I30 error in Electrolux dishwasher

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Error in the dishwasher Electrolux I30? Do not worry, the trouble code will help you quickly find the cause of the breakdown. Decoding error 30 sounds like this: the overfill protection has tripped.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and symptoms of a malfunction
  • 2How to fix I30 error
    • 2.1Drainage system
    • 2.2Suction Valve

Causes and symptoms of a malfunction

Quite a dry definition of breakage you will find in the instructions for the dishwasher "Electrolux". But how to understand where to look for the problem?

For which reasons, the MMP can show the error code I30:

  1. A leak has occurred (hose connections or tank tightness).
  2. The drainage filter or drainage system (sewerage) is blocked.
  3. Problems with the drain pump.
  4. The inlet valve is defective or clogged.

How to determine the breakdown yourself? I'll have to check all the details in turn.

How to fix I30 error

Try resetting the code by rebooting the machine:

  • Remove the plug from the socket;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • restart the MMP.

If the icon no longer lights up on the screen, then it's a normal system failure. But if it lights up again, then check it.

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All Electrolux dishwashers are equipped with a pallet. At the bottom is a float sensor, which works when leaking. Your task is to check if there is water in the pan.

How to fix the situation and drain the water:

  1. Place the container, tilt the dishwasher and drain.
  2. Dry the remaining moisture.
  3. Remove the top cover.
  4. Unscrew the screws around the perimeter and remove the side panels.
  5. Turn on the machine.

While there is a set of water, you can check in which part the leak occurred and fix the problem.

Drainage system

If the pallet is dry, then you need to look for another reason. Check the drain and the drain:

  1. Disconnect the drain hose, check for clog. You can clean it under the pressure of water.
  2. Open the mixer tap to full capacity.
  3. Look how quickly the water goes into the sewer. If the passage is clogged, use special cleaning agents.

In 27% of cases code I30 appears due to a clogged drainage filter. Therefore, it is recommended to clean twice a month.

Open the hopper door and unscrew the filter, and then mesh after it. Then inspect the impeller pump. To do this, unscrew and remove the cover (located immediately behind the filter). Then remove the debris from the impeller.

The pump and the branch pipes are also checked. You can perform the inspection by removing the pallet and taking the car apart. More details you can read in the article "How to replace the pump in the dishwasher".

In case of malfunction, the drain pump can not be repaired. Need a complete replacement.

Suction Valve

The fault code I 30 in the Electrolux PMM may appear with a broken water intake valve. The electrical part (contacts, wiring) or mechanical failure may break down. The control module sends a signal to the valve, the membrane opens and water starts to dial. Then the membrane closes and water stops flowing.

The valve contacts are called by a multimeter. If there are breakages in the electrical or mechanical part, then the part must be replaced.

Now you know what to do if the dishwasher "Electrolux" gives an error I30. Carry out inspection and cleaning of the equipment at least once a month, then such problems will not disturb you.

What to do if other codes appear on the display, read in a separate article.

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