Overview of Modular Dishwashers for Professional Kitchens

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If you are interested in the Modular dishwasher, but you are not sure whether to trust this brand. If you do not know which professional dishwasher to choose, refer to our review. We will tell you about the company, its products and describe the popular models.

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    • 1 Italy).Now it is one of the largest firms that is part of the concern M-SYSTEM( it has been operating since 1986).In the assortment you can find not only dishwasher, but also refrigeration, heating and other equipment for professional-grade kitchens. In addition, the company designs interiors of hotels, bars, confectioneries, cruise liners, etc.

      The experience of the company Modular in the implementation of turnkey projects - from the design stage to the placement of equipment and accessories - allows you to select proven services. The company provides hygienic certificates for all types of equipment. They allow you to sell equipment in Russia and receive GOST certificates according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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      Despite the fact that many European firms, after the transition of the EU countries to a single currency, increased prices, the Modular company reduced prices by 15%, which made its products even more attractive to buyers from the Russian Federation.

      What does the firm offer for professional dishwashing? Machines:

      • frontal ;
      • dome ;
      • glass washers( glass washers).

      Advantages of Modular

      dishwashers We note some advantages that distinguish virtually every Modular dishwasher:

      • high-purity dishes after washing processes;
      • significant savings in time, resources, detergents and rinses, as well as maintenance costs;
      • top-level sanitation;
      • reduced noise technology and reduced heat emission.

      PMM are equipped with a special control panel, where functions are selected and configured.

      Most models have a stainless steel case, dispensers for automatic type washing chemistry. Models differ in technical characteristics: productivity, volume of the bunker, the number of washing modes and dishwashers, the size of the body.

      Other features:

      • Intuitive control - on the panel simple icons that facilitate the work of the operator. Electronic models allow you to monitor the temperature of the water in the wash tub and boiler.

      • Easy cleaning and maintenance .The stamped type bathtub comes with rounded corners and is equipped with removable filters - all this makes cleaning much easier. THAT is easy due to easy access to the main equipment nodes.

      • All models are supplemented with the option “ Thermostat ”, which guarantees a constant optimal water temperature for high-quality sanitation of dishes.
      • The Water Softener reduces the rigidity of the cleaning solution and protects the components and the PMM housing from limescale, which can damage the performance of the equipment. Softener guarantees shine and shine dishes.
      • The non-return valve protects the structure from contamination - thanks to it, the water with leftover food does not go into the water mains.
      • The pressure-boosting pump ensures the stable operation of the dishwasher even at low water pressure.
      • Pump for forced discharge drains excess water after rinsing.
      • Rinsing in cold water is especially important for beer glasses - to create a resistant beer foam.
      • The dispenser continuously supplies detergent to the dishwasher and protects it from overrun.
      • The system Break Tank adjusts the constant rinsing even if the water pressure in the water main is not strong enough, and also guarantees a constant temperature.
      • independent upper and lower washing and rinsing sleeves are made of stainless steel. At the same time, water consumption in GW models is 2.2 liters, for DW versions it is 3 liters, and in domes it is 3.4 liters per cycle.

      • You can optionally order accessories : cassette for glasses with a slope, a tray for appliances with inserts, a basket for deep plates, a basket for cups and a tray for utensils, etc.

      Review of popular models

      Consider some models and their characteristics from different groups of Modular dishwashers.

      Frontal PMM

      L 451 is designed to wash 336 plates in 1 hour( 24 crockery baskets of 45x45 cm in size).The maximum diameter of the loaded plates can be 31 cm. The duration of the washing cycle is 150 seconds.

      The machine is equipped with a rinse aid dispenser and cup holders and 14 plates. Also included is an insert for 12 saucers. Additionally, there is one perforated tray under the cutlery.

      The bathtub of seamless type is supplemented with a layer of thermal insulation. The body is made of stainless steel, provides easy operation. Weight - 58 kg. The dimensions of the case in width, depth and height are 60.3x51x81 cm. The power of the electrical device is 3.36 kW, the connection to the network is 220 V.

      Price - from 43,000 rubles.

      Important! The warranty for all products is 12 months.

      ECO51 - a dishwasher with a capacity of 30 baskets hourly( 600 plates), with the parameters of a basket 50x50 cm. It can be involved in washing porcelain and glassware, cutlery trays.

      The dishwashing system guarantees sanitation of dishes and utensils: it rinses with water 87 degrees. Consumption - 3 liters of clean water per basket. The machine not only quickly washes( the cycle lasts from 2 to 4 minutes), but is also economical in the consumption of resources, and also prolongs the service life of porcelain and glass utensils.

      In the management as simple as possible, the design is reliable, meets all sanitary standards. Parts and assemblies, including washing and rinsing sleeves, are made of high-quality AISI 304 steel, which ensures uninterrupted operation of equipment under significant loads. Standard equipment includes: rinse aid dispenser, one dish basket for plates, one cassette for glasses and two trays with perforations for appliances.

      The dimensions of the body( ШхГхВ) are 62.5х60х82 cm, power - 2.34 kW, voltage - 200 V.

      DW 50 is a dishwasher with electromechanical control for 2 programs. Productivity - 20, 30 baskets hourly. Plates with a maximum diameter of 34 cm can be loaded. The capacity of a stamped bath with rounded corners for easy cleaning is 23 liters. Water is consumed at the rate of 3 liters per wash cycle.

      Complete with built-in rinse aid dispenser. Additionally, it is completed with a pair of a basket for dishes and two trays for appliances. There is a function "Thermostop".

      The case is made in dimensions of 62.5x60x82 cm. Total power - 3.65 kW, voltage - 220 V. Cost - from 97 848 rubles.

      Domed PMM

      This line is represented by the model ORT 1010. It launders 45 baskets in 1 hour( 990 units), the dimensions of the cassettes are 50x50 cm. You can load plates with a maximum diameter of 38 cm. The washing cycle lasts from 80 to 360 seconds.

      Technique is equipped with a rinse aid dispenser. Also provided in a set of one basket for 22 plates and one glass cassette. There are 2 trays with perforation for cutlery. The walls of the case are double. Additionally, a shelf for cassettes.

      The hull parameters in width, depth and height are 66.5x60x141.5 cm. The power of the machine is 6.75 kW, it requires connection to the 380 V network.

      Glass washing machines( SMM)

      Glass washing machines or as they are positioned by the company, - glass washers, presented by such models:

      • ECO 41. It is capable of washing not only glasses and cups, but also saucers. Designed for processing 30 baskets per hour, dimensions 40x40 cm( or 330 cups).The maximum height of the glass is 20 cm, the duration of the washing cycle is 2 and 4 minutes. It is completed with a built-in rinse aid dispenser and two baskets: for glasses and saucers. The case and internal knots are made of stainless steel, brand AISI 304. Technique can be involved in bars, coffee shops and restaurant business. Housing dimensions( WxDxH): 52x48x62 cm. The total power of the electrical appliance is 3.15 kW, the voltage is 220 V.

      • ECO 41 L / DD. Machine with parameters, as in the previous version. The cost is from 33,000 rubles.
      • ECO 45. Another glass-washing PMM designed for glasses up to 28 cm high. Differs in size: 52x48x70 cm( in width, depth and height, respectively).

      So, we can come to the conclusion that Modular is a high-quality imported dishwasher from Italy. It meets all the necessary standards, is sold in the Russian Federation at an affordable price and is made of high-quality materials by talented engineers. If your task is to automate the business for its maximum efficiency, the Modular dishwasher is a profitable solution.

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