Installing an air conditioner in the corridor: the rules for choosing the best place for air conditioning

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Now it is impossible to imagine life without air conditioning. Providing a comfortable temperature in the room during the hot season, air cooling systems have become a part of human everyday life. They are installed in factories, offices, houses and apartments. Not only the most efficient operation of the device, but also the health of people inside the room depends on the choice of installation location.

The number of installed air conditioners usually depends on the number of rooms in the apartment, but limited the budget and the desire to reduce the amount of electricity consumed make it necessary to come up with ways to optimize expenses. One of them is the installation of an air conditioner in the hallway of the apartment. But how to do it right and what nuances to consider when choosing a place for installation?

It is these questions that we will discuss in our article, having considered the nuances of choosing the optimal place in the corridor for installing an air conditioner. Consider the pros and cons of this solution, give useful recommendations.

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The content of the article:

  • Why install air conditioning in the hallway?
  • Pros and cons of such placement of equipment
  • Recommendations for choosing a suitable location
  • The nuances of installing an air conditioner
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Why install air conditioning in the hallway?

In summer, as the temperature rises, the demand for air conditioners increases dramatically. In rooms where air conditioners are installed and operate, a fairly comfortable microclimate is formed.

But owners do not always have the opportunity to install climate control equipment in all rooms - they need to reduce electricity consumption or there is no financial opportunity. But I want to create a comfortable microclimate throughout the apartment.

It is the solution to the issue of savings and the ability to provide cool air to all living quarters of the apartment that pushes the owners to look for alternative solutions, including:

  • installation of one powerful air conditioner in one of the rooms;
  • installation of one air conditioner in the hallway.

At the same time, it should be noted that the installation of a household air conditioner in the corridor is considered more acceptable - this is the passage part of the apartment, in which no one lingers for a long time.

If, however, one of the rooms is chosen as the place of deployment, then to cool the entire apartment with one device, you will need set a lower temperature, which can lead to colds and other diseases of those who will be in this room.

By installing an air conditioner in the hallway, it is indeed possible to achieve cooling of the entire apartment, but this will occur only if the power of the equipment is correctly selected and it is correctly located in hallway.

Air conditioner installed above the front door

One of the most common options for installing an indoor unit of an air conditioner in a corridor is to place it above the front door. This method allows you to exclude installation work inside the apartment. All communications connecting the blocks and removing drainage are located outside the apartment on the landing

When choosing one air conditioner for the whole apartment, it is necessary to take into account an important parameter - the cooling capacity of the device (cooling power). It is indicated on all equipment in kW or special units of measurement - Btu (British thermal unit).

For selection of the required power you need to calculate the area of ​​​​the apartment. So, for 10 square meters, an air conditioner with a power of 1 kW (3412 BTU) is suitable.

It is worth noting that in order to cool all the rooms in the apartment, a sufficiently powerful device will be required, which, in terms of its geometric parameters, will have impressive dimensions.

Pros and cons of such placement of equipment

And now let's talk in detail about the pros and cons of installing an air conditioner in the hallway. As already noted, such a decision comes from the desire ensure the same comfortable temperature throughout the apartment one device.

Other advantages of this solution include:

  • annual Maintenance only one air conditioner is required;
  • centralized cooling system;
  • lack of directed cold air in living rooms, which reduces the risk of diseases;
  • the absence of a temperature difference in individual rooms of the apartment, which also affects human health.

This placement of the air conditioner also allows you to cool the kitchen, which has a positive effect on the person involved in cooking.

It is important to consider that with poor air exchange (doors closed or windows open in one of the rooms), the air temperature will be level out much longer, remaining in the corridor a couple of degrees lower than in that part of the apartment where admission is difficult air.

Air conditioner indoor unit

The option with the location of air conditioners in the corridor is not suitable for all apartment projects. Optimal are apartments of the "raspashenka" type, when there is access to all rooms from the corridor. If the rooms are adjacent, then this solution will not work here.

Cons of this solution:

  • if the location of the indoor unit is chosen incorrectly, a failure in the same cooling of all rooms is possible - the temperature in other rooms may differ by 5-6 degrees;
  • impressive dimensions of the indoor unit - if you use a powerful system;
  • complex work on the installation and laying of communications - since the distance between the indoor and outdoor unit will be quite impressive, additional technical implementations will be required;
  • high price good conditioner, as well as the considerable cost of installation.

When installing the indoor unit of the air conditioner in the corridor and connecting it, work may affect several rooms of the apartment.

It is worth noting that it is not necessary to purchase air conditioners with cooling capacity for the entire area of ​​​​the apartment. When purchasing standard equipment designed to operate in one large room, the cooling function will also run (slightly longer than a more powerful device), there is simply a greater likelihood of a quick breakdown climate technology.

Recommendations for choosing a suitable location

When installing an air conditioner in the hallway for the whole apartment, the uniformity of air cooling in all parts of the apartment, as well as the correct operation of the device, depend on the choice of location.

