Overview of Elettrobar dishwashers: characteristics

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Elettrobar dishwashers are manufactured in Italy. Equipped with new technologies to conserve resources and protect the environment, the quality of products complies with ISO 900: 008. The company immodestly declares: "We are not just producers of dishwashers, we are the creators of advantages."

Content of the material:

  • 1Dishwashers Elettrobar
    • 1.1About company
  • 2Review of the best Elettrobar dishwashers
    • 2.1Glass-Washing Machines
      • 2.1.1Ocean 340
      • 2.1.2Fast 150
    • 2.2Dishwashers
      • 2.2.1Niagara 361
      • 2.2.2Ocean 360DP
    • 2.3Dishwashers
      • 2.3.1River 382 NRG
      • 2.3.2Niagara 381 L
    • 2.4Conveyor PMM
      • 2.4.1Niagara 2150
      • 2.4.2Niagara 2156
    • 2.5Boiler washing machines
      • 2.5.1Niagara 291
      • 2.5.2River 298

Dishwashers Elettrobar

This is a professional equipment for restaurants, cafes, canteens, bars and other catering establishments. There are several types - by purpose and installation:

  • Glass-washing machines with cassettes and baskets.
  • Dishwashers: stand-alone and built-in (under the countertop).
  • Dome: hood and with recuperation.
  • Conveyor type Niagara and River Multi.
  • Kotlomoechnye.
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About company

The company was founded in Verona in 1969 by a certain San Pietro di Legnano. Later, the producers reached the first positions of the world market. Then the plant buys out Eurotec Group (1990), and already in 2000 it is bought by the American company ITW.

Thanks to the impressive capital investment of technology and the overall production of Elettrobar is constantly improving.

Review of the best Elettrobar dishwashers

Let us examine the features and characteristics of interesting models.

Glass-Washing Machines

There are several versions of dishwasher dishwashers.

Ocean 340

Stainless steel case with single-layer walls. The door consists of two layers, so good sound and noise insulation is provided. Welded guides are installed for a 40x40 cm cassette. A special peristaltic dosing pump is installed, which pumps the rinse aid into the chamber. Its operation can be adjusted on the control panel.

It is possible to install round and square cassettes.

Suitable for washing glasses and plates. In one hour PMM will clean 40 trays. Dimensions of the case: 4, x53x70 cm.

The cost is from 70 000 rubles.

Fast 150

The device for washing dishes and glasses with a compact body 5, x6, x82 cm. The capacity per hour is 40 baskets measuring 500x500 mm.

There are two washing modes:

  • 90 seconds;
  • 150 seconds.

The upper diffuser covers the entire surface of the chamber and allows washing dishes with a diameter of 28 cm.

The price is from 90 000 rubles.


Instruments of the front type will wash out plates, glasses, cutlery.

Niagara 361

A small housing 60x60x82 cm allows you to build a model under the countertop, bar counter, where you can conveniently load dishes into the window. For an hour 40 baskets with dimensions of 50x50 cm will wash. Electromechanical control, it helps to install one of 3 programs.

The bath is made in a one-piece way (without seams), walls with double insulation. Built-in rinse aid dispenser pump. The filter is made of plastic. Connection to cold water supply.

Ocean 360DP

This is an improved version of the Ocean 340. What innovations did the manufacturer introduce?


  • EWT is a pump with two leads.
  • ECC - guides for trays stamped, rounded tank without corners do not accumulate dirt, easy to clean.
  • EDS - drainage and water purification pass through an improved system. The dispenser, unlike the earlier models, is controlled by the user from the control panel. You can adjust the detergent consumption yourself.

The productivity is standard - 40 trays per hour (50x50 cm). Three cycles with washing time:

  • 90 seconds
  • 120 sec.
  • 150 seconds.

It is equipped with baskets for plates, glasses and appliances. The sizes of the case: 5, х6, х82 cm.

The cost is from 90 000 rubles.


The technique is characterized by high productivity and the possibility of replenishment.

River 382 NRG

The dome model can be installed depending on the room dimensions: linear and angular. The case and the dome received double insulation of the walls. The dome smoothly closes, at the top is the control panel.


  • Panel with a liquid crystal display, which displays the mode and time before the end of the cycle.
  • Ten washing programs to choose from.
  • Stainless steel filter with self-cleaning function.
  • Dispensers for detergent and rinse aid are controlled from the panel.
  • Two pumps for washing and draining.
  • Low consumption of resources due to heat recovery: it remains after the main cycle and is used for subsequent rinsing.

The capacity is 1320 items per hour. Dimensions 6, (72) x7, × 218 cm.

The price is from 200 000 rubles.

Niagara 381 L

The model perfectly launches not only standard dishes, but also trays, trays, containers for baking. Dimensions of the case: 70 (79) x7, × 15, cm. Unlike the previous model, the dome is single-layer, although the walls of the shell are two-layered. The drain filter is made of plastic. The peristaltic dispenser is installed only for the rinse aid.

In addition to the basket 500x600 mm, the model is equipped with a lattice for baking trays, pots, large containers. At the hour serves 50 cassettes or 1200 plates. Three washing cycles lasting 60, 90, 120 seconds.

The cost is from 200 000 rubles.

Conveyor PMM

Machines for continuous operation are suitable for medium and large enterprises. Allow to reduce efforts of the personnel and automate the process.

Niagara 2150

The conveyor model will wash 100 cassettes per hour, their dimensions are 50x50 cm, or 1800 objects. The direction of the tape can be changed at its discretion. The connection is made to a cold water supply. Dosers for powder and air conditioning are provided.

Three washing programs:

  • 60 sec.
  • 120 sec.
  • 180 sec.

The one-piece tank holds 70 liters of water, 200 liters are used per hour. Dimensions of the case: 115х77х15, see

The price is from 500 000 rubles.

Niagara 2156

High-performance conveyor machine. It can wash 220 cassettes per hour (500x500 mm), eliminates the problem of dirty dishes after banquets, catering for large groups in dining rooms, restaurants. The case is completely made of stainless steel.

The model is equipped with a compartment for preliminary washing, so the main contaminants are immediately washed off. The built-in EBT system, thanks to 36 jets, can clean up to 4000 devices in 60 minutes. Dimensions: 197x77x15, see

The cost is from 500 000 rubles.

Boiler washing machines

They are used to clean large kitchen implements, which are not always placed in conventional PMM. They are boilers, molds, large containers, pots.

Niagara 291

The universal dishwasher has compact dimensions: 67x72x147 cm. In an hour, it processes baskets of 60 liters and a length of 60 cm, as well as baking trays measuring 60x40 cm. For this purpose, special calipers are provided. In ordinary baskets of 50x50 cm can accommodate cutlery, glasses, plates.

The model fits confectionery, bakery, where a lot of large-sized dishes are spoiled every day.

River 298

A freestanding PMM with front loading. The door consists of two 85 cm pieces. Opening, they form an opening, where it is convenient to load large objects. The control panel will help you choose one of 11 programs, their duration is from 2 to 12 minutes.

In the River 298 model, the ½ load function is implemented: only one of the pumps' pumps is started, so it saves electricity and water. Special guides make it easy to install baskets with utensils. In addition to the dispensers, you can additionally order sensors that will determine how much money is left.

Dimensions: 14, x85x193 cm. Loading level - tray 132x70 cm.

The cost is from 800 000 rubles.

Choosing the technique of production Elettrobar, you will complete the kitchen with useful and functional devices that meet international quality standards.

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