Wooden orphanage in the country: ideas, photos, construction stages, materials, drawings, interior decoration

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The desire to have a secluded corner for games, relaxation, friendly gatherings arises in children so strongly that they try to build own housing from the most unexpected materials: curtains, bedspreads, cardboard boxes, Styrofoam residues and even scraps of boards and plywood.

At the same time, the construction process itself often captures the guys much more than the desire to quickly complete the construction phase. An alternative to a temporary structure can be a wooden orphanage in the country - durable, reliable design that can not only protect against drafts, rain, cold, but also last for several years contract.

wooden orphanage

The content of the article:

  • What material can be used for the future house?
  • How to make a house from different materials
    • plywood construction
    • Board construction
    • The use of a log
    • Use of pallets
    • Building a house on stilts
    • Building a tree house
  • How to equip a house inside

What material can be used for the future house?

A compact wooden house is a childhood dream, which is quite realistic if the family owns a summer house along with a small free plot. The joint implementation of the idea, the project plays an important role, since it unites all family members, teaches mutual understanding and mutual assistance.

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When choosing material for the construction of a children's house in the country, it is important to consider:

  • the location of the structure - it should be clearly visible from any point in the backyard;
  • the age of the child - a compact house made of plywood, shields or pallets is suitable for kids, while teenagers will need a stronger and more reliable building;
  • the size of the family budget;
  • the experience and skills of adult family members in the field of private construction.
How to make a wooden children's house in the country: ideas, drawings, construction steps

The wooden children's house is considered the most reliable and durable on the territory of the dacha, as evidenced by numerous photos. For its construction, they usually choose:

  • building board;
  • wooden pallets;
  • plywood sheets;
  • OSB, chipboard, fiberboard;
  • timber ordinary or glued;
  • log.

All wooden structures at the construction stage need to be thoroughly impregnated with fire-fighting and antiseptic compounds.

How to make a house from different materials

Own wooden house, even if small in size, will certainly please any kid. Moreover, in the country it is quite possible to build a solid building that can stand for more than one season. Building your own home will be an exciting experience, and if you allow a child to independently design the design of his first house, this will be remembered for the rest of his life.

The architecture and interior design of a children's wooden house in the country can be very diverse: from the usual from a one-room building to a luxurious palace with carved elements, a mysterious pirate schooner or a fabulous hut on chicken legs. A wigwam, a hut or an ordinary tent is suitable as a temporary shelter.

plywood construction

On the eve of the summer season, the process of building a wooden children's house in the country can be significantly accelerated if you take solid sheet plywood or OSB as a basis. Of course, such a design cannot be called durable, but its assembly will take no more than a couple of days.

To build a children's house, life-size templates are transferred from paper to plywood, after which blanks are cut out using a jigsaw. The prepared parts are fixed to the frame of thick beams using self-tapping screws. To enhance the strength of the plywood house, a support belt-base is buried in the soil, and if finances allow, a full-fledged foundation is laid.

plywood construction

Since children love to play on the floor, you need to take care of the insulation of this part of the building. A high-quality heat insulator is laid between the outer part of the base and the floor covering: foam or polystyrene.

Next, a frame is constructed for erecting walls and a ceiling, the roof is protected by any roofing roll material, siding, and tiles. The finished house is sheathed on the outside and inside with OSB, boards, and a heat insulator is also laid inside. The walls and ceiling are finished with plywood or clapboard.

Board construction

The material of this model of a wooden children's house for summer cottages is ordinary boards left over from the construction of the main residential building. This method of construction is considered the longest and most laborious, but it gives the best result.

Since natural wood is susceptible to decay, fungus, mold, all structural details are pre-treated with antiseptic compounds.

Board construction

For self-construction of a wooden children's house in the country, you will need the following materials:

  • board 50x200 and 50x100 mm;
  • wooden beams for the construction of the frame;
  • plywood sheets 200 mm thick;
  • galvanized wood screws;
  • wooden panels 25x150 mm for flooring;
  • rounded plinth;
  • wood siding;
  • roofing nails;
  • soft tiles.

The base is assembled from boards and wooden flooring - it will serve as a platform on which the house will stand, and slightly raise the floor above the ground. The boards are cut according to the template, the frame, as in the previous case, is assembled from thick beams. Further, the structure is sheathed with boards, leaving window and door openings empty.

After the walls are completely sheathed, they proceed to the construction of the roof - it can be single or gable. To do this, the frame is assembled again, covered with plywood sheets, then fixed on the slopes. At the final stage, the walls are sheathed with siding, the roof with soft tiles.

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The use of a log

The ability to independently develop projects will help turn an ordinary wooden children's house in the country into a fabulous hut. Construction is characterized by increased complexity, since it is comparable to the construction of a full-fledged log cabin. Compliance with the instructions will allow you to get a small area, but a strong stable building.

When building a wooden children's house in the country, the principle “bottom-up” is used, which is the same for all buildings, that is, first they lay the foundation, then the walls and the roof. The interiors are equipped with window and door openings, where, instead of ordinary glass, you can insert plexiglass and a full-fledged wooden door.

