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Setting up the spray gun is a mandatory procedure before painting. First of all, you need to check the pressure, which is easy to do with a built-in pressure gauge. Next, adjust the size of the torch and the air supply. Then they carry out preliminary testing and proceed to painting. How to properly perform all the preparatory work is described in detail in this material.

The content of the article

  • Device and principle of operation
  • Pressure setting
  • Other settings
  • Spray gun preliminary tests

Device and principle of operation

The pneumatic type airbrush consists of a mechanism and a tank with paint. It has a nozzle, feed channels, a needle, and a handle with a needle. Also, the device is equipped with several regulators that control different processes and parameters:

  • torch size;
  • air supply;
  • paint supply.

The spray gun is adjusted precisely with the help of these elements - they are shown in the diagram.


If we describe the principle of action in more detail, we get the following sequence:

  1. A regulator that determines the volume of air supply - it allows you to figure out how to set up an airbrush for painting. With it, you can set a certain level of pressure under which the paint will be sprayed.
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    Spray gun setting
  2. The regulator that determines the amount of paint supply - it can be found at the end of the device. The mechanism adjusts the amount of paint supplied - if necessary, it can be reduced or increased at any time.Spray gun adjustment
  3. Another element with which you can understand how to properly set up the spray gun is the torch size regulator. It allows you to set the desired shape and size of the torch, which makes the painting better.Torch size regulator

Based on this diagram and the analysis of individual elements, you can understand how the spray gun works. The principle is connected with the supply of compressed air under pressure. It pushes out the paint, which is forced through a narrow nozzle.

Coloring material is applied evenly. Moreover, the greater the pressure of the air flow, the smaller the drops of the composition will be. This is how a pneumatic spray gun works.

Since both the pressure level and the volume of paint can be adjusted, it becomes possible to fine-tune the staining process and achieve the desired result.

Pressure setting

In order not to run into a problem and not try to figure out how to fix the spray gun, you need to learn how to set it up correctly. And you should start with pressure, since this is the most important indicator. It is always specified in the tool description, i.e. in the manufacturer's instructions.

Moreover, in practice, situations may arise when the device does not work correctly. Then you will need to figure out why the spray gun spits paint and carry out self-configuration. The best way is to use a pressure gauge that is connected to the pistol grip. Next, they act like this:

  1. Open the regulators for the size of the torch and air supply (the mechanisms must be turned to the maximum).
  2. Activate the mechanism by pulling the trigger.
  3. At the same time turn the screw to adjust the pressure gauge.
  4. After the pressure reaches the desired value, completely open the paint supply (make 3-4 circles with the regulator).
  5. Then you need to test how the spray gun works, and start painting.

It also happens that the device is already equipped with a pressure gauge - in such cases, setting the pressure is even easier. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated before each procedure for "fine" adjustment.

How the spray gun works

Other settings

In order not to encounter a malfunction and not to repair the spray gun, it is necessary to configure other parameters. Among them, of particular importance are:

  1. Torch size - if it is wide, the paint is evenly distributed over the surface, even if there are few passes. As a rule, the screw is moved to the maximum position and painting is started. But if you need to apply the composition to small parts or hard-to-reach places, you need to adjust the size of the torch.
  2. To properly understand how an electric spray gun works, you need to properly adjust the paint supply. For normal work, for example, painting a whole part, a body, the valve is opened to the maximum. If you need to make smaller repairs, the hole can be slightly reduced. And it is worth remembering that it is in the maximum position that the nozzle and needle wear out much less.
  3. It is also important to understand what a nozzle is in an airbrush. This is the name of the nozzle or nozzle, i.e. spray head element. Its diameter is also regulated, increasing or decreasing depending on the composition. For example, for base enamel, 1.3-1.4 mm is enough, for liquid putties - already 2-3 mm. And anti-gravel coatings are sprayed through a nozzle with a diameter of 6 mm.
Spray gun setting

Spray gun preliminary tests

Now it’s clear how to adjust the spray gun. Having configured the necessary parameters, you should not immediately get to work. Even if the experience is big enough, you need to test the tool first. First of all, they check how correct the shape of the torch print is:

  1. Open all screws to the maximum position.
  2. Take draft material for the test.
  3. The axis is directed at it at a right angle, i.e. perpendicular.
  4. Spray in seconds.
  5. Examine the imprint of the torch.

The spray device allows you to apply the coloring composition evenly. But for this work to be really high-quality, you need to conduct additional testing:

  1. Rotate the tool so that the torch imprint is horizontal.
  2. Pull the trigger and spray until the coloring composition begins to flow in a “stream”.
  3. If all the settings are correct, and the material is of good quality, the composition should drain at approximately the same speed. A slight excess in the middle is allowed.

Another test is related to the quality of spraying - it is carried out last, but also important. Take a test strip and spray the composition at the same rate. As a result, droplets will appear, which normally should have approximately the same size. It is allowed that they are slightly larger in the center than on the sides.

You can set up the spray gun yourself. This is a fairly simple procedure, however, it is of great importance before each painting. If you correctly adjust the pressure and other parameters, the result will be of consistently high quality, in addition, the device itself will last noticeably longer.

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