Choose a game computer mouse

Choose a game computer mouse


This article is intended for fans of computer games who want to choose a quality mouse for quick and accurate control over the actions of their virtual character. Gaming mice are significantly different from the usual ones, which are used for more simple actions, such as typing texts or moving through sites on the Internet. We will tell you how to choose a good manipulator for the size of your palm, the types of games that you prefer, and the budget allocated for the purchase. The article will be useful to professional gamers, as well as to users who make the first steps in the fascinating world of virtual reality.


  • 1Than the gaming computer mouse differs from the usual
    • 1.1The mouse clutches used by gamers
      • 1.1.1Video: basic grips when using a computer mouse
  • 2How to choose a gamer mouse
    • 2.1Mouse Case Material
    • 2.2Legs for computer mouse
    • 2.3Wire for mouse
    • 2.4Functionality of the game mouse
      • 2.4.1Number of game mouse buttons
      • 2.4.2Built-in Memory
      • 2.4.3Software
    • 2.5Video: how to choose a game mouse
  • 3Popular Gaming Mouse
    • 3.1Top models of game controllers
      • 3.1.1Video: a review of the mouse Logitech G900
    • 3.2Budget models of computer mice
      • 3.2.1Video: review of the Bloody R8 from A4Tech
  • 4User reviews of gaming mouse

Than the gaming computer mouse differs from the usual

An important feature of the gamer mouse is an ergonomic shape that repeats all the lines and curves of the inner surface of the hand. Compared with the classic mouse type, the gamer version is more convex, has longitudinal symmetry and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed players. When selecting, you should pay attention to the quality of the buttons, they should not be tight, but should not be too easy to press. Pick up the mouse to the size of your hand. For players with non-standard-sized hands, recently appeared mice with a sliding body. The main criterion in choosing a mouse should be convenience.

The mouse clutches used by gamers

A computer mouse can be held in three different ways.

  1. Grab your palm (Eng. palm grip) - the thumb and little finger cover the mouse on the sides, and the inner part of the palm is snug against the mouse.
    When grasping the palm of the hand, the entire hand is snug against the surface of the mouse
  2. Snap your fingers (Eng. finger grip) - on one side the mouse covers the thumb, on the other - the ring finger and little finger, the palm does not touch the mouse. Pressing the buttons is done with the fingertips.
    When grasping your fingers, the palm is above the mouse, not touching its surface
  3. When grasping "claw" (Eng. claw grip) pressing occurs with your fingertips. This type of grip is suitable for large mice.
    With this grip, the hand becomes a claw shape, and pressing the keys is done with the fingertips

Gamers usually use finger grips and claws, as they provide high speed and accuracy of clicks.

Video: basic grips when using a computer mouse


How to choose a gamer mouse

When choosing a mouse, its weight should be taken into account. On the one hand, the less weight, the better, as a lot of manipulation leads to fatigue of the right hand. But on the other hand, with a larger mouse weight, the cursor can be more accurately directed to the desired point, albeit at a lower speed. Light mouse due to lack of inertia is less accurate. Optimum, many consider the weight of about 90 grams.

Mouse Case Material

Modern computer mice can be made of different materials.

  1. Inexpensive specimens are made of plastic with a smooth surface. When choosing, you need to check that the hand does not slip off the keys. Keep in mind that when you play in the heat the hand can sweat.
  2. More preferable for gamers are mice with corps of corrugated plastic.
    If in places of contact plastic has a corrugated surface, the hand will not slip during the game
  3. For games it is convenient to use mice with a special rubber coating, so that wet fingers do not slip on its surface. This mouse needs special care because of its increased ability to accumulate dirt. It must be washed with soap and water. Some rubber coatings have the property of heating up when playing.
    Special rubber cover of keys improves tactile sensations during the game and keeps the finger on the key
  4. Many game models have a soft-touch coating (Eng. Soft-touch). It is a matte plastic resembling rubber. The hand does not slip on it, but this coating quickly wears off. The hand does not warm or glide when using the Razer DeathAdder mouse, which has a body made of matte plastic.
    Covering soft-touch prevents the hands from sliding over the keys, but quickly wears out

Legs for computer mouse

The mouse legs were invented by the manufacturers, so that it slides well on the surface of the table or rug and does not make any unpleasant sounds. The legs can be Teflon, polyethylene or plastic. The most expensive ones are Teflon, but they provide the greatest slip. The legs should have a large thickness, since they have the property of wearing out. Some manufacturers complete the mouse with removable legs. Before you start, do not forget to remove the protective film from the feet of the mouse you just purchased.

