Malfunctions of a two-chamber refrigerator Samsung

We'll figure out what kind of malfunctions are typical for Samsung with two cameras, we'll find out the typical breakages in normal models and with the No Frost function.

Two-compartment refrigerators, produced by the famous Korean corporation Samsung, are created according to the classical scheme. Thanks to the control system and the optimized thermal insulation layer of both chambers, the consumption of energy resources is reduced, so they are at the peak of popularity.

Content of the material:

  • 1Samsung double chamber refrigerator: malfunctions
    • 1.1Minor breakdowns that lead to major malfunctions
    • 1.2Frequent breakdowns of the two-camera "Samsung" and their repair
  • 2Two-chamber refrigerator "Know Frost malfunctions
    • 2.1Other problems
  • 3Prevention of breakdowns

Samsung double chamber refrigerator: malfunctions

Failures of refrigerators of this type are associated with the device of technology. Functionality provides a set of such systems:

  • housing with two chambers - refrigeration and freezing, in which antibacterial coating is provided;
  • cooling system, equipped with two necessary elements - motor-compressor and radiator;
  • control module that controls the operation of temperature regimes;
  • device that controls the occurrence of breakdowns (self-diagnosis system).

Minor breakdowns that lead to major malfunctions

Usually refrigerators do not break sharply - this is preceded by a whole strip of different signs indicating the probability of further breakdown. An unprepared user sometimes finds it difficult to catch these "distress" signals, so the problem is triggered until it turns into a serious malfunction. Take note of such shortcomings in the work of the refrigerator "Samsung" with two cameras to prevent breakage in time:

  1. Sometimes when you press the control buttondo not execute certain commands.Typically, users reboot the refrigerator, and the problem itself is neutralized, and the fault is written off to a "glitch." Typically, this behavior means that the signal on the loop connecting the control board and the door console is lost. It is the fault of the worn out wiring and the loosened contacts in the junctions. If you do not pay attention to this failure, it may result in the need for repair or replacement of the control module.
  2. You hearnoise when the motor-compressor, and when you turn off the technician vibrates too much. This may indicate a malfunction of the motor, but at the initial stage it is enough to inspect its mountings.

    Important! Such an inconspicuous breakdown often results in a leak of refrigerant.

  3. Slowly but surelythe temperature in one of the chambers is growing(more often - in refrigeration). Most likely, the chamber is depressurized or steam circulation is disturbed. Also, the voltage drop across the contacts is not excluded. Such a problem results in the fact that the upper chamber does not work at all or the motor-compressor breaks down.

Frequent breakdowns of the two-camera "Samsung" and their repair

Most often, the Samsung refrigerator, equipped with two separate cameras, is out of order for the following reasons:

  1. The control module is broken due to power surges.
  2. The thermistor or its terminals, contacts, wiring is damaged.
  3. The No Frost system breaks down.
  4. There is no cold in the lower chamber.
  5. Infringement of tightness of system therefore there is a leak of a refrigerant (freon).
  6. Violations in the work of the self-diagnosis system.

In modern Samsung refrigerators (and in models of other brands), repairs usually come down to replacing parts, since many of them are not repairable. The service centers have a complete repair base for eliminating such situations.

Two-chamber refrigerator "Know Frost malfunctions

Samsung's two-chamber refrigerators with Cool`n`Cool or No Frost failures are due to the peculiarities of these systems. Failures are preceded by such phenomena:

  • the formation of the ice layer due to improperly set temperature conditions, which entails an increased consumption of energy resources;
  • overflowing the pallet (at the same time, the products start to disappear quickly).

Important! The difference between refrigerators "Samsung"No Frost of a two-chamber type consists of a static temperature in each chamber (fluctuations do not exceed, and degrees). Different temperature regimes operate in different parts of the chambers.

Other problems

In the modern model, the control panel responds to the occurrence of a fault by displayingDTCon display. In more simple modifications, a certain combination of light bulbs or a special indicator ALARM flashes. The breakdown of models with No Frost can be provoked by a number of factors:

  1. Increase the temperature in the chambermore than 3 degrees. This can be caused by the frequent opening of the door on a particularly hot summer day. To fix the problem, close the door tightly enough and do not open it for several hours.
  2. No temperature mode selected. You can adjust the situation by referring to the user's manual.
  3. Fan failure. No Frost freezers have a special fan that circulates cold air through the chambers. If this part breaks, the whole system "Without frost" breaks down. You can detect damage by the appearance of ice or snow "coat" - in models with NF, this phenomenon should not be. Also, a slight characteristic noise is lost, which is emitted by the evaporator fan.
    Important! Sometimes the cooler simply freezes with ice, which makes it difficult to rotate. Failure is accompanied by noise from the freezer. To fix the problem, it's enough to defrost the system (note that NO FROST models need defrost for 24 hours).
  4. If the door is incorrectly rearranged, the control panel contacts may be broken. If the bulbs flash randomly or the panel and the display do not work at all, it is worthwhile to recheck the connections.

The breakdown of refrigerators with two cameras on electronic control and the "No Frost" system can also disturb such failures:

  • knock, noise, rattling;
  • poor cooling during normal operation of the freezer;
  • serviceable freezer in the absence of cold in the main compartment;
  • water inside the chambers;
  • slow start of the compressor or its start with a large delay;
  • continuous operation of the motor;
  • display failure.

The above problems relate to the electronic part, but there are breakages that occur exclusively mechanically. The result they usually have is this:

  • breaks in the electrical circuit of the defrost heater;

or such;

  • refrigerant leakage from the circuit.

Prevention of breakdowns

How to care for an ordinary refrigerator knows, probably, everything. Models equipped with No Frost require special attention and care:

  1. Avoid manual defrosting. Automatic defrosting is allowed no more than once a year to wash and clean the refrigerator.
  2. Wash shelves and containers without using abrasive household chemicals. Suitable ordinary aqueous solution of soda - it perfectly eliminates odor and pollution.
  3. The rear surface also needs to be treated - it needs to be cleaned off with dust and dirt to protect the unit from overheating.
  4. In the No Frost models, the products are stored in bags, food film or sealed containers.

Two-compartment refrigerators of Samsung brand are one of the most popular on the market, therefore, if they break down, there will be no problems with repair and selection of parts. But it is better not to bring the situation to a critical state, in time to notice the malfunctions and to avoid failures.

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