Which bread bin is better to choose?

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Bread is a staple in any home. A good housewife tries to delight the family every day with soft, aromatic pastries. However, without observing the storage conditions, bakery products quickly deteriorate, becoming stale, becoming moldy. To extend the shelf life, you need to store it in a quality, safe container. How to choose a bread bin that will last a long time, ensure the freshness of the bread, and be hassle-free in maintenance? The advice is simple: examine the merits and demerits of the various models.

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Forms and purpose of the bread bin

There are many requirements for modern boxes for storing bread. The container should be compact and not take up a lot of workspace. It would be nice to have more space to store the required supply of bakery products. The product should be undemanding in care, not deteriorate from cleaning agents. It should fit into the style of the kitchen, become a decoration of the room. Therefore, before choosing, study the advantages of different options in order to determine which bread bin is best for storing bread.

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Two in one: storage and slicing

An innovative solution - a product that combines storage and a cutting board for slicing bread. Manufacturers have presented many models in which a wooden board is successfully adjacent to a plastic, metal, glass case. The best place for storing baked goods is a bread bin, in which the board extends parallel to the table. But there are also more compact, non-telescopic options.

Bread box Maestro MR 1670S

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Table basket

Products in the form of baskets are not a very good idea for the preservation of baked goods, except for products in their original packaging. The basket is conceived as a serving item, where bread sliced ​​for lunch is laid out. However, some housewives fell in love with wicker baskets for short-term storage in the conditions of a personal plot, dacha. In this case, it is necessary to additionally pack the bakery products in fabric bags or cover with a clean napkin.

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Bread boxes with separate compartments

How to store bread in a bread bin to keep the product fresh and flavorful? Manufacturers recommend keeping different varieties separate. Containers, which provide for the division of space into several departments, have become in demand in large families, with different tastes of family members. Despite the fact that the "two-story" bread bins look very massive, they do not take up much space in width, ensuring long-term preservation of baked goods made from rye, wheat, and bran.

Bread box with two compartments

How to determine the size and shape

Today you can find containers of different sizes on sale. There are miniature, designed for a small family, daily replenishment of grain stock. Small storages are great for small kitchens.

There are also huge bread bins that can hold not only loaves, but also various buns. Spacious products are in demand in large families or in the absence of an opportunity to buy bread every day. Bulky drawers look solid in spacious kitchens, but they look bulky in small apartments.

An important question that needs to be resolved before purchasing a bread bin is its shape. Manufacturers produce round, oval, quadrangular models. The main requirement for the shape is compliance with the design and dimensions of the kitchen.

  • A round container requires a lot of free space, taking up maximum space on the work surface. However, the product of this shape was appreciated by lovers of lavash and loaf.
  • The oval bread bin is sleeker and more elegant. She brings softness, smooth lines to the interior. This is a good solution for oval loaves.
  • The rectangular drawer can be called a classic. These traditional products look good in kitchens of all sizes and do not require a lot of installation space. They are suitable for most types of bread, with the exception of huge round loaves.
  • The square bread bin looks unusual. The lid of such a container opens upwards, which is a good way to save space on the desktop.

Vacuum device

Vacuum containers extend the shelf life of any bakery product. Extraction of air by means of a pump or mechanically creates optimal conditions for extending the baking period. The vacuum is just a godsend for those people who live far from settlements, replenish food supplies several times a month.

Vacuum Bread Storage Device

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Materials (edit)

The bread box owes its invention to the shortage of cereals that arose, when it became necessary to preserve the baked pastry as long as possible. The first packaging was canvas bags. In Kievan Rus, wicker baskets made of birch bark were traditionally used. They did their job well until stronger wooden chests were created. Technological advances in the last century provided a wide choice: housewives could choose easy-care metal containers (previously very expensive) or inexpensive plastic.

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Today, a huge assortment of various materials often confuses buyers - which bread bin is better to choose? Each product has its own merits and demerits. However, the main thing is the material from which it is made.


Wooden containers are ideal for storing perishable products. A sufficient volume of air enters the inner space of wooden products. Thanks to good circulation of air masses, baked goods do not grow moldy or stale for a long time. Bakery products remain fresh and soft, retaining their quality for 3-5 days. Wood is a natural natural material. The noble texture of the bread bin will become a highlight in the interior of a country or Provence, creating coziness.

However, the structure of wood has one unpleasant ability - to quickly absorb odors. Wooden products require delicate and gentle care: they "do not tolerate" aggressive household chemicals. Such a bread bin should be wiped daily with a slightly moistened soft cloth, wiped dry with a cotton cloth. Another property that shortens the life of the tree is the rapid absorption of moisture. High air humidity, ingress of water droplets significantly shortens the life of the bread bin. And the surface can only be processed outside, but not inside.

When buying a bread bin, pay attention to the quality of the wood: the material must be resistant to mechanical stress. Products made of oak, linden, cedar and bamboo have proven themselves well. But no one uses conifers because of the specific smell of resins.

Wooden bread bin

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A popular and inexpensive product is plastic bread bins. They are popular due to their ease of maintenance: most household cleaning products can easily remove dirt from the surface. Today on sale there is a wide selection of plastic containers of various shapes and colors. Thanks to this, you can choose an attribute that will be in harmony with the entire interior.

