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On what depends and what affects the power of the refrigerator


Is it necessary to pay attention to the capacity of the refrigerator when buying it? And did you know that his lulling rumbling takes 30% (at least!) Of all the electricity consumed by your kitchen helpers? And it is not surprising, because this monster to destroy kilowatts is included in the electric grid around the clock. Here to you and result!

But how do you know what is the power of your refrigerator, and how much does it cost (or will cost) its presence in your kitchen?


What determines the power

Study the information on a sticker that is usually on the wall of the refrigerator or inside the camera - and learn its power, as well as other characteristics of the device. The power consumption of the refrigerator is nothing more than the indicator of the greatest electricity consumption for normal operation of the device. It is measured in watts (W) and depends on the volume of the refrigerating chamber, the compressor, the availability of additional functions, the quality of the thermal insulation of the sealant. And from the correct operation.

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So, the largest indicator of energy consumption - during the operation of the compressor. It turns on periodically when it receives a signal from the sensors that detect the temperature change inside the refrigerator. The chamber becomes as warm as possible - it is a signal for the compressor, so that it begins to pump freon through the pipes, which cools the walls inside the unit. It is at this point that the refrigerator consumes the maximum amount of electricity.

What figures will you see on the information sticker? The average power of the refrigerator fluctuates between 100 and 200 W / h (in a state of calmness), the maximum - 300 W / h (during compressor operation), that is, the average figure is about 250 W. Do not forget that the refrigerator, included in the outlet around the clock, works periodically. About a day the device consumes a minimum, kW, maximum kW. This is provided that the temperature in the refrigerator compartment does not fall below + 5 ° C, and in the room keep at + 25 ° C, but not more.

The indicator of energy consumption can significantly change if the refrigerator has two compressors. After all, during their work increases the amount of energy used. Take into account this!

Consumption of energy varies significantly from some nuances, not associated with the manufacturer:

  • o the number of products, especially in the freezer;
  • o the time of year;
  • o the set temperature inside the device;
  • o the state of the door seals.

Effect of power on some characteristics of the refrigerator

The capacity of the refrigerator also determines its energy efficiency, freezing capacity, availability of additional functions.

  • Energy efficiency is determined by how efficiently electric energy is used during the operation of the refrigerator. For example, a class A refrigerator consumes 100 W / h, for a day - approximately, kW. If you count for a year, the consumption figure will be from 360 kW, but sometimes such an aggregate uses up to 550 kW. On what figure will come out - depends only on how correctly you will use it.
  • Freezing power - how many kilograms of products are in force to freeze the refrigerator per day at an average electric consumption of this model. On the information label is marked with the sign "X ***". The number of stars depends on the number of frozen foods.

Take for example the most famous firms and see what they can boast of. Please note, the larger the number, the higher the energy consumption:

Company name Freezing capacity (kg / day)
LG 17
Atlant 21
Bosh 22
Indesit 30

Additional functions increase the power consumption. It can be self-defrosting, accelerated freezing, super-cooling mode, ice maker. They make our life easier, but for convenience it is necessary to pay. You are ready? Carefully choose electrical appliances and use them correctly!

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