Why Steam Function in a Washing Machine

A washing machine with steam function, although not a novelty, is not popular either. The first model with a ferry from LG was released in 2005. In Russia, such a technique appeared even later, so most users do not know why the function of the pair is needed at all.

Such stilacs stand quite expensive, so in the article we will consider all the pros and cons of machines with steaming to understand whether it is profitable or not.

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    • 3.3Electrolux EWW51685
    • 3.4Daewoo DWD-LD1432

How the steam function works in a washing machine

Depending on the brand of machine (LG, Electrolux, Ariston), the principle of steam washing can vary. In some models it is an insignificant bonus for giving things freshness. In others, it is a full-featured function that allows you to remove contaminants.

A steam generator is located in the back of the stylalk. To it the pipe of the jellied valve through which the water arrives in a capacity is fastened. On the other hand, a rubber tube is attached to the steam generator, which is connected to the tank. It is through it that steam enters the drum with the laundry.

So, clothes can be processed and disinfected by steam without getting wet. It is very convenient if you need to quickly refresh things. Steam penetrates deep into the fibers, killing germs that cause allergies, fungi. The linen becomes fresh, thus there are no creases.

Advantages and disadvantages

Do we need steam cleaning technology for home use? Analyzing user feedback, you can distinguish such advantages:

  1. Saving. Using steam technology, you can not use detergent powders and gels. Water to run the steam generator is used much less than with conventional washing. Since steam is formed faster than warm water for washing, electricity is also consumed at a minimum.
  2. Easy care. Do you need to put things in order? Hurry to meet, and no time to tidy up your blouse? Use a refreshing steam. Hot steam processing will smooth the folds on things, eliminate the unpleasant odor. And most importantly - you save time on drying. You get things a little wet, they dry out quickly.
  3. Steam replaces boiling and pre-soaking. Penetrating into the fibers, the steam contributes to better splitting of the stains during washing.
  4. Any linen can be processed. Even woolen and silk things. And for clothes with the badge "hand wash" is no longer needed dry cleaning, the steam machine will replace it.


  1. Limited choice. Stiralki with a steam function in our country are represented by brands AlGy, Electrolux, Hotpoint Ariston, Bosch, Whirlpool.
  2. Price. The cost of such cars starts from 35 thousand rubles. It is clear that the budget options have only a refreshing steam. So do not expect that you can replace this function with this function. In more expensive models from Virpul, steam processing removes stains.

It is worth considering whether technology will be in demand in your family. Why overpay for the functional, which is used at most twice a year, and even does not remain unclaimed. After all, fast washing regimes also allow you to effectively bring your clothes in order.

Rating of machines with steam function

Consider the best models of SMA with the function of steam and compare them with each other.


The model has high washing and energy efficiency classes. Convenient electronic control with LCD display. There are 14 programs, as well as a mode of freshening by steam. The design has received full protection against leaks.

Powerful spinning - 1400 rpm - allows you to get almost dry clothes from the tank. At one time you can wash 8 kg of laundry.


The machine has a bubble type drum and electronic control. The drum capacity for washing is 8 kg, for drying - 5 kg. Spinning reaches 1400 rpm. The steam mode "Freshen" removes an unpleasant smell, smoothes wrinkles.

The development of TagOn allows you to download new programs of washing through a mobile application. The inverter motor runs almost noiselessly.

In total in this model 12 programs of washing and 2 drying modes.

Electrolux EWW51685

The washing machine with the function of drying and steaming accommodates 8 kg of laundry. The manufacturer provided 14 washing programs and a maximum spin - 1400 revolutions. Special mode allows you to wash and dry clothes in just 60 minutes.

Another interesting feature: the OptiSense system automatically calculates the weight of the laundry, as well as how much detergent and water are needed per wash. So you can save resources. Provides protection from children and control of imbalance.

Daewoo DWD-LD1432

The capacity of the model DWD-LD1432 is really impressive - 1, kg! A special star-shaped drum is installed, in which the holes are smaller than in the usual one. This approach prevents the jamming of small objects.

The direct-drive motor provides a rotation speed of 1400 revolutions during spinning. CMA includes 12 programs, as well as additional functions for steaming and Air Bubble. The latter during the washing activates the effect of bubbles, which effectively wash away impurities from the tissues.

According to the manufacturer - the function of the steam is necessary and useful technology. We have described the pros and cons of steam-powered washing machines, the decision is yours.

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