Indoor unit on the wall

When choosing a wall for installing the air conditioner, do not install the indoor unit on a load-bearing wall. Installation of communications in the bearing wall will be extremely difficult

The fundamental rules for choosing a place in the corridor for the installation of climatic equipment:

  1. The outlet air flow from the indoor unit must not rest against the adjacent wall.. It is advisable to install the unit in such a way that the flow of cold air can be directed to other rooms of the apartment as much as possible. The minimum distance to the opposite wall is 1 meter.
  2. Maintaining the distance between the ceiling and the top of the indoor unit. It should be at least 10-15 cm to ensure unhindered air flow.
  3. Do not install the outdoor unit near furniture (cabinets), it is desirable to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters.
  4. Choosing the right wall for indoor unit installation - the choice should be made taking into account the most functional arrangement of communications for connecting to an external unit.
  5. Distance from the wall to the side walls of the block - when installing the indoor unit in the corner of the corridor, take into account the location of the side walls of the unit relative to the walls of the apartment - at least 20 cm.
  6. Installation of the outdoor unit is carried out only on the wall of the building - cannot be installed on a balcony frame due to the large weight of the unit and sufficiently powerful vibration.

When deciding on the installation of a domestic air conditioner in the hallway, it is worth evaluating its area.

So, the relatively small size of the room (less than 5-6 square meters) and the longitudinal corridors will not allow the air conditioner to function normally. The effect of beating cold air will disable the temperature sensor.

Ceiling air conditioner

An exception to comply with the parameters of the distance from the ceiling is the ceiling air conditioner. It is attached to the ceiling, and the necessary free space should be located under it - at least 10 cm

Also, in the absence of air circulation (closed interior doors), rapid cooling of a small space corridor will automatically turn off the compressor (thanks to the temperature sensor located on the internal block). Thus, the cooling of the space will stop.

The nuances of installing an air conditioner

Installation of a household air conditioner in the corridor is a rather complicated technical event that can lead to some changes in the interior of the hallway. Experts advise to combine this operation with renovation of the corridor.

The main nuances that arise when installing an air conditioner:

  1. Mandatory conduct of a separate power line.
  2. Determining the location of the condensate outlet.
  3. The choice of the location of the air conditioner communication route.

With the first point, everything is quite simple in the sense that conducting a power line to the hallway from the distribution point in the stairwell does not require wall chasing. It is enough to bring the cable inside the apartment and put it in the corner between the wall and the ceiling.

Location selection laying communications provides two solutions: through the apartment or through the entrance. The second option is the most acceptable - when outputting the communications route connecting the external and internal blocks of the air conditioner, only one hole will need to be made through the corridor in the apartment. As a rule, it is done above the front door. Through it, if necessary, you can run a power cable.

Plastic box for air conditioning communications

Installing a protective box for air conditioning communications through the entrance is needed not only to create an aesthetic appearance. The presence of protection allows you to prevent mechanical impact on the communication system of the air conditioner

The disadvantage of such a withdrawal of communications is that the entrance is the common property of the residents of the house. In the event of a conflict with neighbors, such communications can be filed with the management company and it will oblige to carry out dismantling.

Running the track inside the apartment will most likely affect several walls. There may be problems in making holes. Also, the communication system carried out can disrupt the interior design.

We talked more about installing and connecting an air conditioner in this article: How to install and connect an air conditioner: a detailed briefing, analysis of errors.

Determining the location of the condensate outlet is also considered an important point that should be taken into account and foreseen even at the stage of choosing the installation location for the indoor unit of the air conditioner.

There are three options for organizing the output of the drainage system:

  • outside the home;
  • inside the premises;
  • into the sewer.

Conclusion outside the apartment is considered the most common option. It is only worth considering that kinks should be excluded throughout the drainage system and a slope of 3 mm should be observed for each meter of drainage. In this option, the output is combined with communications between the air conditioner units and placed in the entrance, hiding them with a special box made of metal or plastic.

The conclusion of the drainage system inside the room is considered the simplest and most impractical way. Condensate is drained into a special container, which is installed in the corridor. There is a need to constantly monitor the filling capacity of the container.

Arrangement of the drainage system

If the rules for installing a drainage system to remove condensate are not followed, malfunctions may occur. So, if the slope is not taken into account when withdrawing the tube, then the liquid will pour out, flowing down the wall or dripping onto the floor.

The third option with the withdrawal of condensate into the sewer system is used when finishing or overhauling an apartment at the "rough" stage of finishing work. Condensate discharge in this case should be carried out subject to the presence of a special “dry” siphon when connecting the drainage to the sewerage system. Otherwise, an unpleasant odor may enter the room from the sewer.

It should be noted that in order to remove condensate in a drainage system longer than 6 meters, an additional, more powerful drainage pump will be required. The disadvantage of this installation is the difference between the service life of the air conditioner and the pump. The pump has a much smaller resource, so you will have to deal with the replacement of this element in the future.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules for arranging the system in more detail. condensate drain.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The procedure for installing an air conditioner in the corridor and laying communications are shown in this video:

Another option for placing communications when installing an air conditioner in the corridor is presented in this video:

Installing one air conditioner for the whole apartment is universal, for dwellings with several rooms. Installation in the hallway allows you to exclude the purchase of air conditioners for each room separately and ensures the same temperature throughout the entire area of ​​​​the apartment.

However, in order to implement the most efficient operation of the air conditioner with this installation solution, it is worth observing the rules for locating blocks and laying communications described in the article. In economic terms, installation work will cost a little more due to the length of communications.

If after reading the article you still have questions, you can ask our specialists in a special form below. And also here you can share your own experience, add unique photos of your air conditioner installed in the hallway.

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