The legs allow you to improve the sliding of the mouse on a table or rug

Wire for mouse

The wire should be quite thick, but flexible. Textile wire braiding will increase the life of the mouse.It is commonly believed that the most suitable for gamers is a wired mousewith USB interface. She responds quickly to commands, she does not have a braking cursor, in addition, she will not give a surprise, discharged during the game, unlike a wireless mouse. The lack of wire provides a certain convenience, but even with a partial discharge of the battery of the wireless computer mouse, braking is observed and control becomes intermittent. A compromise solution was offered by the manufacturers of the gaming mouse Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum. It can work in both wired and wireless mode.

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum mouse can be used in a wireless version, and when the battery charge is reduced, connect the USB adapter

Functionality of the game mouse

The mouse is selected by three parameters.

  1. Sensor resolution. There are two types of sensors: laser and optical. The laser sensor provides high resolution, but it costs more. It is generally accepted that gaming mice should be laser. Devices with an optical sensor are cheaper. But if the mouse has an accurate optical sensor, then it can be used for any games. Game mice for shooters are characterized by the optimal resolution of the sensor, which has a value of 6000-8000 DPI. DPI is the number of mouse points that the sensor detects when it shifts by 1 inch.
  2. Presence of additional buttons. The more buttons the mouse has, the more actions can be taken during the game. Some mouse models allow you to record a whole sequence of keystrokes certain pauses to implement certain scenarios in the game and gain an advantage over opponents.
    When choosing the number of additional buttons should be used with reasonable care - if the buttons are very many, they will be difficult to distinguish by touch
  3. Software for customizing the mouse. Special programs allow you to configure the mouse for a specific game and remember its settings as a separate file.

Number of game mouse buttons

When choosing a mouse for games, it is important to determine the optimal number of programmable buttons. The choice is determined by the difficulty level of the games. Cyber-athletes use in the MMO-games a lot of buttons. For them, there are special models, for example:

  • Logitech G600 has 20 buttons;
  • SteelSeries - 15;
  • Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum - 11 programmable buttons.

One of the additional keys is usually used to switch the DPI resolution. The required level of DPI gaming mouse for some games can be 1, 00, while for a normal mouse this figure does not exceed 1000. You can change the resolution only on models that support this feature. The more accurate the mouse sensor, the more you can raise the resolution, but you need a balance between mouse speed and cursor positioning for a particular screen. When shooting and moving, you need to move faster than when aiming. Using the button to switch the DPI resolution, you can adjust the speed of the mouse and, as a consequence, the cursor. This ensures maneuverability of actions and increases the pleasure of the game.

A large number of buttons do not always provide a comfortable grip. Therefore, for each type of game there are recommendations.

  1. For shooters and quests, many consider the optimal number of 6-8 buttons.
  2. For MMO games in which you play with other players, for example, World of Warcraft, you need a mouse with a lot of buttons - 10-12.
  3. When playing a strategy (RTS) a large number of keys is not required. Here it is quite enough six-button model Razer DeathAdder Elite or similar. A larger number of controls can cause them to malfunction.
    Razer DeathAdder Elite has 6 control keys, which is enough for gaming strategies

There is quite a reasonable question: why do we need mice with additional buttons if there is a game keyboard. The fact is that the left hand, working with the keyboard, is tired of the monotonous pressing of several keys, which, as a rule, set the movement computer character on the screen, and it can be unloaded by controlling the mouse with the help of the right hand, which is the main one for the majority gamers.

Built-in Memory

There are mice with built-in memory to store individual settings and macros of the game mouse. By purchasing such a mouse, you have the opportunity to play your favorite games on another computer. Do not waste time re-tuning the hot keys.


