Review of washing machines Ignis

Ignis was not widely used in CIS countries, like Samsung or LG. But under this brand are not hidden Chinese cheap machines, but excellent stylalki with vertical loading of European production.

Our review offers exhaustive information about Ignis machines: history, production, model range and reviews.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where are the washing machines Ignis manufactured
  • 2Models, their differences and characteristics
    • 2.1Ignis LTE8027
    • 2.2Ignis LTE1055
  • 3Which car "Ignis" choose

Where are the washing machines Ignis manufactured

Ignis - the Italian brand of large household appliances. It was founded in the 46th year of the XX century, and 26 years later it was bought by Philips. In the late 80's "Ignis" moved to the famous corporation Whirlpool. Despite the fact that in Russia the brand did not receive proper popularity, Europeans appreciated the quality and reliability of these AGRs.

The country-producer of Ignis equipment imported into the Russian Federation depends on the type of equipment itself:

  • Dryers are collected in France;
  • refrigerators, ovens and hobs produce in Poland and Italy;
  • Microwave ovens, dishwashers and split systems are assembled in China;
  • washing machines are made in Slovakia.

To know exactly where the equipment is made, it is enough to look at the device marking - you can easily identify the manufacturer by the last letters.

Models, their differences and characteristics

That you have a full opinion on how functional, reliable and durable washing machines brand Ignis, read the descriptions of the most popular models.

Ignis LTE8027

The vertical machine costs 15 000 rubles, and at the same time its characteristics at the level of any washing machine from the middle price class. There are 10 programs and a drum with a 5-kilogram load. The maximum rotation speed of the drum during spinning is 800 revolutions. Noise: wash - 59 dB, spin - 72 dB.

Details of the AGR are protected from leaks. There is a system of protection against accidental depression by children. Classes of energy efficiency, washing and spin - A, A, D, respectively. Dimensions are modest: 90x40x60 cm.

Attention! In this model there is an "intelligent control" of washing - usually this option is not available in budget models.

Advantages of SMA "Ignis" LTE8027:

  • Affordable cost, which is noted by the buyers first.
  • Quality assembly, despite the low price.
  • Good washing and rinsing.
  • Simple operation in conjunction with a user-friendly interface. To understand how the machine works, even a pensioner will be able to.
  • During intensive spinning, the stylalk confidently stands on the legs - it does not jump and does not move from the place (with the correct installation).
  • Excess wash modes are absent - only the most necessary.

In this SM there are shortcomings, which are complained to buyers:

  • Too simple design: "In appearance, it is clear that the machine is cheap".
  • Poor spin quality: "If you add 200 turns, everything would be great".
  • Functionality is not provided in all SMAs: "The machine does not squeal at the end of the program and does not say how long it will be erasing".

Ignis LTE1055

Another model with vertical loading, improved and completed, in comparison with the previous one, but also the price is an order of magnitude higher: about 1, 00 rubles.

Note! Despite the similarity of LTE8027 and LTE1055, the latter has a more attractive design.

In this machine, a similar capacity - up to 5 kg, and spin - up to 1000 rotations per minute. Washing and consumption of electricity are marked by class A. Spin class - С. Shumit SMA in moderation - up to 72 dB, compact dimensions: 90x40x60 cm.

There are all kinds of protection: from leaks, from imbalance, from foaming. There is an intelligent management of the washing process.

Advantages of LTE1055:

  • Pleasant body design.
  • Reliable assembly, durable parts.
  • Easy to operate.
  • All the necessary options.
  • Good degree of spinning.
  • Saving resources: water and electricity.

Among the shortcomings, users point out the following:

  • The spin modes are limited: "It is not possible to select the required number of revolutions".
  • Screws for balancing are only on the front: "How to twist the rear legs, if the screws only on the front?".
  • There is no wash end timer: "I never know when the program will end".

Which car "Ignis" choose

The choice of the model you need will help reviews. The selection of reviews from the Internet was conducted "at random which means that we did not select specially negative or positive answers from users, because we wanted to create an objective picture.

Alex, 38 years old, Omsk

Ignis LTE1055 has been running for two years. I bought it because I did not use lotions and rhinestones. In the car there is everything you need. If you are demanding, there will not be a delay in the start, which is not. It works noisily - but it costs in the bathroom, because almost not audible. There is no display, so it's hard to guess when the washing will end, but I use two programs, so I'm used to it. I think that at such a price an excellent acquisition.

Zhanna, 32 years old, Kirov

I'll start with the disadvantages of LTE8027: noisy, very noisy. After pressing the clothes are frankly wet. The fact that the machine has already washed, I guess, because there are no signals and the timer also does not. I regret that I took such a cheap model, it was better to save up for a good one.

Irina, 29 years old, Sevastopol

LTE1055 appeared in my house 5 months ago. I took it for compactness. In appearance, unpretentious - without a display and beautiful buttons, and noisily pretty. But in the bathroom everything got in, and this is the main thing. Like a powder cuvette - comfortable.

As you can see, often behind an unknown name is a common and reliable brand. Of course, not all Ignis models are successful, but now you have information and feedback on your hands to make the right choice.

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