Fridge is smoking

Usually the sound of the refrigerator is only heard "on business" - when the user forgets to close the door or selects a certain function in some models. You get used to such sounds quickly and stop noticing them. But what if the sound of the refrigerator is heard all the time or arises periodically even with the door closed? If the light bulbs also flash or other "symptoms" appear, the problem is obvious.

Next, we will consider why the refrigerator is pouring, when it is worth worrying, and when - no.

Content of the material:

  • 1The refrigerator makes strange noises - when it's normal
  • 2Why the refrigerator is pouring out
  • 3Frigging the fridge: what to do
    • 3.1What to do if the technique freezes, but still hinders a piercing squeak

The refrigerator makes strange noises - when it's normal

There are times when he worries about squeaking, but at the same time he remains absolutely working. Then you need to exclude situations in which there is no question of breakage:

  • Check,how tight is the door
    refrigerating or freezing chamber; she might have something to interfere with. The inclination of the hull forward, which provokes the spontaneous opening of the refrigerator, is not excluded. To solve the problem, you need to adjust the legs so that the body is tilted slightly back.

  • Maybe youdecided to do many freezes at once, because of which the temperature inside the refrigerator cabinet rose. Unload the shelves and refrigerate the products in batches or wait until the motor reaches the desired temperature. The standard freezer is designed to freeze 6 kg of products per day. If you have loaded 6 or more kg per day to keep the compressor running, it's best to turn it off for 1 hour every 24 hours.

  • Disturbsthe signal of a brand new refrigerator? Do not worry: the technician needs time to get into full-fledged working mode and catch up with the desired temperature level in the compartments. For the same reasons, the refrigerator is poured after defrosting - in this case, it also needs to give time for "acceleration".
  • Look in the freezer - if youA long time did not unfreeze the camera, then a lot of snow or ice could be trapped in it. A frost or a "fur coat" interferes with the sensor, so it receives incorrect data. Defrosting is required within 10-24 hours.

  • Maybe,launched "Superzamorozka". In some models, this function is turned off automatically after a few hours, while others require manual intervention and stopping the mode.

If the sounds continue or vice versa - the technique does not squeak with the door open, the system clearly crashed. It will be useful for you to know the reasons for its occurrence for prompt troubleshooting.

Why the refrigerator is pouring out

If you are ready to solve the problem, but the obsessive sound prevents you from concentrating and making a decision - turn it off before the arrival of a specialist. Usually, the disconnect button is located directly on the user panel. It is indicated in different brands and models in different ways: for example, ALARM or OK. In the models "Bosch" is drawn a speaker, and in "Nord" - the symbol of the crossed bell. If you do not find this button intuitively, disconnect the power and wait for a specialist.

Important! A sound indicates a problem. Therefore, it should not simply be removed, so that it "does not unnerving". After switching off, proceed to self-repair or call a master to prevent the equipment from reaching a major breakdown.

If the technique is not just squeaky with the door closed, but it also weakly cools the food, the reason for this may be:

  • refrigerant leakage;
  • temperature sensor failure;

  • decompression or loss of motor performance;
  • failure of the electronic board;
  • violation of the defrost system;
  • failure of the cooler;

  • wedging of the damper;
  • wear of the door seal.

These reasons for a squeak can also occur during normal operation of both cameras:

  1. The sensor of the closed door broke.
  2. The integrity of the plume of the electronic scoreboard is broken.
  3. One or more buttons of the user panel are defective.

This is a short list of possible causes that cause a constant squeak. Next, we will look at each fault separately and give brief instructions for action.

Frigging the fridge: what to do

Breaking Symptom Cause Elimination
Refrigerant leaks.

In a refrigerator with one compressor, both compartments do not work, and in a model with two motors, one of them. The compressor operates without shutdowns or makes too short pauses to compensate for the lack of cold.

In some models, the LED light is on or blinking.

The system is damaged, gas leakage occurs. Find the location of the leak, seal the system and refuel the circuit.

Temperature sensor failure.

In a model with a single motor, both compartments do not freeze, with two separate ones. A light is on the user panel, the motor does not rest.

In electronic models, the corresponding error code is lit.

Due to a breakdown, the thermistor in the compartments becomes warmer, which triggers the activation of the alarm. Replace faulty temperature sensor
Breakdown of the motor-compressor.

1. There is a constant squeak, the engine hums all the time. The offices are too warm. There is light in the cell. In addition to the above, the indicators may flash on the panel.

2. A squeak is heard, the compressor is trying to start, but it's unsuccessful. The chambers are warm, and the motor housing can also be heated.

3. The compressor switches off for short periods of time or does not turn off at all. The compartments are not cold enough. In addition to the alarm, red / yellow lights on the control panel may flash or blink.

Breakdown of the compressor components, decompression. Change the motor to a new one.
Board failure.

In the one-compressor model, there is no cold in one of the compartments, in a refrigerator with two motors, heat in both chambers.

Failure is accompanied by a flashing red light.

Failure can be caused by a voltage drop. In rare cases, the factory marriage is to blame. Due to the high humidity in the room, the board contacts can oxidize. Firmware or complete module replacement.

Failure of the defrost system.

In the model with the function No Frost the temperature mode is overestimated, the alarm is working, the red lamp is flickering. On the evaporator is a layer of ice. One of the elements of the defrost system could break. It is necessary to replace the faulty node.

Breakage of the fan.

In the freezer with No Frost high temperature, the compressor works, but the fan does not spin. There is a constant squeak. In the "drip" models the second camera works as expected, and in the refrigerator with Full No Frost (full) both compartments do not work. Cameras do not cool, because a broken cooler does not overtake cold air. Change the fan (or the cooler motor, if it breaks).

The shutter stopped.

In systems with Full No Frost, the temperature in the compartments is too high, the squeak and flashing of the ALARM lamp (Caution!).

Air does not come from the freezer to the second compartment.

This could also occur due to freezing of the damper or breakage of the reed switch. The cause of the malfunction can be a gear motor.

Repair or replace broken parts.
Seal worn out. The peep sounds constantly, but the door can not close tightly. The compressor started to run less often. In some models, an emergency LED is lit. The seal can be damaged if the operating rules are not observed, but natural wear can also be excluded. Frequent opening and closing of the door and clapping especially contribute to rapid wear. Check the tightness of the rubber bands by laying a small strip of paper in all suspicious areas. Where the seal does not stick to the body, the paper will fall out. It is necessary to glue the elastic band or replace it with a new one.

What to do if the technique freezes, but still hinders a piercing squeak

Problem Symptom Cause How to fix
The sensor of the closed door broke. The sound is uninterrupted. The red LED is on or flashing. The reed switch mistakenly "believes" that the door is open, therefore it constantly forces the refrigerator to squeak. Replace the sensor with a serviceable component.

The integrity of the plume of the electronic scoreboard is broken.

In addition to the squeak, you may find that the electronic display does not work. The failure can be accompanied by the absence of light in the chamber. Due to the integrity of the loop, the door contact with the control module is lost. Replace the loop of the screen.

One or more buttons of the user panel are defective.

This can be a start button or temperature regulators. The sound is heard periodically, the bulbs can chaotically glow. Due to broken buttons, the normal operation of the user panel is broken. Replace the buttons or immediately the entire panel. Carry out maintenance, clean and solder unreliable connections.

Now you know all about why your refrigerator squeaks. Moreover - you know the causes of the squeak, and you know exactly what to do.

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