Bottle for the kitchen: varieties, self-assembly

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In every kitchen, functionality is valued most of all. All household appliances and furniture should be conveniently located, mechanisms should be securely fixed in place. A kitchen cannot be truly functional without well-designed storage sections. In such sections there are containers or packages with products that can be easily obtained at the right time. In this article, we will talk about what a bottle holder for a kitchen is, what types of this design exist, and also how to install a side mounted bottle holder.

Cargo for the kitchen

Bottle holder - why do you need it?

Another name for the bottle holder is cargo for the kitchen, a photo of which is ubiquitous on the Internet. The bottle holder itself is an irreplaceable thing, because it allows you to store numerous bottles and cans in one place right at the hand of the hostess. This section has been specially designed to provide a single storage space for essential products that can be used together when cooking or cleaning.

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Storage of containers similar in shape and purpose is the main purpose of the structure. It is for this reason that the cargo is often placed near the stove or oven, around which the entire cooking process often revolves. Another placement option is a place near the kitchen sink. In the first case, bulk and liquid products are stored in the bottle, and in the second, household chemicals intended for cleaning the premises.

At one time, the cargo was only used to store bottles of wine and other alcoholic beverages. This freed up space on the table and in the cabinets. As time went on, the design became more and more perfect, materials and fasteners were stronger than steel. Now you can hang the bottle-holder on the wall, as well as build it into both the floor-standing and the hanging set.


Retractable kitchen bottle holder: sizes, contents, various designs and installation methods. All of the above criteria serve to classify cargo into the following types:

Mounting method

According to the method of installation, bottle holders can be built-in and stand-alone.

  1. Embedded. With this option, it is very important to take into account the dimensions of the kitchen room and furniture, compare them with the dimensions of the cargo case. Built-in models will fit perfectly into any drawer in the kitchen: floor-standing, hanging or pencil case, but more on that later.
  2. Autonomous. They can be located anywhere in the kitchen - even in the center of the room. They are not necessarily part of the headset, more often they act as an independent piece of furniture. That is why freestanding cargoes are very convenient, you can place them anywhere: on the wall or next to the dining area.

Built-in bottle holder

Design features

Words like "design features" can be deadlocked, but really, there is nothing difficult about this criterion. The dimensions of the bottle holder in the kitchen set are determined by this very parameter. Here we are talking about the number of shelves (or, as they are called otherwise, levels), by which the internal space is divided into parts. According to the design features, bottle holders can be two-level and three-level.

  1. Two-level. This model is considered the most functional and is most often found in apartments in Moscow and other large cities. The fact is that the shelves are located at such a height from each other that they ideally fit standard-size bottles.
  2. Three-level. It is not always possible to place bottles in a design of three shelves, although this is possible if the cabinet is high (for example, a pencil case). If your kitchen does not have such a piece of furniture, then the bottles are unlikely to find a place in the purchased cargo. But cans, containers, small boxes will perfectly fit there.

Type of content

First of all, think about the purpose for which you are purchasing a bottle holder. What will you store in it? These can be plastic water bottles for daily use, expensive alcohol for special occasions, food like cereals, jars of grandmother's jam and pickles, and maybe even household chemicals designed to clean and order.

Cargo is considered a convenient piece of furniture due to its retractable design - so any thing is easy to get. Closers, which are installed in modern models, help the mechanism to close completely and avoid noise when performing this action.

Bottle contents

Location options

The location of the bottle holder in the kitchen depends on what you are going to store in it.

Dishwashing detergents, liquid hand soap, dishwasher powder, kitchen towels - these essentials are usually found in the cargo near the sink.

The space next to the hob is most often reserved for cargo, where items such as sunflower or olive oil for frying, vinegar, sauces, spices and seasonings are located. Some housewives prefer to store cans with their favorite aromatic tea in a bottle.

In addition to the territorial location, the method of fastening also plays an important role. There are two types of fastening: bottom and side.

  1. Lower. With this mount, you can position the structure in any convenient place.
  2. Lateral. In this case, the roll-out mechanism can only be mounted to the wall of a cabinet that is suitable in size.

On the Internet, you can find many photos and stories on how to assemble a side-mounted bottle holder, videos with detailed instructions will help you to visually disassemble the whole process.

Bottom cabinet

This accommodation option is the most popular, most often found in kitchen layouts. It is considered the most convenient, since the location provides easy access to all the necessary things, they are always literally "at hand".

Cargo in the lower cabinet

Upper cabinet

Bottle holders built into the upper cabinets assume the placement there of items that the owners do not often use. These can be bottles of alcohol, containers of cereals, or a beautiful set.

Cargo in the upper cabinet

Column cabinet

A column wardrobe, which is also called a pencil case, is a piece of furniture that is completely different from the cargoes listed above. It is much taller and wider than conventional models. There are no longer two or three levels here, but their number can reach four or even five sections, made in full size. In addition to a large number of shelves, inside this option there are many useful additions that make life easier: metal hooks, plastic pallets.

This model is very much appreciated by buyers who want to keep as much free space in the kitchen as possible. The cargo built into the column cabinet is a great space saver and provides an extensive storage section.

Cargo in a column cabinet

Dimensions in the kitchen set - what you need to know

The dimensions of the cargo are most influenced by its territorial location in the kitchen. First of all, such qualities as functionality and comfort in use are taken into account. Bottle holders can be large, medium and standard in size.

  1. Big ones. Width starts from 200 millimeters. Thanks to this expansion, the sections are now able to accommodate more items and also provide additional storage space with hooks, pallets and trays.
  2. Average. The width is 150 millimeters. Quite familiar models, where cans, containers, small boxes, containers with bulk products and even compact-sized dishes are placed.
  3. Standard. The width of these pieces of furniture does not exceed 100 millimeters. Traditional dimensions save valuable indoor space. The name is fully justified, since bottles are placed on the shelves inside.

Big bottle holder

Do-it-yourself bottle-making

Undoubtedly, you can buy a wooden, metal or plastic bottle holder at any furniture store. But it will be much more interesting to make a cargo for the kitchen with your own hands.

To make a cargo at home, you will need:

  • railing handles (3 pieces);
  • ball guides with door closers;
  • self-tapping screws for working with wood;
  • Chipboard in strips of 16 millimeters (11 pieces);
  • Chipboard in strips of 10 millimeters;
  • boards for levels;
  • details for the bed;
  • boards for a wardrobe with a pull-out part;
  • an edge to cut corners.

The workflow consists of the following steps:

  1. Fasten the two 16 mm strips with two 10 mm strips, you get levels.
  2. Screw the sides to the base using self-tapping screws.
  3. Drill holes for future handles.
  4. Screw the shelves with self-tapping screws to the edges of the bed, attach the handles.
  5. Screw the guides to the two outermost slats of the outer part of the structure, you get a body made of wooden planks.
  6. Fasten the parts with self-tapping screws, assemble the structure by placing the pull-out module in the cabinet. Ready!

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