To improve the design, the cottage in the country house is equipped with a full-fledged entrance area: a small terrace, a porch with several steps, and patterned railings. All elements are combined under one roof and divided into several functional zones. When the area of ​​​​the plot in the country house allows, the orphanage can be supplemented with a stylized wooden composition from a log well, a bench, a sandbox with a canopy.

If for some reason it is not possible to install a real wooden children's log house in the country with your own hands, you can purchase a plastic imitation in the form of a log hut.

Use of pallets

In the manufacture of exclusive pieces of furniture, the construction of children's play houses for summer cottages on an individual project, transportation pallets are very often used. A simple design is easy to assemble with your own hands, having at hand only a hammer, a saw and a screwdriver with fasteners. It will not be superfluous to prepare a site at the dacha: clear and compact the soil, as well as prepare an open place for games or outdoor recreation.

Use of pallets

Since the wooden house is intended for children's games and entertainment during their stay in the country, you should choose pallets from clean, light, without visible defects of wood that have not been used anywhere before. Pallets covered with paint, used in markets or warehouses, as well as with IPPS marking, are not suitable for an orphanage.

In addition to wooden pallets, you will need:

  • quick-drying paint, varnish, antiseptic, impregnation;
  • screwdriver or electric drill;
  • nozzle for grinding wooden surfaces;
  • fastener, sandpaper.

A couple of pallets are used for the manufacture of the base platform and the roof. From the rest, walls are assembled. Pallets are interconnected using metal plates and corners. The floor is assembled from pallet dies, boards or plywood. The roof is covered with euroslate or soft tiles.

After the construction of the lightweight structure is completed, window and door frames are made out, after which they begin to paint the wooden orphanage. As soon as the paint dries, they move on to decorating the interior with furniture and accessories.

Building a house on stilts

This version of the children's house is great for giving with a small plot, since the sandbox is located on the ground directly under the very base of the wooden structure. Since children like to remain out of reach, the hut is installed on metal or wooden piles, then the window turns into a cute fairy-tale hut or captain's cabin.

Building a house on stilts

The supports are leveled in height, deepened by 25-30 cm (or more), concreted. Next, they make a strapping with a bar, lay logs, and attach plywood sheets. The walls are built from shields or sheets of plywood. They pre-cut window and door openings. Ready "walls" are lifted to the base and assembled into a frame. At the end, a ridge is formed from the bars, transverse gables are installed, and the roof is laid.

To make it convenient to climb up, a convenient reliable ladder is provided; for a rapid descent, you can make a real slide with sides along the edges, a fire pole or a rope. A spacious wooden house is often complemented by a specially equipped area for children's games, which includes sandbox, horizontal bar, swedish ladder, swings, sports equipment, and sometimes a compact safe climbing wall.

Building a tree house

An inconspicuous building is a mandatory attribute of most foreign films for children. And if you build it spacious in advance, the appearance of such a wooden house in the country will be happy not only for the young fiefs of the family, but also for representatives of the older generation. After all, it is simply impossible to find a more suitable place to dream, looking at the stars, meet the dawn, listen to the trills of the nightingale, read or just be alone.

Building a tree house

A reliable support in this project is an adult healthy tree with a powerful, even trunk, a spreading crown, not eaten by parasites.

A wooden orphanage built on a dacha tree is fixed in three ways with minimal damage to nature:

  • attached directly to the tree;
  • hanging with ropes;
  • installed on additional support poles.

When constructing a children's house on a tree in the yard of the cottage, they carefully consider the options for lifting, since children should climb inside their home as conveniently, easily and safely as possible. There are three types of stairs:

  • rope;
  • wooden attached;
  • stationary mid-flight with steps and railings.

Under the tree, sawdust must be dumped to soften the blow in the event of a fall. The design of the orphanage, as well as the dimensions, can be arbitrary.

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How to equip a house inside

In order for a wooden children's house, built with your own hands in the country, to turn into a cozy place, you need to decorate the interior. The stylistic decision is selected taking into account:

  • age and preferences of the young owner;
  • building dimensions;
  • construction type.

The walls and floor in the children's house are usually covered with waterproof paint, varnish, or treated with an antiseptic, and then with a special impregnation.

Window openings are left empty, in the cool season they are closed with plexiglass. The windows are decorated with light curtains, the floor is covered with a soft rug. The walls are equipped with small shelves, hooks for convenient placement of outerwear and favorite accessories.

Since the children's wooden house, built in the country, is predominantly large, inside you can install furniture: a dining or soft group, a small bed or a toy summer kitchen. In order for children to be comfortable in the house not only during daylight hours, but also in the evenings, it is advisable to consider safe lighting.

How to equip a house inside

Building a wooden house for children with their own hands in the country is not such a difficult task, especially since children will like any design. In order for the country residence to turn into a favorite children's playground, and its visit causes delight in the child, it is advisable to involve him in the development of sketches for the future building. In addition, such an activity can become an impetus for the development of creative abilities, arouse interest in construction and architecture.

And how do you feel about the fact that children have a small, but separate wooden house for games? Write in the comments about your experience in building a children's house in the country. If the information turned out to be useful, save the article in bookmarks, repost it through social networks. This will help expand our audience, and beginners - to engage in private construction.

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