Since plastic is a thin and fragile material, you should be careful when handling such a bread bin. Falling can instantly lead to scratches, chips, cracks.

You also need to be very careful about the quality of the plastic product. Typically, a cheap Chinese product can be made from low quality synthetic raw materials rather than food grade plastic. Storing baked goods in such containers is fraught with serious health problems. Therefore, if an unpleasant odor emanates from the plastic container or the manufacturer's reputation is questioned, the purchase should definitely be abandoned.

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From birch bark and bamboo

Birch bark and bamboo products are distinguished by their original look, becoming an adornment for kitchens of different styles. Their important advantage is excellent performance. They do not break, do not break, do not corrode, and retain a good appearance for a long time.

Bamboo is a natural material that, when properly processed and fitted, ensures a nearly perfect container tightness. This allows bread and rolls to remain fresh and appetizing for a long time. At the same time, birch bark does not impede the penetration of air into the interior space, which leads to the rapid hardening of products. Lack of birch bark and bamboo products - special methods of washing, insufficient moisture resistance, fragility with improper care.

Wicker bamboo bread bin

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Stainless steel

Stylish, shining, cleanliness, steel products are attractive to fans of industrial style (loft, minimalism). A large number of kitchen utensils, including bread bins, are made from steel. This material does not absorb odors, is resistant to moisture, temperature changes, mechanical stress. Such a bread bin will not break, will not bend.

The stainless steel container is easy to clean with special metal care products. An important plus: stainless steel is a material that is safe for health, it does not emit toxic compounds. On a metal surface, pathogens do not remain viable for a long time. Therefore, with daily care of the bread bin, the food inside it will not become chapped or moldy.

However, there is a drawback: the slightest scratches, traces of touch, dirt are clearly visible on the glossy surface. Metallic matte models do not have this flaw. One more detail: the metal does not allow air to pass through, therefore the product must be equipped with ventilation holes. The disadvantages of metal containers include their large weight, relative to other bread bins. However, the heavier the container, the more stable it is.

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Such a bread bin is made from various tree crops: birch bark, vines, willow. There are more exotic options on sale, for example, from seaweed.

Wickerwork looks very cute and is appropriate in a rustic interior style. However, they are short-lived and have problems with care. If the hostess does not consider another option, like wicker, in her kitchen, it is better to choose products from the vine. This material is relatively resistant to impact, suitable for the production of stylish bread boxes in the kitchen.

wicker basket photo


Ceramics and porcelain are rightfully called the most elegant, respectable items of all kitchen utensils. Hand-painted products will adorn any home, emphasizing the exquisite taste and status of the owner.

Ceramics has advantages, one of which is the absence of unpleasant odors. With daily washing in the ceramic bread bin, pathogenic microorganisms will not multiply. An important plus is ease of care, the ability to use improvised means for cleaning - laundry soap, vinegar, soda. Lack of ceramic products: fragility, the need for careful storage, the inability to restore the broken one.

Ceramic bread bin


She is loved by housewives who pay close attention to cleanliness and order. Glass containers are modern, original. They do not visually “eat up” the kitchen space. The plus of such a bread bin is the environmental safety of the material. Glass products require frequent cleaning of dirt, but they are not picky about detergents. The disadvantage of products made of ordinary, non-tempered glass is fragility, fragility. And hardened is much more expensive.


The combination of a variety of materials is a popular trend today. On store shelves, you can find a variety of combinations, for example, made of wood and steel, which creates optimal conditions for storing baked goods. However, one must take into account: by purchasing a combined container, the hostess will face the disadvantages of both materials. In our case, this is the whimsical nature of the tree to care and the exactingness of the metal to the ideal state of surfaces. Another flaw is the difficulty in finding cleaning agents that are suitable for both materials.

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How not to be mistaken with a choice

Nowadays, you can buy a bread bin in the economic departments of hypermarkets, in markets, on Internet sites, by placing an order with receipt at the post office. Before the purchase:

  • Inspect the item carefully. Make sure that it is intact, not damaged, there are no chips, cracks, scratches.
  • Smell it. No unpleasant odors should be emitted.
  • Feel the product. The surface must be smooth, without roughness (except for wicker products).
  • Check how the lid rises, the cutting board slides out. These actions should take place without the application of any effort, squeak or noise.
  • Choose a product from trusted companies, carefully studying reviews, supplier ratings.

It is not recommended to use a new container immediately after purchase. You should carefully read the manufacturer's instructions, which indicate what needs to be done with the product. For example, it is advisable to wash plastic containers with soapy water, rinse with clean water, and wipe dry. A product made of wood requires ventilation during the day.

Storing bread in a bread bin

Long-term storage tips 

Any product requires adherence to the rules of operation and storage, regular washing and cleaning. Therefore, when choosing the material from which the breadbox is made, think: will the care process be convenient for you, will it be able to withstand the existing operating conditions? Study the instructions and follow them strictly.

Determine the place in the kitchen set in advance. This should be an area away from the gas stove, sink, heaters and radiators, protected from direct sunlight.

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