers of kitchen hoods

Italian quality kitchen hoods Faber

There is a perception that foreign cars better. Subject controversial. The market of used cars, filled up the United Kingdom, consists of products that are of European laws already on its last legs breathe. This also applies to kitchen range hoods. It is not surprising then, that manufacturers, newcomers want to appear come from European lands.

For example, the firm Faber stresses Italian origin kitchen hoods. But in 60 years of existence it does not deserve serious discussion of the Wikipedia. An article on 9 lines, where no source confirmed for almost 60 years (since 1958, according to Vicki) diligent release of kitchen hoods.

Stylish kitchen with Faber SPA

Stylish kitchen with Faber SPA

The official website of Faber SPA shows the history: since 1955, it is seen as the area gradually spread around the globe. Cooker hoods grabbed:

  • West Europe;
  • Turkey;
  • India;
  • Canada;
  • USA;
  • China and other territories.

For the authors of this policy many uncertainties. Get at least a promotional video, which speaks about the annual output of 3 million. extracts and gross sales of 250 million. Euro.

It turns out that the product is the price of 3500 rubles, and yet the cost of some models surpasses 10,000. For comparison, in the range of 12 brand names are below 5,000 rubles and 349 (according to the catalog Yandex) for this limit is rolled over. And Faber is positioned as a manufacturer of super-cheap goods.

Faber technology

With such inconsistencies smoothly turn to the know-how prying Faber technologies.

quiet hood

quiet hood

  1. Firstly, it promises low noise level. Automatic Silk Act promises to reduce the acoustic vibrations at 13 dBA. This is a serious figure. A sensor detects engine sound and generates acoustic oscillations in antiphase. Due to wave interference attenuation effect is achieved. According to the manufacturer, turning off Silk Act in cooker hoods, exhaust noise is easy to understand without any means to suppress. We recommend watching the product passport, found a worthy level below 45 dB. This procedure closed room apartment in the metropolis, extractor hood in this case will not interfere. Note that other manufacturers noise up to 75 dB - volume included a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Brushless motor ensures changing speed, by switching the winding poles. The ad said that due to the adaptation is achieved by reducing energy consumption. The need for a complex electronic unit must be noted. In reality, the technology is close to the inverter control, familiar on the topic of refrigerators and microwave ovens. Note: the motor rotor speed depends - roughly speaking - of pulse repetition frequency generated electronic stuffing.
    Extract with diode illumination

    Extract with diode illumination

  3. To conserve power applied to illumination diodes. Note that the work within a month chandelier three light bulbs will cost 400 rubles. Moreover, around the clock, with a capacity of 180 watts in total. LEDs as we know, enough USB to 3 watts. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not tell about the instruments in terms of specific figures, savings is difficult to calculate. A typical simple extractor hood has a backlight power of 40 watts and are preparing is not always in the light.
  4. Faber promises excellent filtration. Due cylinder structure further reduces the volume of work by 3 dB. It is really for the cooker hood. The video does not describe the type of filter, but indicate that the wash accessory possible in the machine. Therefore, it is the first known filter, trapping odors, renewable yourself. In other cases, every six months (depending on frequency of use) to buy a new one, resulting in the substantial sum. It is strange that Faber is not recorded in the virtues of such a significant savings. According to the manufacturer, 95% of the odor trap cooker hoods when working on recycling.
    Stylish hood

    Stylish hood

  5. Faber due attention paid to safety. In addition to the traditional protection of children cooker hoods monitor the presence of fire, flood the food with water if necessary (or a special compound - not mentioned in the advertisement). The fire did not spread. Additionally cooker hoods are included at higher temperatures. Monitor independently the inclusion of the hob. Of course, you can manually start the extraction function. Rollers curious, posted on the official website of the company.

We can not specify which drawing is better to buy, but take a good Bosch for 25,000 rubles. The main thing - the European assembly, many complaints to the Turkish products. Although Bosch assembly line can withstand the high level of quality. Evaluate the accuracy of the facts, the brand famous. Those who wish to buy the hood Pyramid is useful to know that some products are going to Ukraine. Initially, according to the legend of the German firm, in practice, people say that the service, to put it mildly, lame.

Compare with Indesit, Ardo, Bosch and understand that dubious producer may buy the hood inexpensive, but not a top model.

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