In a set of mice of famous brands, manufacturers supply software. For example, Logitech Gaming Software allows you to customize Logitech gaming mice. With it, you can configure the commands and macros needed for success in the game. If you have an inexpensive mouse from an unknown manufacturer, then to program the buttons you can install the program X-Mouse Button Control on your computer.

Video: how to choose a game mouse


Popular Gaming Mouse

For professional players and users with experience, manufacturers produce high-class, expensive models with a full set of functions and the most powerful characteristics. But for those who are interested in inexpensive, high-quality budget equipment, leading computer brands also offer a fairly wide choice.


Top models of game controllers

Top models of computer mice, as a rule, are made of high-quality materials, consist of the best components and have a large number of additional functions. An obvious consequence of such advantages is the rather high price of products of this class.

  1. One of the fastest and most functional models of gaming mice is Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum with a response rate of 1 ms at a wireless connection frequency, GHz. It has an accurate optical sensor and ensures the aiming with an accuracy of one pixel. The mouse can work both in wired and wireless mode and is suitable for all types of games. Its merits include the fact that it can be used by right-handers and left-handers. For this, it is equipped with removable side buttons and plugs. The weight of the mouse Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is 107 g, so it will be easy to manage and convenient. The time of continuous mouse operation in wireless mode is 32 hours. The kit includes a cable that is used for both data transfer and charging. The drawback of this model is only one - a high price.
    Mouse Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum has excellent technical and ergonomic characteristics, but it is quite expensive
  2. Interesting model mouse SPEEDLINK KUDOS Z-9. It has an interesting design, good ergonomics, Teflon legs and is based on a laser sensor with a resolution of 5000 DPI, which can be changed with a special key. A distinctive feature is the presence of protrusions, protecting the hand from contact with the surface of the table, and a gold-plated USB connector. Contacts of such a connector are not susceptible to oxidation, but mostly gold deposition is used as a marketing move. The package includes proprietary software.
    Mouse SPEEDLINK KUDOS Z-9 has special protrusions, protecting the hand from contact with the surface of the table
  3. The Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse deserves attention, which has a high sensor resolution - up to 16000 DPI, and it can be adjusted from 100 to 16000. For this mouse, special software Razer Synapse has been released. It has an ergonomic body, equipped with legs, and is suitable for any type of grip. The kit includes a USB signal cable 2 meters long.
    The Razer DeathAdder Elite Mouse is suitable for any type of grip
  4. Got a recognition of gamers and mouse Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury. It is considered one of the fastest - its speed is 500 inches per second, and the response time is 1 ms. The shape of the hull emphasizes the main advantage and resembles a racing car. The black matte plastic provides good grip with the fingers, the rubberized scroll wheel is recessed into the body. In addition to the usual buttons there is a sniper. Saving and fast playback of macros are provided by the processor APM and internal memory. The sensitivity is 4000 DPI. The mouse features stylish design, ergonomics and high speed, and four Teflon legs provide perfect glide. The price is lower compared to the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum.
    Computer mouse Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is very fast and looks like a race car
  5. Mouse Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X Ultimate Gaming Mouse - the most exotic model. It can be called the basis for a mouse with a USB connection. In it, everything can be replaced, even a laser sensor. It has 10 programmable keys, and all parts either stay on magnets, or screwed with a key. There is a built-in memory. The sensor resolution is 8200 DPI.
    The Mad Catz R.A.T. PRO X Ultimate Gaming Mouse is completely collapsible, it can replace everything right up to the laser sensor

Video: a review of the mouse Logitech G900

Budget models of computer mice

The budgetary series for each manufacturer has its own peculiarities and limitations: it is simpler for a plastic case and cheaper for the keys, somewhere there are fewer possibilities for setting up operating parameters, some functions are missing somewhere, with which it is more convenient to control the process games. But any gaming mouse significantly exceeds the usual speed and accuracy of positioning, so these models are a good choice for those who prefer products with an optimal combination of price and quality.

