Malfunctions of washing machines Fagor (Fagor)

The company Fagor produces only modern washing machines, the design of which is based on advanced technologies. Repair of washing machines Fagor is required infrequently and usually relies on the technological features of these machines.

When a user encounters a malfunction, the first thing he tries to remember is where the instruction manual went. If it is completely lost, our practical advice and recommendations will help you.

We will consider frequent and typical SM problems of this brand, we will review the fault codes and tell you how to repair yourself.

Content of the material:

  • 1How to find out about the failure: Fagor error codes
  • 2Typical malfunctions of Fagor machines
    • 2.1The selected wash cycle does not start
    • 2.2The machine Fagore has flowed
    • 2.3Too much vibration when squeezing
    • 2.4Squeeze of laundry is weak or completely absent
    • 2.5No discharge of water in the car Phagor
    • 2.6Do not open the cap of Fagor
    • 2.7Slow opening of the door

How to find out about the failure: Fagor error codes

Usually, the user learns of the problem by detecting a message on the electronic display. Let's consider the error codes typical for Fagor washing machines.

Code Value
d01 The machine does not fill with water.
d02 There is no draining.
d03 Water heating is not fixed.
d04 Broken triac.
d07 The hatch is open.
d10 There was too much water.
d17 The belt is moved from the pulley. Parking sensor defective.
d21 The control unit is broken.
ER12 The loading door is open.
F01 Water is not poured.
F02 There is no plum, and with it the drum does not rotate.
C03 The drum does not rotate.
F04 Washing machine Fagor does not start.
F05-F10 If errors occur in the range F05-F10, the manufacturer recommends contacting a specialist.

Having considered these trouble codes, it is easy to conclude which errors for Fagor washing machines are more typical.

Important! Since in the Russian Federation, mainly in demand vertical washing machines Fagor, the review will touch the styaroks of this type.

Typical malfunctions of Fagor machines

Most often, CMA Fagor has such a breakdown:

  • The user-selected washing cycle does not start.
  • The machine is leaking.
  • When spinning, the machine vibrates too much and "jumps".
  • AGR does not discharge water.
  • Poorly pressed clothes (or no spin).
  • The lid does not open.
  • The door opens too slowly.

Next, consider each of the breakdowns separately, and you will find out what it will take to repair the washing machine Fagor with your own hands.

An overview of the typical breakdowns we will use for the example of the popular model Fagor 1FET-109W (with vertical loading).

The selected wash cycle does not start

Attention! Check if you forgot to press the "START / PAUSE" button.

Next, to troubleshoot:

  1. Check if the Stiralk is on the network.
  2. See if the power cord is plugged into the network, and check the integrity of the cord.
  3. Ensure that the plug and socket are not damaged.
  4. Make sure that the water tap is open.
  5. Check the tightness of the cover.

The machine Fagore has flowed

Important! If you notice a puddle near the machine or under it, immediately unplug the power cord from the outlet. Disconnect the fuse and the water tap that supplies water to the SM.

Causes of malfunction:

  • The drain cock was incorrectly mounted.
  • Damaged pipes supplying water to the AGR.
  • Stretched clamps on hoses and nipples.

Too much vibration when squeezing

Important! The root cause of this failure is the incorrect installation of the machine.

To eliminate vibration and prevent possible damage, follow the recommendations:

  1. Check that all the transport devices - wedges, gaskets, clamps and bolts - have been removed.
  2. Check with the help of the building level, whether the machine is installed evenly, whether the floor is flat.
  3. Adjust the feet of the CM.

Squeeze of laundry is weak or completely absent

Attention! You may have chosen a program without spinning - make sure that the washing mode is selected correctly.

Other causes can also cause a bad spin:

  • Imbalance of the drum due to improper distribution of laundry.
  • Control board failure. In this case, independent repair is not possible.

No discharge of water in the car Phagor

Attention! Before you look for the cause of the failure, make sure that you did not select the "Full tank stop" washing mode.

If the above reason is excluded, then the problem may be as follows:

  • The filter cork is blocked with small debris.
  • The drain hose is bent or clogged.

How do I clean the filter?

  1. Find the technical hatch on the front panel of the AGR at the very bottom.
  2. Open the hatch and unscrew the big rubber stopper.
  3. Clean the filter mechanically, delivering small debris.
  4. Rinse the filter under the tap.
  5. Replace.

Take this video, it shows how quickly to remove clog:


For cleaning, you need to remove the hose from the sewer pipe and the body of the washing machine Fagor. Rinse the hose under running water, re-install and tighten the clamps.

Do not open the cap of Fagor

Attention! If you can not open the lid, it may be worthwhile to wait until the wash is over - the lid will not open during the cycle.

If the washing has long ended, and the lid does not open, most likely, the locking mechanism has failed or there are problems with the electronic module.

Slow opening of the door

This fault is typical for models that are equipped with doors with a smooth opening. Breakage can cause a number of reasons:

  1. You have not used SM for a long time.
  2. We installed the equipment in a cold place.
  3. Hinges are blocked by powder residues.

In this case, usually repair is not needed - the function is activated after the first opening. If the problem is the failure of the mechanism itself, then it needs to be replaced.

As you can see, many breakdowns of Fagor washing machines do not require urgent evacuation of equipment to the workshop - it is enough to take simple measures. But do not save, if it is a serious fault - if you need to replace the bearing, repair the engine or module, it is better to call the workshop.

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