Compact dishwasher: pros and cons, rating

The compact dishwasher is a godsend. According to statistics, very few people like to wash dishes, and almost every second person dreams of such a machine. But not in all apartments the technical parameters allow to accommodate a rather large mechanism. And then the compact dishwasher comes to the rescue.

Mini dishwasher

Does it make sense to buy a compact dishwasher?

The most important indicator is the number of members of your family. All sizes are smaller in mini dishwashers, but for a young family or rarely cooking singles, this will be a great option. A small dishwasher holds 4 to 6 sets of dishes. Despite the small size of the modules, any small unit has good functionality with high operational reliability.

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The best option would be to buy a dishwasher in white or metallic color, as they fit perfectly into almost any interior. A good option is the top-loading model with a control panel on the table top. This type is one of the most comfortable.

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Therefore, it is still worth buying a dishwasher, since it has much more advantages than disadvantages.

Dishwasher on the countertop

Pros and cons

Of the main disadvantages inherent in these devices, the following can be listed:

  • The need to wait for the entire chamber to fill. At the same time, today there are half load modes, and in some mini-machines you can start a cycle with 4 sets of dishes.
  • Costs for detergent tablets, rinses and water softeners. But here you should decide what is more important - the saved time or money for servicing the unit.

One of the main disadvantages of the dishwasher used to be the increased consumption of water (up to 26 liters), especially when the device was used daily at full load. Today, progressive models save not only water, but also electricity. For people with water meters in the house, this is the best option. In the future, the cost of a dishwasher (even the most expensive one) will certainly pay off by reducing utility bills.

The compact device consumes even less water and electricity, since it has a small volume of the washing chamber and spends little time on the process. Small dishwashers use no more than 6-7 liters per cycle. Washing dishes under running water today is much more wasteful than in a modern dishwasher.

And the most important advantage of the device is time and space saving. You will devote less than 30 minutes to an hour of your time to the procedure every day. In addition, the dishwasher additionally disinfects the dishes at 90 or 100 ° C. Usually, a person under running water will not be able to perform such a heat treatment in any way, for this additional efforts must be made.

Built-in dishwasher

Dimensions (edit)

Real mini dishwashers are small in size - 45 * 55 * 45 cm. They can wash up to 6 sets of full-size cookware in one cycle.

Small dishwashers with dimensions 45 * 60 * 85 are called narrow. Most often, the devices are quite low for ease of installation. The narrow machines are quite roomy, they can handle 6-10 sets of dishes, which is suitable for a family of three to four people. The main thing is that the depth of the cabinets allows you to accommodate these 85 cm.

Pots and fragile glasses are placed in narrow washing chambers, and the dishwasher will wash and dry everything in one hour. It is these units that use space more rationally and are often built-in. But for the price, they practically do not differ from full-size ones and they are purchased even for large families.

Compact dishwasher in the kitchen

Species diversity

Despite its small dimensions, even the cheapest dishwasher has up to 5 basic programs: a full cycle, daily, intensive and quick wash, as well as often found in modern devices eco-mode. Therefore, the compact dishwasher has no obstacles to any dirt, stuck and old stains. There are 2 types of such devices in total.

  1. Freestanding (solo), which are placed on a sideboard, table or sideboard. The tabletop device is one of the latest inventions. Most often, it is located on the surface of the table and up to 4 sets are loaded into it. They are cheaper than devices of the second type. In some models there is the possibility of subsequent embedding due to the removable top panel.
  2. Built into the kitchen, without decorative cladding on the sides and top. Such models allow you to preserve the style of the interior without disturbing it with household appliances. A dishwasher hidden under the worktable is a good idea. A classic unit will always cost less than the one that needs to be built in.

Installation features

First of all, before buying, you must decide exactly where your device will be located and measure everything with a tape measure. The main thing is that there is free access to the dishwasher, and there is water supply, sewerage and an outlet nearby. Usually, devices are located no further than 2-3 meters from the pipes and up to one meter from the outlet (standard cord length).

One of the most common places is under the sink, due to the proximity of communications. Also, the machine can be hung over the sink on a special shelf or mounts. Usually there is always free space and the dishwasher will not bother anyone.

And the third option is a free cabinet, if you have one. If there are more than one and a half meters to the communications, then the usual regular pipes will not be enough. We'll have to buy adapters and additional hoses (inlet and outlet).

Installation steps:

  1. If the dishwasher will stand on a ledge, and not on the floor, then the first step is to assemble the shelf. Drill holes in the cabinet or wall, hammer in the dowels and secure the shelf. Then lay the rubber backing, install the dishwasher itself and make sure that the appliance is stable.
  2. The next step is to connect to the sewer. Cut off the cold water and disconnect the pipe line that leads to the kitchen mixer with the supply hose. Mount a tap on it (preferably a tee), and leave the outlet free. Then screw the filter to it. Remember to wrap thread sealant against the threads.
  3. Then connect the siphon and connect the dishwasher. Pull the drain pipe up to the siphon fitting, slide the end of the hose over it and secure everything with a hose clamp. Screw the filler pipe onto the free thread of the flow filter, check the connection and the unit can be tested.

Best compact dishwashers

Our rating includes European cars that have an almost flawless build quality. But their Chinese counterparts are cheaper and often have some kind of error.

  • Bosch SKS50E32EU

This compact desktop machine has a small size - 45 * 55 * 45 cm. At the same time, she processes up to 6 sets of dishes with different degrees of soiling with cold water. Power consumption class A + (economical). The door has a Servolock system (smooth opening of the facade), GlassProtec (delicate washing of fragile glasses) and the possibility of incomplete loading.

And the device independently determines the type of detergent, has sensors for the quality and water leakage, and the dishes just creak from cleanliness. The only nuance can be considered the average noise level - 54 decibels. Price - from 21 thousand. rubles.

  • Whirlpool ADG422

This is a narrow built-in model (45 * 55 * 82 cm) made in Poland. It is very convenient to place it in niches of kitchen sets, and from above the equipment is closed by a front panel. The dishwasher will easily fit into the interior of any room.

Belongs to the latest generation of technology: it works quietly (45 dB) and economical (class A ++). At the end, you get completely dry dishes, and only 9 liters of water are spent for one cycle. Interestingly, buyers can see a certain amount of liquid in the reservoir of new equipment. The fact is that at the factory, before being sent to the store, the equipment is necessarily tested for all kinds of leaks.

This dishwasher with an electronic display can hold and wash up to 10 sets. In total, it has 7 programs, the most innovative - a delayed start up to 12 hours, the option "beam on floor "(when the end of work is visible in the built-in appliances), the Multi zone cleaning mode and protection against leaks. The device costs from 22 thousand. rubles.

  • Electorlux ESF2400OS

For the Swedish brand, mini-devices are mainly represented by free-standing models. It is the smallest dishwasher among the competition - only 43.8 cm high.

But with the complete set of this device, everything is fine - 6 programs, 4 temperature modes, power consumption class A + and even there is a delayed start. The dishwasher uses only 6.5 liters of water. You can buy Electorlux ESF2400OS in Moscow from 19 thousand dollars. rubles.

Electorlux ESF2400OS

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