How to Hang Tools on a Garage Wall: Garage Ideas and Tips

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Along with the role of a parking lot for cars and motorcycles, the garage also serves as a storage facility for tools and overall items. The main task of the owners is to prevent littering of the premises and keep the contents of the garage in order. However, there are so many small tools, devices and various devices that it is rather difficult to maintain order. And you want everything to lie in its place and at the same time be easy to find, do you agree?

We will help to cope with this task - in our article we will tell you how to hang tools on the wall in the garage and what tricks you can use to correctly place all the tools. We will also present several options for functional structures that you can make with your own hands.

The content of the article:

  • Garage Ideas
  • Instructions for creating a storage system
    • №1. Tool stand
    • №2. Organizer for small tools
    • №3. Wooden storage panel
    • №4. Tool rack
  • Tips for keeping order
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Garage Ideas

In the garage, where the area is already limited, space zoning plays an important role in the arrangement. It is worth paying attention to the thoughtful division of the room into certain zones.

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It may consist of the following parts:

  • Storage area for large items.
  • Corner for needlework and creativity.
  • A place to work on the machine and other equipment.

An important moment in creating a comfortable and cozy garage is objects and parts, containers and boxes that are correctly selected in terms of colors and sizes. After all, they not only give a neat look to the room, but are also able to create a comfortable atmosphere in the garage.

Arrangement of storage places on the wall

When tools are in an accessible place and neatly stowed, work is more productive, faster and more enjoyable.

We offer to consider interesting ideas and devices that can create order and profitably use every square meter in your garage:

  • hanging table. It can be stationary or folding. When folded, it occupies 10 cm from the wall, thus it does not interfere with the passage and saves space in the workshop area. But, if you raise the countertop, you get a full-fledged workplace. The tabletop can be made of solid wood or high-strength polypropylene. It depends on how you will use the table.
  • Activate the ceiling. You can make a suspended ceiling mezzanine, thereby freeing up a lot of usable space in the garage. To do this, there are modular storage systems with a large number of accessories: mezzanines of different sizes, brackets of various types that can move along rails. This is a great solution for seasonal storage.
  • Hanging cabinets. Forget about floor-standing cabinets - they can hang perfectly on the wall, and the shelves inside can be installed at any height. And if the cabinet is made of metal, then it can withstand heavy objects and be resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Bicycle storage bracket. There are several different ways to store your bike. For example, if the height of the room allows, you can remove it for the winter under the ceiling. And in the summer, when it should be at hand, you can use a horizontal bracket. The bike can be easily removed - you can sit down and go for a ride.
  • Hooks on the cabinet front. If you already have a large wardrobe in the garage, you can hang hooks on the inside of the facade and place small parts of appliances there. And on the outside of the facade, you can install a panel for larger tools. Thus making the cabinet more functional.

These options for organizing space will help you keep your garage organized and easily find the thing you need, the tool.

Wall storage options

Walls can be made more functional by intelligently organizing additional storage places: fixing brackets for fixing tires and bicycles, additional hooks or a hanging table

Instructions for creating a storage system

You can make an economical and convenient tool storage system yourself. It will take a little time and effort and it does not require large expenses.

№1. Tool stand

You can purchase a ready-made tablet for storing tools, the base of which is made of a perforated metal panel. However, by building a stand with your own hands from the remnants of building material, you will not only save money, but you will also be able to make a structure that is the right size for your garage.

For manufacturing, you will need a piece of plywood, the remains of a welded mesh, wire cutters.

Welded mesh tool panel

Welded mesh and plywood are simple materials found in almost every garage. But they can easily turn into a very functional and convenient storage system in a matter of minutes.

Stand manufacturing procedure:

  1. We fasten the mesh to the plywood surface using self-tapping screws with a press washer. By biting the wire in the right place, you get a large number of hooks. They can be bent in any direction, depending on what you need to hang.
  2. Next, we allocate space for a compact arrangement of tools, make marks with a pencil to fix them.
  3. We hang clips for polypropylene on this design - we also get excellent holders for screwdrivers and pliers.
  4. For a screwdriver, a plastic adapter for a 50 to 70 pipeline is useful as a holder.
  5. If there is a piece of foam or foam plastic, it can be attached to this stand to stick in any small things.

