How to choose a washing machine with drying and whether to buy it

How to choose a washing machine with drying and whether to buy it


Nowadays, nobody is surprised by a washing machine with a spinning machine. Rather, it has become an urgent necessity for every mistress. After all, to wash clothes do not need to make significant efforts. But drying, of course, takes some time and requires hanging, removing, as well as a certain place.

Of course, the washing machine squeezes things out. And modern machines "know how" to do it qualitatively, so that the laundry is only wet. But still, its drying is necessary.

Those who do not or do not have the opportunity to deal with this business, acquire drying machines that are able to dry all the laundry after washing to the required extent. The mistress will only have to fold it into place in the closet. Today, washing machines with drying are gaining popularity. What is good about these machines, and how to choose a similar washing machine?


  • 1Two functions in one machine
    • 1.1Such different drying
    • 1.2Drying weight for drying
  • 2Is such a machine reliable?
    • 2.1Is the game worth the candle?
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Two functions in one machine

The main difference between a traditional multi-function washing machine and a washing-drying unit is that the latter is equipped with an additional heating element. The main heater is known to be located between the tank and the drum of the apparatus and serves to heat water. An additional heater is necessary for heating the air, which is subsequently injected through a special air duct into the tank of the unit.

Drying is carried out due to the passage of hot air through the wet laundry in the drum. As a result, the air takes away the moisture from the things, which then condenses into a specially designed container. During the drying process, the drum of the machine rotates either one way or the other with low speed. As a result, drying is carried out evenly.

Such different drying


Note that for most of these machines with drying this possibility is an additional function. Because the main focus of manufacturers is still given to the quality of washing. Therefore, washing machines with drying in the vast majority perform their additional function extremely simply, by a timer.

The owner, guided by his own ideas and experience, indicates the drying time of the necessary laundry, and the device operates on this mode the necessary time interval. In this case, things can both do not dry out, and dry up.


Although it should be noted that more and more manufacturers are starting to produce washing machines with drying that are able to dry things up to some degree of moisture indicated by the owner. Of course, the realization of such an opportunity causes some technical difficulties, but the result is much better than in the simplest version of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such an aggregate.

Such models have a special thermometer at the bottom of the vessel for condensation of moisture. With its help, the temperature is measured, and then the humidity of the air. As a result, the Fuzzy Logic system installed on many similar devices determines the humidity of the laundry placed in the drum. When the required level is reached, drying stops.

Such washing machines with drying have several drying levels based on the required humidity. And many manufacturers decide for the owner, what percentage of humidity should be chosen. They indicate clear equivalent characteristics on the control panel. For example, "for ironing "in the closet "very dry etc. Of course, it is better to choose an apparatus with such designations, so that you do not get confused and do not study physical laws.

In general, it is recommended that things after washing are slightly moist. If the fibers of the fabric are dried, they will be too brittle, which leads to excessive wear. Ironing slightly damp things is also simplified.


Drying weight for drying

Washing machines with drying have one common "minus". The fact is that when drying, they can qualitatively dry up to half the weight of things that fit into the drum when washing. For example, if the machine is able to erase the volume of things up to 7 kg, then the dry weight of things when drying should be no more, kg.

But the housewives often arrange a "big wash filling the drum until fully loaded. Therefore, at the end of washing, you will have to settle for two sets of drying. This is not very convenient, and more importantly, not entirely economical. After all, more electricity is consumed.

If you consider in more detail the consumption of electricity, you need to know that the washing machines, equipped with drying, are less economical than their traditional counterparts. Their energy consumption class can be:

  • B;
  • FROM;
  • D.

As we can see, the highest energy consumption class for devices of this class is V. But conventional machines have long had classes of at least A, and even A + and A ++.


Of course, manufacturers are trying to remedy this situation with machines with drying. Therefore, they are directing serious efforts to develop new models of machines designed for increased load for laundry. And some models have already managed to move away from the notorious ratio of 50% of laundry to laundry.

For example, there were units designed for washing 7 kg, and in the case of drying, able to cope with 5 kg of things. This is already something. Therefore, if financial opportunities permit (after all, such devices are somewhat more expensive), it is better to choose such a machine.

However, it remains unclear whether the load for drying will ever reach the indicator for washing. Manufacturers are still silent on such questions, responding extensively, they say, working on this.

Is such a machine reliable?

There is an opinion that apparatuses equipped with drying are less reliable than conventional devices. The argument in favor of this version is the more complex construction of this technique. Of course, this opinion seems to be logical. But you will agree, it would be very surprising if the manufacturers realized deliberately unreliable devices. After all, they need to be serviced by guarantee, spending money. And the reputation is very important.

If you ask specialists who repair a variety of equipment, including washing and drying machines, about their reliability, then you can get a rather unexpected, but quite logical answer. As with any other technique, the most frequent cause of breakdowns of these devices is a violation of the rules of operation. Most often, users simply forget or do not read about the maximum load of the device for drying. As a result, the device is out of order. Because to choose a similar device is the half of the case. It is necessary to carefully read the rules of its use.

Is the game worth the candle?

In view of the above aspects, many still have the question of whether to choose a machine with the function of drying things. Or is it still preferable to choose a traditional apparatus and dry the laundry on stationary dryers, batteries, etc.?

If you have adequate housing, it is better to choose a separate full-size dryer. Its overall dimensions are similar to traditional washing machines. Like them, such machines can be narrow or full-sized.


And most importantly, these devices can be designed for the weight of laundry, equal to the load of your washing machine. The mistress will only have to shift the laundered and wrung out laundry into the nearby drying machine, and afterwards remove and spread out into place. In addition, a separate dryer in any case will have more programs than the combined one.

The disadvantages of this solution, of course, are a lot of space, and, in addition, financial costs. After all, a high-quality dryer will not cost less than a good washing machine. As for the place, then everything is clear.


If the living space does not allow you to select and install two units in one bathroom or finance Also do not give an opportunity for additional costs, it is possible to acquire a washing machine with a function drying.

It will allow to find an acceptable way out of the situation, when there is simply nowhere to hang the laundry, or there is no desire to engage in this business. It is worth noting that such a device will cost about 1.5 times more expensive than a traditional washing machine.

Choosing a similar technique, it is worth considering all the above parameters. These include the possibility of "smart" drying on the moisture level of the laundry, and not on an ordinary timer, as well as the maximum load of laundry for drying.

When operating the main thing, do not neglect the parameters specified in the equipment manual. If it says that you should not dry more than 3 kilograms of laundry, then you do not need to load more things. If you take into account all of these requirements and do not be greedy for an additional expended electricity, even such a complex unit as a washing and drying machine can serve in your home long years.

Note that, as in the situation with any other technique, when choosing a washing machine for your home, you must always take into account the manufacturer of this equipment. Of course, you can get at first glance more progressive and innovative model of some unknown manufacturer from China. However, practice shows that it is better to give preference to more simple and traditional equipment manufactured by a reliable and time-tested producer. After all, companies that have many years of experience in the manufacture of any technology, as well as investing significant amounts in development, in any case produce high-quality and reliable equipment. And for it is a little overpay.

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