  1. When choosing an inexpensive and high-quality computer mouse, you should pay attention to the popular model A4Tech Bloody R8-1 Black. It can work both in wired and wireless mode, the mouse has a built-in macro for automatically suppressing recoil when firing.In most games, such manipulations are prohibited and are considered cheats, so using this macro can lead to ban. The mouse has built-in memory, controlled by 8 buttons and an optical sensor with a resolution of 3200 DPI, the response time corresponds to more expensive models and is 1 ms.
    When using the mouse A4Tech Bloody R8-1 Black, the kickback suppression macro is better to disable
  2. The cheap, high-quality and functional mouse Zelotes 5500 DPI has an ergonomic design, in places of grip matte plastic is used, therefore at any speed of movement the hand will not slide off surface. The mouse is equipped with seven reliable buttons that have a resource of 5 million presses, the response time is about 8 ms.
    Inexpensive mouse Zelotes 5500 DPI has buttons made of matte plastic, like the more expensive models
  3. The most budgetary model of Tecknet Raptor Gaming has a professional optical sensor. The mouse has an ergonomic design, differs accuracy of work, has a backlight, part of the body is covered with a plastic mesh. The number of buttons is 6, one of them is for switching DPI. The maximum resolution is 2000 DPI. This is a wired model with a USB interface.
    The budget mouse Tecknet Raptor Gaming has a professional optical sensor
  4. Sympathy for many gamers belong to an inexpensive manipulator Cougar Minos X3. This wired mouse is recommended for novice players. It uses an optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 3200 DPI. The body is made of plastic, the lateral surfaces of which are covered with circles to prevent slippage. The mouse has 6 buttons, backlight and a good response time - about 4 ms.
    Mouse Cougar Minos X3 is an entry-level model and is designed for novice players

Video: review of the Bloody R8 from A4Tech

User reviews of gaming mouse


Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum:

I used different mice, including different logitechs, but it's just a bomb, not a mouse - it's perfect, highly recommend!, control in games (ks, dota) - just incredible! And yes the response on the wire and without the wire is the same, the mouse is definitely a masterpiece.

Pluses: Perfect!

Disadvantages: the price, but for iPhones people also overpay - because fast and convenient



I looked for a mouse for games and stopped at logitech g402 hyperion fury. A very fast mouse, the very thing for dynamic games, such as shooters. There are buttons for raising or lowering the dpi, that is, the cursor speed. It is also worth noting good software, which truth had to download from the Internet, but not the essence, it is really good, it does not look like a miserable cheapie. There are all kinds of settings, macros, adjustment of the logo highlighting. The mouse is by design for the right hand of medium size. I do not feel uncomfortable. Another point worth mentioning is the mouse's legs, they are ideal-glide well on any surface. Design - this is another distinctive feature, the mouse really looks impressive and beautiful. Took for a little more than 2500 thousand. His money works with interest.

Roman Lawman


Review: Mouse wired Mad Catz R.A.T.TE - Very good mouse

Pluses: Igrova, e such as all

Disadvantages: No

Mouse I really like, I play with it for a long time, this game mouse, there is a size regulator, you can push the mouse to the right size, you can remove the weights from the mouse and it will be light, in other mice this is not, I advise everyone to buy this mouse.



Review: Wireless gaming mouse A4Tech Bloody R8 - Very cool mouse for real players

Pluses: Excellent quality, bright, reliable

Disadvantages: expensive

The wireless mouse Bloody R8 is the most successful purchase for the last year, and we often bought equipment. My spouse and I were looking for a gaming mouse to play and work and to make it comfortable for the hand. Stumbled upon a prodigy. Very unusual design, in the hand lies perfectly.

We really liked this Mouse and if it comes to an end, then we will buy the same.



Cougar Minos X3 black. There are almost no reviews about it, as it is sold recently, somewhere read that there is idling at the buttons and the wheel is so-so, without software (there are adjustment buttons polling frequencies and dpi, dpi - only standard 400, 800, 1600, 3200), the sensor for this price is probably the best (according to the characteristics overtakes the Alcor sensor and works with all carpets well), there is no height adjustment of the breaks (but it should be smaller than the alcore), you can change the backlight with a combination of keys, wire as in an Alcor without a fabric braid, but I think still more rigid, there are side buttons on the left, a mouse symmetrical in shape, weight as well as an Alcore small.



When choosing a mouse, it is important to remember that its main advantage is comfort in use. It is worth checking the quality, whether everything is well fixed, whether the buttons work well, whether there are any extraneous sounds inside when shaking. Mouse design should you like, but the main criteria should be convenience and functionality.

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