If there is free space on the stand, you can install an interesting organizer for small things. It will need 110th sewer plugs, some more clips and a piece of 25th plastic pipe. It is better to place the holder near the side of the plug, then it will not rotate. You can fasten the finished organizer to the stand using the same clips, but with latches.

№2. Organizer for small tools

To organize small parts, tools and gear that usually lie in different places in a chaotic way, you can make a compact organizer.

For this you will need:

  • plastic pipes of different diameters;
  • a piece of any board;
  • glue universal.

It is necessary to make a cut in the pipes at 45 degrees. This method is very simple in that by making one cut, you get two blanks.

Then it remains to glue them with the cut part to the board with reliable glue, for strength you can fix them with screws at the base of the pipes.

Plastic pipe storage system

After the entire structure is assembled, it can be hung on the wall, secured with self-tapping screws. It remains to place the necessary tools and other small things in the cells

In addition to the garage tool storage system, you can make many useful homemade plastic pipes for home, garden, orchard.

№3. Wooden storage panel

The simplest and most inexpensive way to store all keys, screwdrivers and pliers is wooden panels. They save space in the garage as much as possible, and making them yourself is as easy as shelling pears. For manufacturing, you can take the most common board from the remnants after the repair.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. On the board, you need to make markings, then drill holes for the necessary fasteners. For convenience and efficient planning, we advise you to place all the tools and devices on the prepared board in advance, and think in what order and at what distance to mount them.
  2. We screw in all the screws according to the previously marked marks. In order for the self-tapping screw to be firmly fixed when screwing in, it is recommended to pre-drill small holes of a smaller diameter, then it will be easier and smoother to screw in.
  3. Fasten the finished panel to the wall. Level up. It is important to follow all safety rules when mounting. Do not forget to use personal protective equipment when working with electric tools (goggles and dielectric gloves).

When attaching, be careful not to hit or hit the wiring inside the wall. Would like to know how it is laid out. You can take the separation box as a reference point, it is always located under the ceiling, all wires diverge from it.

Stick to the basic rule: never drill in a vertical or horizontal line from a socket or switch.

Wooden storage panel

After mounting the system on the wall, the most pleasant thing remains - to place all the tools and appliances in their places. If necessary, you can use various fastening elements for pipes and cables, a mounting bracket, fasteners of different thicknesses and sizes.

If you plan to use a screwdriver or grinder, learn and follow the safety precautions when working with power tools.

№4. Tool rack

The main structure, consisting of four vertical and several horizontal boards, connected to them crosswise.

It is important to note that the top edge of each horizontal plank should be beveled at a 45 degree angle to accommodate shelves and hanging containers. This cut can be made with a circular saw.

Board shelving

Horizontal boards must be fixed at a certain distance from each other. This design will make it possible to insert the suspension into their holes.

The main advantage of such a rack is that all hanging elements are easily attached and removed. Shelves and storage devices can be made independently, or you can use ready-made boxes by attaching a suspension to them.

During operation, you can add new structures, as well as move existing ones in places. shelves.

Tips for keeping order

After completing the installation of shelving and panels, hanging all the tools and appliances, it's time to think about maintaining this ideal order for a long time.

Indeed, after a week, a month or more, you also want to enjoy a systematic and neat environment. To adhere to this order and not confuse your devices, we recommend using hint labels.

Labels for appliances and tools

After the most compact hanging, you need to stick stickers with the image of the device at their locations

The second way to organize the storage system is numeral designation. It is necessary to mark the tool itself and the place where it should hang with the same number.

And to make it comfortable to work in the garage at any time of the year, you should take care of the organization ventilation and heating.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Making a rack for storing tools with your own hands:

Making a panel for tools:

It is not difficult to transform a garage into a comfortable and thoughtful place of work, while maintaining a presentable appearance. Use our recommendations for the rational arrangement of the premises, show your imagination and build the garage of your dreams with your own hands.

Do you have original garage storage ideas that we haven't covered in this post? Share your options with our readers - the feedback form is located below. You can also take part in the discussion, ask questions to our experts, add a photo of the walls of your garage with equipped tool storage systems.

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