F21 error in Bosch washing machine

When the Bosch washing machine starts, the drum does not rotate, the display shows F21. Let's look at what this means.

Also, the drum can stop in the middle of washing.

Electromechanical models of CM BOSCH produce an error by flashing the luminous bulbs (1000-800, 800-600) and rinsing.

Note! Error code F21 for the Bosch washing machine is critical. We must immediately de-energize the machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1What does the error mean: an independent solution to the problem
  • 2Search and repair of breakage
    • 2.1Drive belt
    • 2.2Control block
    • 2.3Carbon brushes
    • 2.4The failure of the engine (motor)
    • 2.5Foreign object
    • 2.6Bearing Fault

What does the error mean: an independent solution to the problem

Before troubleshooting, do the following:

  1. If the washing does not finish, interrupt the program.
  2. De-energize the Stiralk.
  3. Drain the water manually.
  4. Remove the laundry and wipe the drum.

Now look in the operating instructions for Bosch stirrers. Perhaps you have overloaded the tank with linen, so you can not remove the error, and the drum does not spin.

How to fix the situation: load less laundry, try again to start washing. If everything works and the F21 error was reset in the Bosch stalk, the problem is solved.

Search and repair of breakage

In order for the fault code to no longer light up, it is necessary to find a fault. Note whether the drum rotates by hand.

If the drum does not spin while washing, but rotates by hand, check the details:

Drive belt

The belt drives the drum, transmitting the engine speed. If it is weakened or worn out, the transmission will be disrupted. If the belt burst or slept from the pulley, then there will be no rotation at all.

What do we have to do:

  • Disconnect the Bosch machine from the network.
  • Remove the back of the stylus by unscrewing the bolts.
  • Check the condition of the belt. If necessary, replace.
  • Find the right drive for the model of your Bosch washing machine.
  • Slide the belt first onto the small pulley, then onto the large pulley, rotating it to fit tightly.

If these actions did not help to fix the error, read on.

Control block

When the bug of the washing machine Bosch burns an error F 21, the cause may be failure of the electronics. The controller does not send a signal to start washing.

You need to get hold of the control module, check all connections and board elements. If necessary, swap the unit.

Carbon brushes

If the carbon brushes of the engine wear out, the rotor will not rotate. To check and replace the brushes will have to get the engine.

The failure of the engine (motor)

To determine exactly where the failure occurred, the engine must be checked carefully. After all, the cause may be an open circuit, a short circuit of the winding, a breakdown of the vehicle.

If a malfunction of the motor is proven, a new element must be installed. Perhaps this will help fix error code 21 from the Bosch washing machine.

If the drum is jammed and it does not turn around, then continue checking.

Foreign object

It happens that there is a small object between the tank and the drum that interferes with normal operation and causes error F21: coins, buttons, bones of bras and other details of clothing that fall into the slot at washing.

It is important to immediately get the object, otherwise it can damage the tank, which will lead to water leakage and expensive repairs. How to do it:

  • Disconnect the Bosch sturalko from the network.
  • Pull back the cuff.
  • You may notice a foreign object and you will be able to remove it.
  • For further searching, remove the front panel of the machine.
  • At the bottom, remove the heating element (TEN). It happens that the cloth clings to his pipe, then you have to remove it.
  • If there is nothing, light the flashlight into the TEN opening and remove the object.
  • Everything is clear? Then put the Bosch SM on its side.
  • From below you will see a branch pipe. Loosen the clamp and disconnect the pipe.
  • The opened hole will allow you to look into the tank and check everything. The video will help you:

Bearing Fault

If the bearing is worn, you will hear a noise and hum while the SM is operating. It is not easy to change the bearing, but you can try:

  1. De-energize the machine, turn off the communication.
  2. Remove the top panel.
  3. Pull out the dispenser for the powder by pressing the lock in the middle.
  4. Remove the screws securing the control panel, and remove it.
  5. Remove the bottom panel, unscrew the screws holding the front panel of the stylus.
  6. Now you need to remove the manhole cuff. To do this, remove the metal clip using a screwdriver. To access the clamp, pull the cuff.
  7. Unscrew the two bolts securing the UBL (lock hatch).
  8. Unbolt the cuff and pull out the lock, then remove the entire panel.
  9. Remove the dispensing tray and remove the counterweights.
  10. Remove the heater, then the drainage pipe.
  11. Remove the engine and the pressure chamber.
  12. Remove the tank from the springs and lay it on the surface.
  13. Remove the cuff from the door and turn the tank over.
  14. With the pulley removed, you will reach the bearing.

Now you can perform a replacement.

In the disassembly of the washing machine Bosch and the replacement of the bearing will help you video:

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