At what height to set the hood

On the hood is a user manual and installation, which gives details on the installation rules, use the service. The figure shows how high to hang the hood, how to attach to the wall. Information is useless for a trivial reason: gas riser passes in front of the plate, not allowing to hang the equipment appropriately.

Example of installation of kitchen hoods Instructions

Consider the first instruction of caught my eye. The device is called LC958WA60. Produced by Siemens. Aggregate capacity of 820 cubic meters surpass the abilities of emerging needs of tenants of apartment buildings. Standards prescribe refresh the air in the kitchen 10 times per hour. With an area of ​​12 square meters and a height of 2.5 meters to receive the necessary capacity of 300 cubic meters per hour. Parameter equipment exceeds the need for more than 2 times.

Leave haste. Theorists believed that duct 90 degree turn reduces the productivity by 10%. Installation is recommended to lead corrugation without sharp bends. However, as described stylish hoods corrugations become defective option if you do not apply the false ceiling above which make installation.

Location of exhaust hose

Kitchen hood LC958WA60 height is 65 cm, 9 cm and falls on pyramidal umbrella. Above is a wardrobe, and telescopic. The upper segment is installed in a special way when the system does not work on recycling. Settles, overlapping grate slotted sidewall in the lower section cabinet hoods. To insert it results in a 13 cm into the ground. The height above the bottom of the top section is not less than 45 cm. Installation involves circular ducts, which is a typical solution.

The manual describes how a height of cooker hoods maintained:

  1. For an electric cooker - 55 cm.
  2. For gas hob - 65 cm.

This is slightly below the average by 5 cm. Not difficult to guess that over the gas stove kept a greater distance from the strong hot convection currents. Just spoil the equipment if the hood installation height less than that specified. Remove from pans umbrella over a considerable distance is not recommended in the latter case, the vast majority of fats and aromas pass by the portal and left the kitchen.

Included is a pair of filters, the traditional:

  • grease;
  • carbonic.

The height of the hood above the stove

The first is struggling with fat, the second deals with smells. Set in such a manner that the air first passes through the grease filter. The product is washed when dirty. Then again, the unit is used as a part of the kitchen hood. Failure to comply with the rules degrade the performance of equipment, resulting in a fire.

The charcoal filter is located behind the grease and can not be restored. It should be changed every six months. Formed work accessory on charcoal. Even with the abduction of air to the outside through the ventilation system filters all means necessary. Otherwise soon ducts become an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and germs, followed by unpleasant odors.

Mounting options for kitchen hood LC958WA60

It is interesting that the designers did not offer to lay ducts. In conjunction with the withdrawal of cooking food using the check valves as necessary. This mechanism is not let off draw the kitchen air masses from the ventilation shaft (either from the outside).

Option 1

Determine the hood hanging height, holes are punched out. The aperture is circular in shape corresponding to the upper exit section of the cabinet for kitchen hoods.

It means the private cottage, leaky walls, as we want. As a result obretom only turn the exhaust tract, which reduces productivity by 10%. When equipment does not work in cold climates, the air from behind the wall immediately rush inside. Option seems suitable for warm climates or kitchens of restaurants.

In the latter case we equip steel manhole outside, close after the working day.

option 2

The second option is less productive and radical, but it is safe. Hammer away at the wall is necessary, but it is understood that in mezhdustenke passes vertical path of the ventilation system. Punches a hole to path and get two bends (in the mind). As a result, we lose 20% capacity.

In winter, the cold air will not go into the room. Unfortunately, the vertical path of the ventilation system is not always pass through the wall.

The distance to the plate by drawing

option 3

Please note that for the previous installation options need telescopic cabinet for kitchen hood. We will try to withdraw combustion products through a circular duct up.

Allowed to spend the corrugations of artificial decor of drywall or apply tight ducts. In the latter case, expected a bunch of turns that reduce productivity. The inner surface of the corrugation ridge. She deposited dust and grease. In addition, large air resistance is formed. The ducts of the corrugation is recommended to use in the expanded form, it is not always possible.

Fixing is carried out by special clamps. It is better if there is a model with a non-return valve. Such a construction enables to simultaneously connect to a vent outlet in the kitchen hoods and does not prevent ventilation.

option 4

The manufacturer has provided all. If a telescopic rack is not needed. For example, do not fit in the harness section of the furniture, which together put the hood, while the telescopic rack is not used. Two options:

  • a duct diameter of 150 mm (standard);
  • 120 mm diameter duct.

A distance between the cooking plate and extractor

The installation height of the cooker hood the same, but now the ducts attached to the body. If necessary, use an adapter made of plastic. Guidance beauty rests on the shoulders of the owner kitchen hood.

Installation duct type selects owner.

option 5

The latter option regards installation work on recycling. At what height to set the hood already know, left to attach to the body of a telescopic rack so that reached to the ceiling and to make sure that the special outlet grille on the bottom section was not blocked.

Be sure to check the filters. If the previous embodiments cost pipe for discharge of the combustion products is now extractor hood products would start to throw back the kitchen will not be cleaned.

Good enough to keep the filters clean.


We hope that given the reader an idea of ​​the altitude set hood. In the absence of instructions, are present sample rates that are better not to disturb.

Carefully study the installation instructions. The dimensions of the equipment, including the height of the hood, are different, the choice was made based on size and installation options.

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